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Maytag Complaint

October 12, 2005

Here is the letter I recently sent to Maytag October 12, 2005 RALPH HAKES/CEO, MAYTAG


NEWTON IA 50208 Dear Mr. Hakes: First off I would like to say that this is the first time in my life that I have ever been moved to write to any company to express dissatisfaction but my recent experience with both your product and your service team has left me absolutely disgusted. Back in 2003 I purchased a new home and needed to but a slew of new appliances. My husband and I spent many hours researching our options and we decided that Maytag was the way to go. We thought our choice, while not the least expensive, would pay for itself with the years of quality performance we would get. So we threw down our hard earned cash for a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer and thought we’d all live happily ever after cooking and cleaning for the next decade at least. But, here I am 2 and a half years later with my hopes and dreams shattered. Earlier this month the stove decided it no longer wished to bake. I would turn it on and it would take hours just to get to about 250 degrees. I couldn’t believe it…not my new (by appliance standards) stove. I’ve never had a stove die on my in my life. This couldn’t be happening. Imagine my bewilderment when several days later the fridge quit as well. It was no longer cooling. All that delicious new food I bought on Sunday was garbage on Monday. Is there some conspiracy against my cooking??? But, I still had one shining hope in the darkness of these failures. I was sure that when I called Maytag and they heard about this disaster they would be quick to make this right. Sure, they’d be pretty surprised that their high quality products had failed in this way..but after they recovered from the shock there would be lots of apologies and the Maytag man would be right along to make it all better. WRONG!!! Let me give you the rundown of the service I received. I called into the Maytag service number. I held for over an hour before getting to a representative (but don’t worry I am sure my co-workers loved the hold music blaring from my speakerphone). I was then told that they could have someone out as quickly as two weeks from that day. Hmm…that’s not going to do. Oh- but they could send someone out tomorrow if I paid an extra 30$. Well- I guess I had to didn’t I because I have a five year old and having no fridge or stove is going to be a big problem. day the tech comes out. He fixes the stove and tells us the compressor has died on the fridge. Then we are told it will be two weeks before they can come back to fix the refrigerator. Then he overcharged us and left. Now, maybe I’m overly demanding but to me 2 weeks seem completely unacceptable. I let myself cool down for a day before calling in to have this corrected. I spoke to a customer service rep (only a 30 minute wait this time) for about an hour- repeatedly having to read my warranty to him to explain why I was not supposed to be charged for the labor on the fridge- at most only the travel charges. Also- I did not believe I should have been charged for the part on the stove. He finally agreed and said he had documented all of this into my file which would be transferred to the group that would send me my reimbursement check within 7-10 days. I expected to be receiving approximately $250 of the $350 dollars I had spent. Then he transferred me over to the service group to see what I could do about that two week wait for the repair. The representative in the repair area then told me that no she couldn’t do anything about it. That they only have one tech in my area and she couldn’t come out until the original date. Hmmmm…what did I pay that extra $30.00 for. And if they Maytag man is so bored in those commercials why is it they he cant make it to my house so that I don’t have to live out of a cooler. Talk about false advertising. So- eventually the tech came out and fixed the fridge. Nice lady—no problem with her. But- here it is more than ten days later and I still haven’t received that check. So…I call again. I am told by the first representative that there is nothing documented in my file about me getting a refund sent out. Just a comment that I thought I was overcharged. Again..I was shocked- how could this be..the man I spoke with had agreed and said everything was taken care of. She decided to transfer me to the supervisor. After explaining the whole story again and holding several times I was told that all she could do was reimburse me for 70$ of the refrigerator labor charge (I am not sure how she cam up with that number—I don’t see how the travel could have added up to the other 70$ I paid for labor and travel) and nothing on the stove because they didn’t feel the igniter was covered anymore. Now…is this the kind of quality and service you are proud of delivering??? I know I couldn’t look in the mirror every day if I knew I was heading up company that was doing this to their customers. You can be sure that unless you take some additional action to make this right I will not be purchasing another Maytag product…ever. And I will be sure to tell all of my friends and family the same. By the way. I just happen to be at that age where many of my friends seem to be moving into their first homes and making those kinds of appliance purchase decisions and since we’ve gone through it and my husband does all of our renovations himself they often ask us for advice on these types of things. Unfortunately, I’ll only be able to tell them what NOT to buy. I have never been more disappointed with a purchase in my life. Sincerely, Elizabeth Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_49445#


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c0ff7574, 2008-06-04, 10:42AM CDT

I alson bought some Maytag appliances, including a drying center & front load washing maching (not a cheap purchase), about 3 yrs ago. The heating element went out and I am being told that the part won't be available until Jan 2009 (THAT'S OVER 6 MONTHS WITHOUT A DRYER). Maytag told me there was nothing they could do, but that they would give me a 15% disc if I bought a new Maytag dryer...Are you kidding me? The only way they could rectify this problem would be to get me the heating element I need or replace my very expensive 3 yr old dryer since they don't have the parts to fix it.

ba00e932, 2009-03-02, 05:09AM CST

I have to say that I am tired of hearing everyone say that Maytag will not respond to complaints. After reading all these posts on different websites, I sent an email to a very senior level executive at Maytag on Friday night and then received a response the next day (Saturday) saying that he will have customer service repair my problems. No matter if they actually do or not, the jibberish that no one responds is nothing more than that, jibberish.

ba00e932, 2009-06-16, 11:50PM CDT

I have to say that all of these people that keep writing to complain about Maytag must have done something wrong as I had a horrible problem with a my dryer that was out of warranty and they helped me so much. They were very reasonable.

3be5bc0d, 2009-07-29, 06:06PM CDT

I so agree with you. Maytag employees and authorized dealers tell you something like we will get it fixed or get you a new one. Well I have a new heat pump refridgeration system. Broken down 4 times in 10 months. The company BJ's heating and refrigeration store in Cobble Hill, B.C. tell us we will be there in a few days. We are working on 14 days in the middle of a heat wave. They will not return our calls and when they finally answer they say we are not the only customer they have. or we ordered the part and its not in yet. What ever happened to overnight delivery, they did promise. We are at their mercy because of our warranty. If we go to another maytag company our warranty will expire. I so hate these guys. My whole family is visiting from all over and inside the house is 97 degrees from morning till night. You cant even sleep. How aggrevating. These guys suck!! Maytag repair man my ass!! warranty my ass!!

b833bdbe, 2010-03-08, 07:59AM CST

I must say i am very discuss with Maytag because I have the same problem with my dishwaher (bought 1 year ago) and the parts that we ordered are still to come after a month. Guess be better off buying a new one than waiting for them to fix it. Maytag has lost a lot of credibility since a few years. Their appliances are cheaper than ever. Too bad...

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