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ccd13c38, 2008-05-14, 08:58AM CDT

My firm is investigating defective Tamko shingles that appear to deteriorate prematurely. If you have any information regarding these shingles, please contact me. My firm is considering a class action lawsuit against the company for the recovery of replacement and labor costs. Clayton Halunen HALUNEN & ASSOCIATES, (612)605-4098 or e-mail at- [email protected]

85822f20, 2008-09-26, 11:00PM CDT

I have the 40 year shingles too, only I am the orginal owner... they have jacked me around for a number of years and now are offering up only certificates that do not come anywhere near close to covering the cost of replacement... you are right about them not being a good company - they obviously do not stand behind thier products at all....

91268ccd, 2008-09-30, 11:55AM CDT

same story here-I put Tamko shingles 3 tab on cleaned off surface 10 yrs ago (25 yr shingles) and am now being denied by insurance for weather claim, stating shingles are worn out

Hannibal MO

1c7f8917, 2008-11-02, 09:28AM CST

We bought our home from my husbands parents in 4 years ago. His parents had the roof replaced in 1997. The shingles were supposed to have a 25 year warranty but they already need to be replaced before the roof starts leaking. When I called Tamko they informed me that the warranty was nontransferable. I can't beleive that a company warranties the the home owner not the product.

4d4f1895, 2009-01-14, 08:37PM CST

I had Tamko shingles installed which have been verified by Tamko to be defective. They have sent me a check (which I have not cashed) for $100 to cover the cost of the samples and a certificate for 13 squares of the same product. My problem is I need to tear off the entire existing roof to fix the defective shingles. The cost of the labor and the materials not covered by the warranty is significant and it seems that this is more fairly Tamko's expense...not mine. Any suggestions on next steps?

ad1f74de, 2009-09-28, 04:40PM CDT

I find it interesting that people complain that they are not being reinbursed for various costs, such as labor, when if they read the warranty document clearly states that the reimbursement for a failed product would be pro-rated material costs only.

I am not really defending Tamko but as a Roofing contractor in the Chicago area I have heard all these complaints before about various other products. However the warranty documents clearly state what is and is not covered. Due dilligence before choosing a product would alleviate these problems on the back end.

I personally feel that Tamko is a decent product, much better than some other product on the market. Again, I am a roofing contractor and have Tamko Heritage on my personal residence.

Thomas Kral

Reliable American Roofing

87140014, 2010-03-04, 05:01PM CST

I built a new house in the summer of 1997. That fall we had a 70mph wind. I didn't lose a shingle.I thought I had a great roof, boy I was wrong. Ever since then when the wind blows 40mph I lose a few shingles and over the past 12 Years I just about got my roof replaced one shingle at a time.

I wrote Tamko many letters since 1997 and got nothing but the runaround.I will never buy Tamko as long as i live.

3103d6a4, 2010-04-12, 08:37AM CDT

We bought our current home 5 years ago and the roof was installed in 1993 with Tamko shingles and a 25 year warranty.

We now have two water leaks and our insurance company would not cover the roof because there was no 'peril'.

However, they said said they could not believe the condition of the shingles...

we are very upset about such an inferior

product and no second owne(warranty is not transferrable)...not to mention we have since heard the warranty is a joke!!

74788c54, 2010-08-09, 09:35AM CDT

I have Tamko 25 year architectual shingles installed in May of 2000 on my home. Over the past many years the grit material has been coming off of a 1/4 of my roof shingles and now I have sections of my roof that are black in color. I was wondering what luck if any one has had in dealing with Tamko to remedy their product failure.

20451b73, 2010-08-19, 08:11AM CDT

Company that won't stand behind their product Tamko. Iam also am a home owner that gets it in the end. I had 25yr shingles put on in 2002 , bought from Menards after the storms. Insurance in 2009 said it was manufacture defect and wasn't covered. Menards said to contact to company. Did that. No reply. Year later roof needs now to have the wood replace water damage to the inside, my fault insurance saids for not having the roof fixed. Just had a roofer stop by and give me a free bid on the roof. Wants to put the same ones back on. Went through the roof with his bid and his comment on these shingles. You pay for what you get, I have other shingles I can put on for the price. So here it is. I also want to say that I have a garage which I built a year before and the roof was put on looks like brand new. Why, cause they were purhase from Lowe's and are Owen's shingles. What ever. Thank you for this space the vent....!

03c0087b, 2010-09-17, 05:23AM CDT

We had the same problem with Tamko shingles.

