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October 15, 2005


Hello, my name is Lorna H. and this letter is in regards to my 2004 Volvo S60 that I leased in March of 2004. Since the delivery of this vehicle, I have endured nothing short of what feels like 1 huge headache. I have spent more time at the dealership than any one Volvo customer should have to. About 4 months after I had the car I started to experience scraping from the right and left front wheel wells. I took the car in on July 5th, 2004 and I was told the cars scraping is "normal". Now I don't know about you, when was scraping of any kind ever normal. Scraping of any kind is NEVER normal!!!!! So Volvo told me there is only one thing they can do, place steering limiters on the car and that's it. So I told them to do so, but I didn't forget to ask them if the scraping was causing damage to my tires. I was told by a service technician that it is causing damage. I then asked if Volvo would be responsible for replacing the tires, I was a service supervisor, that "NO" they wouldn't be responsible. Now let me get this straight. It's Volvo's car, still under warranty as the car is only 4 mos. old and I HAVE to be responsible for replacing tires on a car that has an obvious defect. Ya, well that wasn't going to happen. So i made sure that they were aware of the liability on their hands, needless to say, they didn't care. Shortly later the steering limiters turn out to be ineffective, tires are still scraping. Then they inspect the steering limiters again to find out there is nothing wrong with them and that the car should be fine. Nope still not fine; still scraping. Then they send my car out to get a 4 wheel alignment and set the toes out on the car. I get my car back, guess what???? The car's tires are still scraping. I take it back again, this time Volvo sends it's "Pros" out to look at the car. The "Pros" are at a loss and determine all they can suggest is that the car gets even bigger steering limiters put on. Now I will have an even harder time steering my car and making u-turns which are almost impossible. So they perform there miserable repair. Guess what?????????? The car is STILL SCRAPING!!!!!!! Shocking I know!!!! So this time I hire an attorney. I ended up settling outside of court for a cash settlement with no signed release which would have barred me from any further action against Volvo. The settlement was basically a nuisance payment, you know, "Sorry we make such piece of crap cars, sorry we still want you in an unsafe vehicle, but here is some money for the inconvenience and all the time you have taken off from work and school to take this car in for all these repairs". So I was informed by my attorney that by my acceptance of this money it was not going to bar me from going after Volvo in the event that my car has additional problems. Well then my car has to go back again to the dealer, yes the car is still scraping. Now the tire problem has lead to the failure of the power steering system. So then they had to replace that. The tires aren't scraping as often as they used to but make a good tight turn and the vehicle shakes!!! Nevertheless, I continue to drive my unsafe vehicle as Volvo didn't want to lemon out the vehicle initially as quote "I was still able to operate my car", well ya until the tires fall apart. My point to that was Volvo enjoys seeing your customers suffer!!!!!!! So moving on, since all of this started I began to notice my gas mileage for my car was around 18.1 miles to the gallon. That's horrible!!! I don't even have a turbo engine!!! So still not knowing any better at this time and not too mention just sick and tired of visiting your dealership I let the vehicle continue. Well during all this, I also noticed that the air in the tires is always running out it, seems like every week. So I had my tires inspected for maybe a nail, rock, piece of metal or something that I may have possibly ran over.... Nope nothing wrong other than the tires are worn sooooooooo unevenly, that the tire CANNOT maintain it's appropriate air pressure, hence, driving on a tire with inappropriate air pressure weakens the wall of the tire which will eventually cause it to fall apart. So this brings me to the next problem, I am driving on the freeway on August 2nd or August 3rd, not sure right now; I was coming home from work. For your information, I take 4 freeways to get home everyday. The speed limit here in California is 65-70mph on the highways. So I get off the freeway, I fell something wrong with my car, I pull into the driveway of a gas station and I can feel the rim of the car hit the ground. I knew then, my tire was done!!! I get out; the side of the tire had ripped and fell apart. So I call Volvo Roadside Service and an hour later the tow truck driver is there. He pulls off the left front tire and he is SHOCKED when he sees the condition of the tire. The tire was completely bald on the inner part of the tire, no tread whatsoever. He immediately asked me what was wrong with my car. My reply was, "Don't ask, just do me a favor, don't EVER buy a Volvo and if you tell every customer you go to calls on for me, I will be happy as Volvo is the worst car EVER!!!" He agreed to do so and just then a man in a brand new Porsche pulls up, gets out and asks me, "I know this car doesn't already have problems" I said yes it does and please tell everyone you know to NEVER EVER buy a Volvo EVER and if you can spread the word for me (as I have been doing so since I have had a Volvo which has been since April of 2001 when I got my other crappy car-2001 Volvo S40), then you telling everyone would be the greatest favor you could do not only for me but for the potential Volvo buyers out there. After I shared my horror stories with both the tow truck driver and the man driving the new Porsche, they agreed to DEFINITELY spread the word. So my job there was done. So then the tow truck driver attempts to get the spare tire out and GUESS WHAT?????? Yep, the spare tire which has NEVER been used was flat!!!!!!!! Wow, how shocking!!!! So not knowing why, the tow truck is hysterically laughing to himself and apologizing to me at the same time that I even have to put up with such a car, he fills the spare tire up with air and I take my daughter and I home. I IMMEDIATELY contacted the Service Manager at Volvo of Cerritos, CA. I left him a very quite disturbing message stating that I just had a flat tire, a tire that literally fell apart as a direct result of the tire balding completely on the inside due to