1999 VW Beetle

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1999 VW Beetle

October 14, 2005

I purchased a used VW Beetle w/ only 38K in 2003. Since that time it has been a money pit - each repair is almost $1K! the amount of money I have paid in repairs to date have exceeded the cost of the car! Now the repairs needed exceed $2800!

I called VW Corporate Customer Service and informed them of the problems. They pulled up my history of repairs with the dealer. I asked that they pay for latest repairs or at least help with them, or buy the car back. After one week - they said no.

It is clear that they do not stand by their product. I will NEVER buy a VW again, and I will urge all of my friends to do the same. I also have send out massive emails to everyone I know informing them of this story and telling them to forward my story to everyone they know.

Any company that does not stand by their product does not deserve customers. I went to the dealer for two years with repairs. If they can't get their own product to work - with low mileage - then it is not a good product or their repair personnel are not good. Based upon what I have seen on the internet - it is not a good product.



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