We went through the warranty process and, just as you did, received a check for $100 which they justified by saying that only 32 sq ft of our roof was defective.

We've since replaced the the cost of $6500.

I've not cashed the check and have contacted Tamko to find out how they determined the actual square footage that needed to be replaced.

Common sense dictates that you cannot replace partial shingles.

Am considering joining a class action lawsuit.

6f241d5b, 2011-04-27, 09:18AM CDT

We're currently having a problem with Tamko shingles that are less than two years old (this is a new house). They are flying off the house and flapping around like crazy. We are just now in the process of getting the samples and the pictures so I don't know what they'll say yet. I suspect between them and the builder saying their installation warranty is up, we're probably going to get screwed, but we'll see.

865f8c15, 2011-06-20, 11:29AM CDT

My house [a new house], was purchased in December, 2007 [roof was properly installed on 11/01/2007], and my Family moved in in January, 2008.

Throughout 2008, the wind blew shingles off [because the under glue strips did-not-seal], and the builder would return to replace the lost shingles. As the shingles continued blow-off into 2009, I filed a complaint with Tamco in March, 2009 because the failure to adhere was a problem that my roof was going to continue to have.

My next move is to find an attorney that can pursue this problem of shingles [not adhering to my roof] with Tamco.

f6c740ce, 2011-10-11, 07:34AM CDT

I have same exact issue, what was there remedy?

6f241d5b, 2011-10-11, 07:47AM CDT

This didn't post under my original comment (see mine below this). It took Tamko 5 months to do anything. First, we were told it would be a couple of weeks, but every time we called, the person (a woman - wish I remembered her name) was really, really snotty to us and treated us like we were dirt. I think the only reason that we got any kind of response at all was because someone from Ryan Homes intervened. In the meantime, the shingles kept blowing off - we actually started getting water in the house at one point. Ryan Homes just kept sending someone out to spot repair. Anyway, while I feel we should have gotten a new roof, Tamko FINALLY sent a repair certificate worth $1,500 and a $100 check for us. Ryan Homes arranged for a roofer to come out and "re-stick" the shingles one by one. It took them about 2 hours. I have no hope that this is going to fix the problem as I've had a couple of roofers tell me the roof was badly done to begin with and they could see that from the ground and that what was really needed was it to be re-done. I fully expect the shingles to start blowing off again this winter. I am not satisfied with their "solution" but we were treated like criminals by Tamko.

david q., 2012-08-08, 04:42PM CDT

Don't buy tamko roofing products,Had my roof replaced eleven years ago with Heritage 30 year shingles and now I have severe cracking and granule lost that the roof looks like Hell and will not make another three years. The company sent a warranty packet to seek samples and pictures of my roof and after six weeks I get a reply that the roof was NOT nailed correctly and there is no warranty. What does that have to do with granule lost and cracking? I have there twenty five year shingles on bay window and tool shed put on the same time and they look like they where put on yesterday. So buyer beware there warranty is crap.

Daphne F., 2013-04-19, 10:53AM CDT

I have Tamko 30 year shingles on my house that were put on in July 2004 that are defective. The granules that are on the shingles are coming off all over my house and not just from storms or really high winds. Any time the wind blows at all it comes off and some of the shingles are almost bare. I have sent in the shingles per their request along with pictures that they requested of the roof. I am going to assume that from the comments I have read on this from others that I will be getting the run around too. Has anyone had their problems with their roofs resolved fairly?

e096c0b2, 2013-10-01, 12:50PM CDT

I have a 7 year old slate imitation roof, (50 year warranty NOT transferable). A couple of weeks ago someone brought us a piece of shingle that they found on our side walk likely it did not hit them. Last week a found another piece of shingle on my front garden. Is this around the time when these shingles start to fail?

Don K., 2014-01-29, 09:24AM CST

I have Tamko Heritage 30 shingles on my house that was built in 2004 that are already failing . A lot of them are almost bare as all the gravel continues to fall off of them. The smaller 3 demential pieces are falling off. And all the edges frayed, Fiberglas showing. I went through Tamkos warranty claim process and they sent me a certificate for prorated 25sq. Out of 37sq. And shingles only, no labor , no underlayment , no metal. Looks like I'm responsible for the rest of the cost, this to me is completely unfair considering I bought a 30 year shingle that failed in 9 years. All the rest of the houses in my sub. Have GAF shingles and they all look really good still. My builder wanted to install GAF shingles and I demanded Tamko because I liked the color, a 30 year shingle is a 30 year shingle regardless of brand right? Expensive lesson on my part. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! When I called Tamko back and questioned their settlement offer they very rudely read me their "limited warranty" , not getting anywhere there. All I can do is try to get the word out so somboby else doesn't make the same mistake I did. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!