constant scraping of the tire for over a year straight. As I warned them of this happening on July 5, 2004, the event finally took place and I wanted to know from him what he was going to do about it. Keep in mind, I was in no way going to replace the tire myself, HELL NO!!!!! So the following day I never hear anything. So I called the General Manager whom knows the entire history already on this car. He said he would get with the service manager and see what they can do. So about 3:00pm I finally receive a call from the srvice manager saying, "Well it sounds like we owe you a tire, call and make an appt and we will get you a new tire". Well shocked by the fact that Volvo actually wanting to HELP me. I did just that. I left a message on the Service Supervisor voicemail, whom to no one's surprise never called me back. So finally I make an appointment to get my car in on Friday, August 5, 2005. I just started a new job on August 1st and I already have to take time off of work. I take the car in, they put the new tire in the front with the same old tire on the right, which makes no sense, but whatever no one at Volvo ever does, so nothing new. So then I am still left dealing with the right front tire ready to fall apart any day. I was told that they cannot replace that tire until it too falls apart. At this point I feel like I'm in a nightmare with a bunch of stupid people that I am unable to wake from. I mean, lets' wait until she gets into a potentially fatal accident, then we can replace your other bald tire. UNBELIEVABLE, you would think? No, believable, I mean we are dealing with Volvo after all. I wonder if Volvo will learn to care, I mean I have to drive 4 freeways 5 days a week and transport my 8 year daughter in a car that has a tire that could blow anytime, anywhere!!!! When are they going to do the responsible thing???? Well, moving on to my next problem. I then had a SRS Airbag Service Urgent message come up on my vehicle not too long ago; I want to say in August as well. So I called Volvo told them of this, asked if the airbags were going to deploy in my face and they said, "No they shouldn't, car is still drivable, but to make an appointment to bring it in for them to look at". So I did, turns out the entire SRS System failed and they had to replace the entire computer system. So they did, I was for the 10th time, sent on my merry way. Next.... I decided to go to lunch on Thursday, October 13th 3 of my co-workers all of which happen to be male weighing close to or over 200lbs. You want to know why I mention that well here's why... we all go to lunch and when we are done we head back to the car and the minute we take off, the SRS Airbag Service Urgent message comes up AGAIN. This time I'm confused... it was JUST replaced now I have to relive this nightmare again. So I called Volvo, spoke with a service advisor whom asked me "Did you put anything in your car that weighs more than 20lbs"? I said, "Yes, I and 3 other passengers, what in the world kind of question is that"? She said, "Well sometimes when you put an active object in the car weighing more than 20lbs the SRS system will shut itself off". I was soooooo confused, what she was telling me made absolutely no sense. So she places assistant service supervisor on the phone, he then asks me, "Did I put anything in my car on the passenger side that weighs more than 35lbs"? I said, "Yes, myself and 3 other passengers, what relevance does any of that nonsense make"? He then replied, "Well Volvo has made the car to shut down the entire airbag system when it detects an object on the seat weighing more than 35lbs". He then asked if I placed a laptop computer on the passenger seat of my car. WHAT???? I just said No I had myself and 3 other passengers. However, if I did have a laptop, why would it matter? I can't put objects in my car??? What the hell is that??? What I also can't have passengers in my passenger vehicle now????? I am sooooo through with all of this nonsense it seriously makes me sick!!!! On top of having to replace my SRS system AGAIN, the entire weather stripping on the top of the car is GONE and the cup holder is broken, a piece is missing. You know it's truly just little things but they all add up to one thing---------LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't even included all the other repairs made to my car that weren't listed in above said. So in the meantime, I am left to drive a car with a faulty suspension problem, balding tires and no airbags!!!! The worst thing of all is that Volvo is aware of this and basically has told me that they don't care. I spoke with a Supervisor at Volvo North America on Friday-10/14/05 morning and yet again addressed my complaint, he said he wouldn't even talk to me about the tires rubbing as it's normal for tires to rub and as far as my SRS failing, that I shouldn't confuse myself that in the event I should get into an accident, I don't even need my airbags, that is what seatbelts are for.!!!!!!! I mean what does all of that sound like to you, I'll tell you, they don't give a shit at all!!!! I mean take this scenario and think about it....I could have my other tire go out while I am driving at 65-70mph (freeway speed), hit the center divider and won't have an airbag to help save my life because why???? Because I drive a Volvo. I want every single Volvo owner to understand the growing problem with Volvo cars. I have spoken with other Volvo owners like on the Volvo SUV and that vehicle as severe alignment issues. I am taking my case on radio, news stations, whatever else I need to do to let Volvo know I will not be a victim of their I don't care about you attitude for another minute. Howver, I can only speak for the Volvo S60. So if you own one and are experiencing the same similar problems, if you could be so kind and just copy this email, paste it into a new email, sign the bottom, your first name and last name initial is ok with the city and state in which you live in and forward it back to me. The reason is I want to take all of the emails from those people who reply back to me and submit that to Volvo letting them know, they better do a huge recall of their vehicles or otherwise, I will start a class-action lawsuit which then my handling attorney will handle from there. However, if anyone else out there is one step ahead of me in this similar situation, please I am open to your ideas as well. All I was hoping to get out of this was Volvo just simply taking their vehicle back as a lemon so that I can move on with my life. Thank you!!!!


