Hutch / Postpaid Connection Cheating..

Posted on Saturday, October 15th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 5cd2cf22

Company: Hutch / Postpaid Connection Cheating..

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Hutch / Postpaid Connection Cheating..

October 14, 2005

Hi This is Vipul Bhatnagar from Satyam Computer Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.. I had a Hutch postpaid connection (with no as 98852ssss) some 3 months back. when I was in Hyderabad. I used that connection for nearly 6 months(from Feb ’05 to 15 July ’05) .then I got transferred from Hyderabad to Bangalore.. I had paid all my dues(Rs 1425/-) on 15th of July ’05.and got my connection cut.. But Unfortunalely these people are sending me bills for each month…despite of the connection being cut.. And above that they are deducting the amount from my account (ICICI Secunderabad Bank) as I had given the EC facility From this account.. In the month of August they had cut Rs 121/,- In the month of September they had cut Rs 302/-.. And for the month of October they are about to cut Rs 292/-.. I had called them up many times and lodged the complaint but these people are not turning up.. I am really fed up with this Organization and with their Attitude towards Customers problems.. I am planning to take this case in Consumer Court and will Suer this company if any Steps will not be taken.. I don’t where to go and what to do.. Please help me out and look into the matter as soon as possible.. And take steps to revert the money back into my account which was wrongly taken out.. Thanks & Regards, Vipul Infantry Road, Bangalore Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_49326#


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