Jennifer Convertibles Lyndhurst, Ohio

Posted on Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e5bae797

Company: Jennifer Convertibles Lyndhurst, Ohio

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Jennifer Convertibles Lyndhurst, Ohio

October 1, 2005

The sofa I bought was defective (spring on seat cushion popped everytime I sat on it and also when I got up). After considerable time and phone calls not returned I was finally told it was being replaced. Well it was and this one is worse than the first one. This one has major issues. Arm on one end squeaks, one cushion is already sagging, one cushion is crooked. One end of the sofa has different tufts in the cushions. I weigh 135# so sagging isn't from me. No one has ever apologized to me but I have been made to feel like they have never had these problems before. After being made to feel like this I started investigating Jennifer Convertibles on the internet, and I am only one of hundreds of disgruntled customers. This co. has been sued by New York and New Jersey. You can read about it by just putting in Jennifer Convertibles as it will not only bring up their site, but the complaints about them as well. I have attempted to speak with the Gen. Mgr. Lisa H. but she refuses to return my call. I have also tried to express my concerns with Lisa the manager at the store but she tells me she will get back to me and does not call back. This leaves me little choice so I have decided to contact the Ohio Atty. Gen. Office and to also investigate a class action lawsuit.

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