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d0527aaf, 2007-12-24, 04:31PM CST

Hello. I appear to be having the same problem with my volvo s60 and the tires. I live in new orleans, and before hurricane katrina I had the car of my dreams... the volvo s40 turbo 2000. I loved that car while i had it, never had any problems. The weekend before the hurricane hit new orleans in 2005, the car was being serviced at bergeron volvo in new orleans. they left the car OUTSIDE during the storm, and it was of course destroyed. i still have a lawsuit pending with them, as they claim that they are not reliable for the car being outside, they even claim that my car WAS NOT THERE. Insurance wont pay since they claim it is the fault of the dealership, so needless to say, i went over to the volvo dealership in baton rouge, louisiana. i bought a used volvo s60 2002. the car worked wonderfully at first, but i quickly noticed it falling apart around me. the tires started with the scraping thing, i've had to replace 3 that have fallen off. volvo dealership claimed that it was due to poor tire alignment because of driving on damaged roads in new orleans. So, they realigned the tires, and i still had the scraping problem. After battling this new dealership in baton rouge, i decided to just deal with the problem. my car now rattles and shakes everytime i hit a speed over 60 mph on the highways. not just a little rattle, but a god-aweful shake. i fear for the future of the car and my safety while driving it. please let me know how this has turned out for you since. thank you

88f2bb91, 2008-05-22, 11:37AM CDT

i have something for you people to try. Try to find a dealership that is not pedersons or some fancy shop, find a single owner old shop that specializes in volvos. You will be suprised how much money you will save adn how fast you car wil be back to normal.

eeff596b, 2008-05-27, 03:08PM CDT

S60R 2005: I had the same problem or problems, they also shimmed it but it wasn't it, the rack and pinion or stirring gear had to be replaced, good thing it was under warranty a $1200 job. It sounds like scraping but it is gear noise. The blinker switch went bad and had to be replaced, (if they ever replaced it) 4 times, the horn went bad too, the fog light dropped in the middle of the road, they said warranty would not cover for it must have been a thief or the screws just backed out (adjustment problem). I took the bumper down and showed them the other light still in place with only 2 screws from factory where there needs to be four.

