Dell, Inc. Austin, Texas.

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Company: Dell, Inc. Austin, Texas.

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Dell, Inc. Austin, Texas.

October 1, 2005

Dell, Inc. Austin, Texas.

Customer service at Dell is an oxymoron. There is no such thing. I ordered a Dimension Desktop 3000 on 8/19/05. This offer included $260.00 worth of rebates. The offer according to the advertisement in a newspaper circular was good until 8/31/05. After finding out that I was eligible for a company discount I called Dell. I was told that I would need to reorder, which I did on 8/24/05. Upon receiving the computer, I noticed that the packing slip stated only a $60.00 rebate. Upon contacting Dell I was told by a customer service rep and a supervisor that the offer had expired before I reordered. I told the supervisor (Natasha) that I had the paper that stated when the offer ended. I then asked them if they were falsely advertising these offers. The supervisor told me to fax her the paper and she would take care of it. Eight days after faxing her the information I had received no response. Once again, I called Dell only to be disconnected four times by people who could not even speak fluent English before actually getting someone to talk to me. They knew no one named Natasha. Their response was that I did not qualify for the rebate since I received a company discount which by the way was less than the rebate. None of this was mentioned when reordering to get the discount. Nor was it mentioned when the supervisor instructed me to fax the advertisement so she could "handle" it. She certainly handled it!! I was also told that since 30 days had elapsed I was not eligible for any rebate. I told the rep that the 30 days had elapsed while waiting on their response which never came. She said that they would give me a $60.00 rebate. Whoopee!! I don't know what my next PC will be but I can assure you that it will not be a Dell.

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