Coral Spirngs, Florida, Fabulous Finds Consignment Shop

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Company: Coral Spirngs, Florida, Fabulous Finds Consignment Shop

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Coral Spirngs, Florida, Fabulous Finds Consignment Shop

October 10, 2005

consignment shop fraud

Dear channel 10:

I would like to register a complaint against a consignment shop in Coral Spirngs, Florida, Fabulous Finds Consignment Shop. Address: 8921 W. Atlantic Blvd., Coral Springs, FL 33071, tel. # 954-227-7sss cell # 954-ssss

In October, 2004 my wife Beth Grossfeld consigned a substatantial amount of items to Fabulous Finds Consignment Shop owned by Faith Dressler.

The items included furniture, antiques, clothing, paintings etc. My wife and I were about to move to Nevada and we thought that consigning the items wuld be the most practical way to dispose of them. Ms. Dressler estimated that the items were worth $5628 and that we would receive up to $2841 upon their sale.

My wife called Ms. Dressler about two months later and was told that all of the items were sold and that she sent payment to us.

To date, more than a year later we have not received anything for the items left with Ms. Dressler. My wife has called her many times and she always says that the check is in the mail but we never receive anything. We have also sent certified mail to her attention but she has refused to accept the letters.

In our opinion, Ms. Dressler has defrauded us out of our prized possessions withhout paying us. Apparently, she feels that since we are no longer living in Floirda that she can get away with cheating us since it would be too costly for us to take legal action against her in Floirda.

We are writing to you asking for your help in this matter. If you cannot directly assist us at least this email will serve as notice to others to avoid doing business with Fabulous Finds Consignment Shop.

Thank you for any assistance that you can provide.



Las Vega, NV 89135 Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_49547#

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8eb55d51, 2010-05-22, 08:08AM CDT

Thanks for posting your story - my friends and I were actually considering bringing many items to that shop as a way to clean up and make some money for various items wich still have tags on them. Although I don't have the means of helping you to recuparate your funds from that crook, I can certainly spare myself from going through the same ordeal as you did. Honesty lacks everywhere in this country, it's quite sad to see that there are people who have no problem enriching themselves at other people's expense. Thanks again.

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