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Posted on Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by eafe13c3

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Direct Gardening

October 1, 2005

I placed an order with Direct Gardening in April 2005. I had to call several times to check on when they would be shipping my order. I could not get a straight answer so I finally told them to cancel my order. Suddenly they said the order was being 'processed' and couldn't be cancelled. When I finally received the order I was extremely disappointed in the quality of plants I received. They were so tiny it was hard to keep track of where they were once they were in the ground. And it turned out that most of these teeny-tiny plants wouldn't grow. So I emailed and made more phone calls to Direct Gardening to try to get a refund. They said I wasn't eligible for a refund because I hadn't saved my original shipping label (it never occured to me to save the shipping label). They claimed they would give me an exchange if I sent the plants back along with a detailed letter explaining exactly what happened. They also wanted me to send them a copy of my Visa bill that showed my payment to them. They purposely make it as difficult as possible to get a refund or exchange knowing that most people will eventually just give up. So I jumped through all the hoops and did exactly as I requested. And I never heard back from them. So I called them and emailed them several more times to find out what the status was on my exchange. A very rude customer service rep told me they had no record of receiving my returned plants or my letter. She said I probably just needed to wait longer to see if it would eventually get 'processed'. I emailed the company yet again on July 8, 2005 and told them I was tired of waiting and getting the runaround and that I was going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau contacted them and, evenutally, they sent me replacement plants. Rotten plants. They were so mouldy and rotten that the smell was horrible. So I was duped by this company and they are continuing to rip off other people. Direct Gardening also does business under the following names: ROYAL DUTCH








HONEYCREEK NURSERY It is my opinion that this company rips people off and then, when word starts getting around on the internet, they open up under yet another name. Do not buy from any of their companies. Linda Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_49892#


b91b38c5, 2008-04-19, 07:27PM CDT

I had a very simular problem. I ordered a don juan climbing rose and it is doing beautiful so I ordered a second one to climb up the other side of the same trellis. It came and it looked dead but put it in the ground and a month later it still looked dead

i e-mailed them and they said I had to wait until the next spring to see if it sprouted, Next spring came and still dead as a door nail. E-mnailed and they too said had to have the original shipping bag what a butch of bull. They also said that a one time use if we could prove we bought it with a cancelled check or charge. So I scanned the order,Scanned the charge slip and e-mailed it to them as a JPG They replied back they couldn't open it and that they are not allowed to except this methon that it has to be snail mailed So I sent them a letter with all the proof and now they say my account hasn't changed and did I said a letter explaining it all. I told them for a lousey $15 that I would go to a real nursery and told them they are ridiculous and that no other mail order nursery puts their customers through this

21024cc0, 2010-05-19, 01:08PM CDT

I recently received my "replacement order" from them after having received 3 dead roses and several dead jack in the pulpits last year. I opened the bag, which smelled rotten, and found 3 more moldy rose stems and 1 half rotted jack in the pulpit bulb as well as a second jack in the pulpit bag that was completely empty. I have been calling them on the phone for literally 5 months, always getting a busy signal. This company is awful. AWFUL. I've just started a facebook group for people who were also ripped off by this company.!/group.php?gid=115003575208244&v=wall

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