I discovered they did not replace sparkplugs at 60K miles on my maintenance prepaid plan, I raised hell

9af8a51d, 2008-05-30, 12:39PM CDT


I am having the same issue with my 2004 s60 R, Have you ever gotten a resolution?


Jim Davis

bc609821, 2008-08-29, 02:08PM CDT

I have a 2001 S60 and lve in Toronto Canada. I had the scraping sound and finally had it rectified after about 5 times into the dealership. It was finally fixed and I looked through my receipts and am unable to determine what they did as it was ongoing from 2003-2005. They did replace:

control arm

spring seat

control arm and strut

shock absorbers

link rods

our car dealer was Robert Motors

1645fb7a, 2008-09-19, 08:45PM CDT

I have owned my Volvo for 3 weeks now. I bought a used/certified S60 R. I am experiencing Tire Rub with this vehicle as well. I was advised that the steering limiter may be "shot". I am not going to take it to Volvo for repair, but instead install a simple fix. Judging by the degree of rub, and the excess outer wheel well clearance, I can get away with a 10mm wheel spacer and all will be fine. The gal that made the original complaint I feel is "bashing" Volvo beyond reason. I agree that the notion that a certain level of "rub" being acceptable is ridiculous. I was told the same thing. With regard to the Airbag msg, she has her facts VERY confused. I also have an Audi S4. The Service folks were probably asking her if she had something weighing more than 20 lbs and less than 50 in her passenger seat. These advanced vehicles have passenger seat airbag detection systems that will automatically turn off the airbag if it senses a passenger that is under weight. It will not display if the seat detects NO passenger as that would be an annoyance. I was warned by my Audi dealer that a laptop in a briefcase on the passenger seat will almost automatically display the Airbag Off message. I also find it hard to believe that the Volvo dealer would be so ignorant as she describes. I guess it's possible, just not likely.

87a19907, 2008-12-12, 08:21AM CST

I have to agree with the person who stated to find a person/shop who specializes in Volvo's (other than the dealership). It has saved me hundreds of dollars. I found that going through the dealership, they not only charge you double for the parts that you can get on-line, they also charge you to look at your vehicle even if they find nothing wrong.

78c401b0, 2009-01-14, 07:19AM CST

Dear Lorna

I have a 2003 Volvo S60 and I too am highly unsatisfied. The car is mad with inferior parts and I have had to do major maintenance every year I'v owned it. I had the problem with scraping and was told it was a power steering problem. I have not had problems with tires but I have had a plethora of other problems that I should have never experienced with a car of this class.

Marina Evans,

Hampton, VA

47c3dcef, 2009-02-10, 08:19AM CST

FUCK OFF we dont give ashit

a94b8deb, 2009-02-27, 02:44PM CST

You idiot - why would you put your kid in an unsafe car???? Why would you keep driving this car????


8102f878, 2009-06-23, 07:59AM CDT

I have the same problem with my S60 about the "scraping" of tires in the front. My car came with the 17 inch Almathea wheels. These are for high performance tires (low profile and wide tires). I am on my third set of tires.

Do you happen to have 16 inch or 17 inch wheels? I believe that the car was made for 16 inch wheels and not the 17 inch wheels. That's why you hear the rubbing noise.

Besides that problem, I've had my S60 for six years and I firmly believe that my car was well made. It is unfortunate that the dealership you got the car from did not replace the car, because evidently you got a "lemon".

Let me know of the outcome of the 'clas action' because I would like to get my money back for my tires.

8102f878, 2009-06-23, 08:00AM CDT

I have the same problem with my S60 about the "scraping" of tires in the front. My car came with the 17 inch Almathea wheels. These are for high performance tires (low profile and wide tires). I am on my third set of tires.

Do you happen to have 16 inch or 17 inch wheels? I believe that the car was made for 16 inch wheels and not the 17 inch wheels. That's why you hear the rubbing noise.

Besides that problem, I've had my S60 for six years and I firmly believe that my car was well made. It is unfortunate that the dealership you got the car from did not replace the car, because evidently you got a "lemon".

Let me know of the outcome of the 'clas action' because I would like to get my money back for my tires.

