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English Bulldogs/ Rebel Ridge Kennels/ Gina Price

October 13, 2005

Gina Price owns and operates a Kennel In Tenn. Many people have been hurt by her lies.. she sells sick dogs and doesn't stand behind her guarantee. Many people havent ever recieved the Reg. Papers they paid for. Gina Price recieves all the money up front for her dogs.. but shes not up front with the people that buy them. This is a long story.. I hope it all fit. In Aug. of 2004 my son who at the time was stationed in Korea emailed me and asked if I would go pick up a puppy for him. As much as I didnt want to travel to Tenn. I smiled and told my son sure.. I'll go pick her up for you. I got the number to call her from him.. He had sent her bank the money for the dog. and I made arrangements to meet her 1/2 way. My 14 year old daughter and I set out to pick up an 11 week old puppy. We traveled from Ohio to Liberty Virgina.. Where we met Mrs. Gina Price at a gas station. When we got there.. we jumped out of our car all excieted about the puppy. Gina got out of her SUV walked around to the back and opened the door.. The Kennel she had her in was on its side.. it had flipped over during the trip there. she set the kennel up and opened the door. I took the dog out of the kennel.. and snuggled it.. It was so much bigger then I thought it would be for 11 weeks old. I even asked her about this..she said she was just big.. Her eye looked red and swollen.. I asked her about this and she told me that the puppies play and sometimes one might get scratched. I took her at her word.. Shes the breeder.. I trusted her.. I paid her an addisioal $50. for her bringing the dog to me 1/2 way.. Now that I think of it..I should of never paid the $50. When she ships them by air the price is included. I shouldnt of had to pay her anything extra..

Anyway.. when we got home.. my husband said her eye looked bad.. So I called our vet right then. He told me to bring her in first thing in the morning. so I did.. He checked her.. said she was awful big for 11 weeks old..She weighed 22 lbs. said her eye was a cherry eye.. That it could be hereditary. as he was checking her out.. and telling me that he thought that she was older then what we thought.. He found a tatoo on the inside of her back leg.. He told me that this was a sign that shes from overseas.. Gina told us she was born right there at Rebel Ridge Kennels. He couldnt give her any shots.. because Gina Price told me that she had forgotten the health certificate and Reg. papers on the kitchen table.. So when I got back home I called Mrs. Price and told her the vets findings.. and asked her about the tatoo on her leg.. She told me that my vet was trying to take my money. And that Cherry eye isnt hereditary. And that my dog must of came from overseas.. She acted like she didnt remember me.. and we had just see each other the day before. I felt right away that My son was taken. I told her to just send me the papers asap.. and she said she would get them right out in the mail.. I told her that we were moving in Dec. and asked if we would have the papers by then.. she asured me that we would. I got busy moving.. and planing for my Son and Daughter to be home for the holidays.. they hadnt been home for Christmas In 7 years. So things were hectic.. I kinda forgot about the papers. In Jan. after everyone had gone.. I remember them right away.. I tried to call Gina.. Her cell phone was full.. and she wouldnt return my calls from her home phone.. I tried emailing her with no replys.. asking her where the papers were.. telling her I hadnt recieved them yet.. Still no reply.. By the middle of Jan.. I got a nasty email from her.. telling me that she had sent the papers out long ago.. I asked her if she sent them to the right place.. giving her my new address again.. although she already had it.. She told me yes. that she sent them out.. She said she would send them out again on Jan 14th.. I still never got them.. Then she emailed me and told me to send back the papers.. that they belonged to another dog.. ( I never even recieved the wrong papers) I got tired of the game playing and told Gina that I was going to report her to AKC and call the Attorney Generals office.. and the BBB office.. Iv called all three.. And im trying to work with them. Gina Price covers her tracts well.. she has all kinds of investgations.. but never gets caught.. I have learned that she doesnt keep all of her puppies at the kennel.. its more of a front.

I did some rescearch on the tatoo number.. and found out that the puppy is from Lithuaina. And I found the breeder that had her.. But now that he knows that AKC and others are in on this investigation.. He will no longer have anything to do with getting me the right paperwork.. Hes afraid he will be shut down.. I told him that it had nothing to do with him.. I just want the right papers for our dog.. my sons dog..

There is so much more I can say.. but I just dont have the room to type it all.. Sence all of this has come about.. all our problems.. I have found others that have the same problems with Mrs Price.. She has sold sick dogs.. people have taken her to court and won.. most people cant afford to take her to court.. they would have to go to Tenn. to be there for everything.. Who can afford that??? I know I cant.. I just want people and puppies to stop getting hurt.. and I just dont know which way to turn to find the help that we need.. So Im hoping that this complaint form will help.. Just beware of buying dogs from Rebel Ridge Kennels in Tenn. and she goes by other kennel names too.. beware.. Her name is Gina Price... If I cant take her to court for what she has done to us.. Then maybe I can save one person form making the same mistake..

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820a8275, 2007-11-06, 10:05PM CST

Yes i was interested in purchasing an English bulldog puppy close to Christmas if that would be possible. i would like to have a list of prices and your upcoming litter date. If you would be so kind as to contact me at my e-mail. I appreciate your time. Thank you!

ac4b78b9, 2008-04-10, 03:31AM CDT

I thankfully had backed out of a sale about 3 years ago from Gina.... I live locally and asked to come and see the animals and was repeatedly told no... something was fishy so I bought my Olde english bully elsewhere and i thank god everyday I did ... for those of you scammed here is a lil something I found in todays news that may ease your heart some small bit http://www.tricities.com/tristate/tri/news.apx.-content-articles-TRI-2008-04-10-0010.html She has been charged with a lot more charges and will hopefully be put in jail where she cannot scam anyone else including our goverment

fbe83e2d, 2008-07-15, 01:16PM CDT

I was about to buy a bullie from her in 04. Im so glad i didn't. I bought mine at www.fernersbulldogs.com and couldnt be happier!!!!

3e4fd284, 2009-07-17, 07:02PM CDT

We bought one from her and a year later he died I thought maybe he was bite from something,we lived on ft hood and with all the new construction I know that snakes and so forth move. because But looking at this makes me wonder. However if anyone is looking for a bulldog I know of a grate breeder. I have had princess since Sept of last year and well shes doing just fine. The only problem she has is when she gets ready to go into heat her head shakes. I give her calcium tables for dogs and it helps. Good Luck to any one looking for a bullie. If you want more information and wanna chat just email me.

73d08e57, 2009-07-31, 02:54PM CDT

i bought one from her about 5 years ago an he had pravo.she refuse to answer my calls.we spent 3ooo on top of the 2000 we paid for on vet bills.she never would call me back.i never even got the paper on him.

f068b719, 2010-08-30, 11:13PM CDT

Lucky for us, she is in prison now. She is the devil and got what she deserves.

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