2001 kia optima

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2001 kia optima

November 9, 2005

rt 1 danvers ma my car is under warranty and i have been having trouble starting it. i had to forse the key all the way to the right for it to start. i took the car to kia and it sat there all day and they couldnt find problem . while the car was there i had asked them to check the brakes and door locks because they are not working right. and to let me know what the cost would be before they fixed anything. when to pick up car and 40 dollars later because they checked the brakes. i do not think this is fear. next day car does not work again and now i am fustrusted. what do i do/??? i call again and they told me to take it back like i have nothing else to do. checked car again and replaced the battery can you beleive it they didn t check the battery and my locks still dont work. every place else no charge to check brake but i had to pay. i dont call that good service. please help


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