8102f878, 2009-06-23, 09:05PM CDT

I had the same problm with the worn out tires and the 'scraping' noise. I own a 2004 S60. The problem might be that the wheels are 17 inches instead of 16 inches. I had the stering limiters put on mine but it seems that the limiters wear off and that the limiters curtail your turning radius making U-turns almost impossible.

Otherwise, my car runs great and never had problems with it, other than the whole issue with the tires. It is unfortunate that the Volvo folks did not take care of your lemon.

Please let me know because I do not mind filing a claim for three set of tires.

d27f0f8e, 2009-08-21, 09:15AM CDT

Too much negative energy...

If this bothers you so much that you spend hours of time complaining, the wait till you have children.

By a bicycle.

6d306166, 2009-09-08, 12:59PM CDT

I have most of the problems discussed above, especially baddly worn out tired and all sorts of noise from the gear.

Volvo s60 2002

f118d581, 2009-11-28, 07:10AM CST

I have the S40/2004, OMG what a complete nightmare. So many problems and too many to list. I am certain after my experience with Volvo it's over between me and them. I am no longer going to purchase the C-30 Diesel. It's over.


9d98f9f7, 2009-12-30, 11:45AM CST

I've read your story and must say that

I have the same problem. I just feel totally confused as to WHY does a car manufacturer of a reputable company allow such a wierd thing to happen. Anyway if there was anything I could do along with the other people please let me know. Oh, believe me I could go on and on, would appreciate a reply.

f6f7619e, 2010-02-11, 03:48AM CST

I lose power to the instument panel. It started intermittently: sometimes fully working, then blank (all lights off, needles at zero). Now it is definitely broken!

Those times I have had it working, there have been a couple of warnings in the message centre (eg SRS airbag service urgent, brake failure) and also the panel froze once: the speedo and revcounter needles froze in place for a few seconds, then I got the brake failure warning, then all went dead. I was a Volvo for life customer but at this point can't wait to buy something other than a Volvo.??

4a9a9745, 2010-03-28, 11:19PM CDT

My Volvo is an '07 60s turbo,with same problem as Lorna's and other victums included here. You cannot turn this car into a parking space without having to do a 3-pint turn.The front tires are scaping against the fender covers.I had to replace (2) sets of tires within 24,000 miles because the center of the front tires are worn out prematurelly, and ofcourse after 3 dealer visits I had to pay for allignents and tire rotations for Dealer to tell me that the scrapping is NORMAL, and that I overinflated the tires and did not rotate them at 3,000 mile intervals. Seeking Legal advice appears to be my only choice at this time.

367359de, 2010-06-07, 02:51PM CDT

How interesting.

I have been experience the same problem with my 2002 V70 T5. I've been blaming my teenaged son and wife for doing something to the car.

After parking the car for about a year, I decided to put some money into it. I have replaced the suspension front busings and ball joints, got new tires, got an alignment, and still have the scraping issue when turning and steering that feels loose and uncertain.

When I pull the two front tires, one can visibly see where the scraping occurs (in the forward part of the wheel well). This is clearly not a maintenance issue - it's a design issue. The wheel wells are not deep enough to accomodate the tires.

I'm not sure what my solution will be. I'm out of warranty at this point, and, even with a warranty, it does not sound like this issue would have been address properly.

It's appauling to me that an issue like this would continue to be swept under the rug.

e783983e, 2010-06-13, 09:08PM CDT

I have a 2002 S60 2.4T. I love the car, bought if off the VP of Ford Motor company when he retired. I just replaced all four tires on the vehicle at 95k. Yes the front tires rub when I turn and the vehicle shakes when I am at high speeds. This is nothing that a good aligning won't fix every 6 months or so. If you can't afford to maintain a Volvo, buy a Domestic vehicle.

