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Cairo Al Waseet newspaper

October 1, 2005

To: The Managing Director. From: George Raphael Subject: Complaint Date: 1/10/05

Having been one of the first people to advertise at the Cairo Al Waseet newspaper ( 119 ads in English and 47 ads in Arabic) with a total of 166 advertisements, I have lately been finding difficulty dealing with the staff of Al Waseet, Cairo. As this was not the case before, I complained to the two senior officials there. My first complaint was to the assistant manager who bluntly told me that my classified advertisement was of little significance to them as the paper makes what is close to a million pounds a week. I left him with little hope that something will be done but decided to continue advertising for a few more months on a weekly basis. Having found no improvement I decided to speak to the regional manager in the hope that I might be given a more satisfying answer, especially that in the past my advertisements used to be published in a better position and given more attention. (Kindly note that it is normal for a client to endeavor to make his advertisements appear in a reasonable place). It is regrettable to have to tell you, however., that the reaction I received was as follows: * The regional manager Mr. Mahmoud Mohassib would not speak to me in his office but chose to stand at the counter and speak to me (an old man) in the presence of his staff possibly to show them how badly to deal with clients in the future. * He at first adivised me to stop advertising if the advertisement was not to my liking! * He then sarcastically advised me to publish my weekly classified advertisement on the first page and pay LE 900 as an alternative! * When I told him that this money was not affordable seeing that this advertisement is repeated weekly, he disrespectfully told me “ you want to ride a Mercedes and pay little money”. I left politely after telling him that I had nothing more to say feeling deeply insulted.

The above attitude on the part of the regional manager makes me wonder: * Do the senior managers / owners know of this behavior on the part of their Cairo local management? * Aren’t we the clients who started advertising since the establishment of Al Waseet and continue to contribute towards the success of Al Waseet? * If this type of attitude on the part of the regional manager continues, wouldn’t this affect the reputation of a newspaper which many people think highly of, and stop other clients from advertising? * Shouldn’t the regional manager and his assistant know that problems can be solved by means other than to drive customers away? * Could it be that the regional manager and his assistant are unable to cope with the size of the responsibility and are therefore trying to reduce the number of clients? * The fact that Al Waseet is a successful paper, is because there is a need for it. In that case wouldn’t a well selected management in Cairo double the success of this important paper? I sincerely hope that this letter will throw light on what has been happening for some time now at the Cairo office and trust that I would once again be able to advertise in “ Al Waseet” after having had to advertise in another paper lately rather than be exposed to provocative remarks and unacceptable treatment.

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