Verizon fraud

Posted on Thursday, October 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 442997ad

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Verizon fraud

October 12, 2005

A copy of a letter I just wrote to the CEO of Verizon: Dear Sir: In July of this year I called Verizon's DSL customer service line (800.567.6789) to inquire about having service connected at my home. In discussion with your customer service representative, I determined that I would also need to set up an independent phone line to facilitate the DSL service. The process of setting appointments for the DSL and the phone line were handled by this one person. I went forward and made an appointment to have installation for the following week (07.19.2005). Later that day, I saw a television commercial which discussed a DSL "special" that Verizon was running at that time - with reduced rates for several months after sign-up. However, I had not been informed about this special by your customer service person. I was fairly upset about this and began to explore other DSL options. I called Apelhia Cable and they had a very nice deal running - so I decided to set up service with them instead of Verizon. I called the same customer service line (800.567.6789) that I set up Verizon service with - and told them to cancel my appointment - that I was no longer interested in service from Verizon. I was given a confirmation number - 0053905135984 - and was told that my service would not be set up. However, on the 19th of July, one of Verizon's installation people still showed up at my door. I informed him that I had cancelled my service appointment with Verizon the past week. He apologized, saying he hadn't received the notice. Then, he left. Over the past three months, I have been receiving bills from Verizon related to a telephone account which your company "activated" - even though I had called and said I wanted the installation cancelled. I had confused the bills with my Adelphia DSL bill - in part because I have had many accounts with both companie in the past and also because the dollar amounts are very similar. Two of the three bills I actually paid without noticing what they were for - a total of $49.95. Earlier today - October 12, 2005 - I received another bill - this one for $21.63. Having just paid my Adelphia bill the other day - I sensed something was wrong and realized that I had been paying this Verizon bill for a phone line which I never authorized. I called Verizon's customer service number and attempted to explain the apparent mix-up on your part. However, your customer service people could not have been more combative and less helpful. What I came to find out is that even though I called one number to originally schedule service (800.567.6789), I was supposed to "know" to call two numbers to cancel - one for the DSL and one for the phone line. Little did I know that the cancellation confirmation number I had been given was ONLY for DSL. When I had originally called to cancel, I was calling to cancel my appointment and all service with Verizon, and I stated just that. I set up the appointment together on the same call and cancelled on the same call. But, not according to your customer service people. I asked for a refund of my $49.95 and they refused, saying I had authorized the service - which I never did - I had cancelled. You may note on my account that there hasn't been any activity and there was never even a jack installed - because I was unaware that you had set up service, that this line even existed. I spent more than an hour on the phone with several people in your customer service department - including Mrs. Singh and Ms. Lohman - no one was of any help, quite the contrary. It seems that the old philosophy of customer service has flown out the window and been replaced with - let's just keep this guy's money anyway. If I had used the service or had your technician install a jack - then I would take responsibility for the error. But, that is not the case. The reason I'm writing you is because I want a refund of the money that I mistankenly paid on the August and September bills - $49.95. Again, I never authorized any of your service, I cancelled - Verizon chose to nit-pick and claim that the two cancellations were separate. I find the policy and the treatment by your company to be extremely offensive. My related information is included - as is my address for you to mail my refund check. Thank you, Will Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_49449#


5e8882bd, 2008-12-18, 08:33AM CST

Verizon is a fraud. They convinced me that paying more for an alternative DSL package would speed up services. My service has been slower than dial up ever since signing up.

They tap your phone without your knowledge nor consent. They monitor your internet activity and worse. They call your house and harass you at all hours, day and night whenever you file a complaint. They harass your family. They crash your computer by sending electrical impulses through the wire.

Do not do business with Verizon.

Lawrence Jefferson, 2014-05-04, 03:57PM CDT

I bought a Verizon Ellipsis 7 on the advice of the salesman for the sole purpose of making bank deposits to BofA When I could not take a picture of the check with the tablet I brought it back the next afternoon, the salesman/tech also could not get the BofA App to work. He said I would be getting a credit,the credit was not posted, I called to find out why, it turns out I was charged a $70.00 restocking charge, there was no mention of this when I made the purchase.

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