4983a052, 2010-08-27, 09:52PM CDT

I am a volvo owner i have better luck with the older ones because they are not owned by ford but you do have a point with the newer ones GO WITH MERCEDES-BENZ i have two as well have i love them

d012bf15, 2010-11-07, 11:27PM CST

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8678f38e, 2010-11-12, 08:08AM CST

I have an 05 S60 and have to agree that there is never anything wrong with the way the car is built when you take it to the dealer. I have no color left on my seats as water removes it. The head lights are cracking, weather strip gone, tires rub, loud as hell on the road now, air intake won't stay connected, windows don't function properly anymore. I have 60K on the car, and it's in worse shape them my Toyota Avalon was when it had 342K on it. I hate VOLVO JUNK

37a48221, 2010-12-30, 02:59PM CST

If you didn't like the vehicle, or didn't feel safe, you should've sold it and bought another car. Also, why would you of bought a Volvo s40 if you were so disgusted with your s60? I have had a Volvo s60 for a while now and i've never had one issue with it. I had a Mercedes before it and I would definately go with a Volvo before a Mercedes or any other car.

9c46cd54, 2010-12-30, 03:06PM CST

If you hated the car so much or didn't feel safe in it, then why didn't you sell it and buy a different car? Also, if you were so disgusted with your Volvo s60, why would you buy an s40? So you can complain about Volvo more? I have had a Volvo s60 for a while now and it's the best car i've ever owned and i've never had an issue with it. I owned a Mercedes before the Volvo and i would choose Volvo before any other car now.

54eba43a, 2011-09-21, 06:47PM CDT

I'm sorry you have had such a horriblke experience with you're specific volvo dealer location But not all are like that. My mechanic (being one of my friends) always makes me do all my own calling for parts or questions I may have.. All data freezes a lot so sometimes it's easier to just call.. So I have literally spoken to and dealt with dealerships across the country and never had a single problem... In fact when I first bought the car I went to my local dealer in PA to find out about getting a new key made. That day they said that every time a cust brings in their car they get a free wash and wax.. All I did was pay for a key and they did it again when I came back to have the new key programmed.. Ya I own a 2004 S60 R series.. That car is top of the line in safety features and I have little to no problems with it.. Yes the front tires will rub on extremely tight turns as they will in just about every car on the market.. Keeping you're car in alignment and not beating on it will make that last longer... The tires on the car have been on it for over a year and they are low profiles and the only reason im going to replace them is because I want different winter tires for the snow climate here.... Oh and btw if you continue to have problems I know it's a bit of a drive but the guys in Las vegas are the best!!!

622d1455, 2011-11-01, 08:27PM CDT

I own the same model year as you. I had leased a 2005 S60, and had it for 4 years with no issues whatsoever. When that lease ended I decided to buy a 2004 S60 (big mistake). I have replaced both the ECU, ECM, and ABS computer due to random turn-over-no-start condition. In all cases, the stealership could not tell me which unit was causing the issue and tried to charge me for all three at $1000 a pop. After the first two I told them to pound sand and they magically found a way to slide it through under warranty. But wait! - that is just the my wife turns on the heated seat one cold winter day and the heating element actually burned a hole right through the seat and nearly burned her. Had she not been in the driveway and managed to escape the vehicle (albeit she cut her hand open on the side of the seat while frantically trying to realease the seat belt) and get off of the burning seat. Can you imagine if she was actually driving the vehicle? on the freeway?!?? So to add insult to injury, the stealership actually accused us of burning a cigarette hole in the seat. Seriously??? neither of us smoke!?!!....Wow. No apology whatsoever. For whatever reason I am still driving the same car today and it continues to be a lemon. I honestly think that the factory was on strike that model year, 'cause it is a dud. I love the car - when it works. I am mechanically inclined so I can fix most little things but it is at the point where it would not be worth selling it just to buy another year. Like I say, when the car works, it performs and handles great. I would buy another late model S60, pre Honda Accord rear end styling cues. Barf.

fc0da7da, 2012-01-06, 01:15AM CST

I have had similar experiences.This is the worst piece of shit car. Volvo treat there customers like crap. Volvo designs/mechanical components fail and they make the consumer pay for there design mistakes. Please do not suport this company by buying these cars. They are junk. If you need nore info contact me at [email protected]

2ee44907, 2012-02-06, 01:10PM CST

In my view, the problem with the 2002 S60 vintage car is that the front wheel wells were not designed to accommodate many tires other than the originally installed OEM Pirrelli P6 with respect to the larger premium wheels on the upgraded model. The front wheel wells are not deep enough for many other brands of tire of the same size. When I replaced the original Pirrelli tires with the same size BF Goodrich tire - they noticeably rubbed on sharp turns at low speeds against the front wheel wells (such as when you are turning sharply while getting out of a parking space). I was told by Volvo that this did not present a safety issue and not to worry about it. Volvo never could/would explain the reason for the rubbing. I then ran out the BFG's and replaced them with new Pirrelli P6's and there was absolutely no rubbing. Volvo should have simply admitted to the problem, recommended the Pirrelli's and cut a deal with Pirrelli to provide a discount to Volvo owners. But Volvo is not that proactive. Apparently, the width of the Pirrelli P6 on the sidewalls is less "doughnutty" or bulbous than other tire brands of the same width specification - meaning the sidewall profile is flatter.