Nick H., 2014-02-23, 11:04AM CST

As a residential roofing contractor in NJ with over 40 years of experience, I would like to comment on what has been written above. We have been using Tamko shingles since they came into our area in about 1983. We install 50 to 75 roofs per year and we work year-round, weather permitting. For about the last 20 years, we have installed Tamko shingles on 99% of our jobs. The shingles we get from our supplier are manufactured at the Frederick,MD plant. We have installed the 20 & 25 yr 3 tab shingles and the 30 and 50 year dimensional shingles. We have knowledge of 1(one) warranty claim for defective shingles, which we assisted the homeowner in filing, and the claim was settled to the homeowners complete satisfaction. These were 25 year shingles which developed an issue after 13 years. If your roof shingles are blowing off, it is due to faulty installation. We have installed hundreds of squares of shingle over the years in Dec, Jan & Feb when the sealant on the shingles will not stick until it gets warm and have never had any shingles blow off. Yes, a total roof replacement is a significant cost. Too many people are looking to get the work done for the lowest price. If someone else offers to install your roof for $1,000 to $1,500 less than my price, and they are paying the same price I am for material, where do you think they are making up the difference? If you have a problem with your roof, your first call should be to the installer. He should have a good enough relationship with his supplier and the manufacturer's local representative to assist you in resolving your issue. If you can take the time to come on here and complain, you should have taken the time to read the entire manufacturer's warranty, which any reputable contractor should have offered to you at the time the presented you with an estimate. Unfortunately, too many people do not feel that they have time for that or that it is necessary, then they complain when an issue developes.

Don K., 2014-02-27, 04:41PM CST

First of all (Nick H.) I never said my shingles were blowing off and Tamko never said they were not properly installed, hence the certificate for a prorated amount of shingles only. You don't live in Michigan ,so you don't understand what happened to the housing market here, the distributer went out of business , my builder relocated to Tennessee , so I don't have anyone to go back to. As far as reading the limited warranty, you only do roofs , not much to read there, I built a house, I have a stack of limited warranties 3 inches thick for every little thing that got installed in my house. And if I did a better job reading my limited warranty, your saying my shingles would have lasted longer? The bottom line is I bought a 30 year shingle that lasted 9 years, and the same shingle they sell today has a 15 year full start period. When I contacted them about there settlement offer , they very rudely told me that's all they are willing to give me. So I have every right to complain about their product and warn other people not to buy shingles from this company , and I will continue to do everything I can to get the word out, until this company learns how to treat their customers, and if you cared about your customers , you would sell them a certainteed, or GAF shingle.

Nick H., 2014-03-18, 12:35PM CDT

Don K. - I apologize to you - I was not referring to your comments specifically, but rather to everything that was posted above my comments. Unfortunately, you had a roof installed on one house, got a bad batch of shingles, had no help with your warranty claim, and are dissatisfied the product. We have installed thousands of squares of Tamko shingles on hundreds of homes and had one warranty claim. I guess we can each only speak from our experience(s).

abart, 2014-06-13, 03:13PM CDT

I bought a home with a Tamko Lamerite 50 year roof last year. The tiles are cracked and are falling out. They are clearly deteriorating due to some sort of manufacturing defect. I had a roofing contractor look at my roof and he told me it needs to be completely replaced at a cost of $125,000. I called Tamko and since I am not the original owner the warranty is void since it does not transfer. Does anyone know if there has been a class action lawsuit filed against Tamko for defective shingles? There appears to be a lot of homeowners who are experiencing the same problems.

242dc734, 2014-06-13, 03:34PM CDT

I built a house in 2007 and used Lamarite shingles. They started falling off the first year but we just thought that we had a few faulty ones but they continued to crack and fall off. I just sent in the claim packet they sent me with photos, invoice and tiles. I will let you know how they plan on fixing the problem.

abart, 2014-06-13, 03:42PM CDT

242dc734 - Yes please let me know how you make out on the claim. Thanks for your help!

655d2d1b, 2014-06-25, 09:44AM CDT

I also have a lamarite shingle and have been offered only $13,500 as good faith effort to resolve my claim but the contractor says it will cost $65-70000 to replace. I am looking into my options now. If anyone has resolved a lamarite claim for something close to replacement please post.

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