I also was recently told by my Volvo dealer that a wheel locking problem I am periodically having on my 02 S60 at low speeds requires that I replace my entire AWD system at a cost of $5,000. The dealer suggested, as an alternative, that I pull the fuse on the AWD and just run the car as a FWD car. The car has only 74,000 miles! I then took the car into a highly experienced local mechanic who told me that the dealer never even checked the rear differential fluid (as the plug had rusted shut), that the electronic sensors did not reveal any problem and that all he thinks needs to be done is a few hundred dollar fluid replacement. He also told me that pulling the AWD fuse and running FWD would completely mess up the car's electronics.

Lesson learned - stay away from the dealers as they often use young inadequately trained mechanics whose knee jerk reaction is to replace rather than fix. Its scary just how much people are getting ripped off routinely when they take their car in to their dealer. I do not think its intentional as much as its due to incompetence.

8a74d3e6, 2012-03-22, 04:49PM CDT

I just bought a 2002 Volvo S60 since I had it i noticed everytime i step on the break and release you hear nothing but air, as if the brake pedal is filling up with air. Not to mention when turning the wheel either which direction you hear a scrapping sound as if the tire is hitting the body of the car. Also some nights i noticed stepping on my brakes you hears a grinding sound as if its a empty brake pad on metal rotor. Which mind you i know thats not the case because i had brand new brake pads put on. Another issues is when i hit bumps or pot holes, or manholes, etc.. all you hear is the front right passenger side wheel rattle or shake. If its not the wheel its something, and its very loud when within side the car. It annoys the hell out of me! So anyways, I took my volvo in to the dealer, they put some type of brake things on my car to lower the noise, so far havent had any issues with that. Then they tell me some crap about the brake pedal how its possible it could fill up with air. As many cars and trucks as ive driven ive never experienced that in my life..EVER! And as far as the wheel rattle noise, supposedly it was a strut mount loose and they tightened it but it still makes the same noise. lets see what they say when i take it back in..

08619ccd, 2012-03-26, 01:09PM CDT

I have had the same issues without resolution. I sympathize

with all S60 Volvo owners whom have also experienced these same issues.


7d7056b0, 2014-03-04, 11:40PM CST

Guys, let's be honest here. My dad always tells me to never crank the steering wheel fully on any car. It's bad for the steering, etc. You guys replace and complain about a lot of shit. I ran a volvo 850 1996 to over 300000km from 170000. Cost 5000 grand. When I traded it in for a volvo s60 2005, that 850 had its engine light on, abs light was on, "it lit up like a christmas tree" is what the sales agent said. I replaced the heater core, the radiator, did oil changes myself, paid for strut and wheel bearing replacement at the dealers. The driver's window stuck sometimes, the speedometer didn't work sometimes, the steering rack started leaking at 295000k (never replaced lol, just filled it up with fluid) and the end links were toast. Also, the coolant reservoir leaked (boohoo). It was a great car to learn stuff on. It felt more comfortable driving that car in the winter and at high speeds than around shitty roads and slowly. It was a fucking tank. I spent absolutely no money fixing this car after it hit 260000 or 270000k. best car. The engine always turned (I dont think we ever replaced the spark plugs). Half the fixes above arn't even that expensive. I can only imagine that with some love and care the volvo s60 will do just fine from 186000 onwards. Hope you idiots learn something from your experience, like volvos arnt cheap but there also not complicated. I knew nothing of cars and now I know a lot of basic shit because of that 850. You guys are talking about tire rubbing lol you guyes are a joke. I would be happy replacing some tires, struts, bearings, rotors, brakes, steeting racks... any day. Those are normal things to have replaced on any car. I like how people complain about a car when the repairs are expensive, yet don't realize that they will spend just a little less on a honda or toyota but may replace the same thing more often.

f06f3080, 2014-04-22, 01:41PM CDT

The front tires rubbing up the sidewall of my Volvo has caused me to limit all turns and to begin with and the car already comes equipped with a bad turning radius. I checked the car and it does have the limiters to stop the rubbing from occurring. I had the car aligned and that did nothing to correct the problem. I would have taken it to the dealer but I hadn't the time nor the money to spend on taking the car in then getting the car back only to find out that nothing was done to fix the problem. It sucks that Volvo hasn't done anything to fix the problem and with the attitude they have on anything to address it. I've decided to never ever purchase another Volvo and to tell everyone I know. The only thing I haven't tried yet and I'm guessing that the only way to fix the problem would be to add spacers between the wheel and the wheel hub, just enough to clear the tire as it turns. Unfortunately, this is a problem anyone who purchases a car should not have to find a solution for, it should be a concern for those responsible for creating the problem to man up, admit their mistake and fix it but like many things in life sometimes if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

duane l., 2014-09-19, 04:36PM CDT

Well, after reading this, I have many thoughts. First and foremost, I LOVE LOVE LOVE VOLVO CARS...and have owned FIVE! I have a 2004 S60 and it has 164000 miles on it and never anything I wouldn't expect from a car with almost 200K miles on it. I still, to this day, get around 26 miles per gallon in the city and a HUGE 33 MPG on the highway! I've had the steering rack replaced and control arms, just recently though...and it's now 10 years old. Other than that, oil changes and tires etc...minor maintenance things. No big deal.

Anyhow, #1 tires will go flat or lose air in cars that have "Alloy wheels"...dirt gets between the tire and the rim and causes a Volvo or a Toyota...doesn't matter.

#2, I agree that I would have felt quite the loss if I had those problems at such an early stage, dealt mainly with a DEALER...although you refer to dealing with VOLVO. I did have an issue in another Volvo I satisfaction with the dealer at ALL. Called Volvo, problem solved...and when I say I called Volvo, I called SWEDEN! If the plant knew there was an issue, they would have surely taken care of it, Volvo is quite responsible for their products as I can say, having owned FIVE and never once experienced anything other than satisfaction and content with my safety and service.

#3, Dealers have been known to switch out "more expensive" items for lesser quality on cars they have in stock. BEWARE of this. My car, for instance, has standard issue "Thor" rims and sport tires. I was forced, at one time, to place "regular tires" on it...they rubbed...I changed back, no problem. If your car's suspension was built for a certain specification, it needs to follow that. I would suggest running your VIN number to find out what was actually "installed" on your car when it was made...and seeing if anything had been switched out.

#4, as far as your airbag issue...that is quite insane...I carry passengers and lap tops in mine all of the time, never once have I experienced such a problem...I can only assume that something in the "programming" had to be wrong. I will say, however...I would not have driven the car myself if I had that warning light. Again, refer to VOLVO in Sweden...they'd fix you right up! They even sent me a ball cap when I complained about the service at one of their dealer franchises! LoL

I'm truly sorry you have had such a negative experience with Volvo...I can't say the same and would recommend the purchase to anyone I love. I've found all of mine to be a great investment, a luxury to drive and a pleasure to maintain...but, I do take good care of my cars and have them serviced regularly as needed or required. I'm flying to Sweden to take delivery of my next one when I buy!

The main thing is, remember, bad service is typically by someone who does care, isn't "invested" and isn't proper representation of the company's product. Go over their head and straight to the top...demand respect and satisfaction, after're paying for it. Also, remember, just because a car is considered a "luxury car" doesn't mean it's any better. In this case, Volvo is just a car after all...and cars have issues and problems. I agree, I would have lemoned it as well...but I will tell you, I would have walked out of there with another car after all of that...and would have probably been judged for my behavior while getting my way...BUT, I still would have left with a different car...after all, yours was a lease. They'd of gotten the car and no further payment, trust can be recovered. From the sounds of it, your attorney would have made sure you didn't suffer the negative credit mark...and I feel confident in saying, Volvo itself would have said, they always satisfy me.

Good luck though...I hope you got into a car with a much better satisfactory wishes and good driving!

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