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Posted on Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by bcb193f3

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Flair RV Furniture

November 8, 2005

I just saw on your web page where a Tonya Williams complianed about her furniture in her RV.

I have the same complaint!

I purchased a Newmar 2006 Cypress from Ron Hoover RV, in Mission, TX

I have Recliner that are a safty issue. If you Recline then the foot rest goes down on you! If you Recline into to a lounge mode you fold up! If your Rock it will lean forward making it very hard to rock.

I have put on 98.7 miles in two days to get Warrenty work done on my RV.

The Dealer tells me, that Flair states there is nothing wrong with the Furniture. So there for Newmar will not do anything to fix the problem.

So we have a Dealer, a manufactor that sold us the RV. Standing up with Flair on these Recliners. The Service man says he can make them work, But he can clearly see that my husband has a problem with the chairs..

Just up setting ! What ever happen to the customer is always right!

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willie1019, 2013-09-17, 10:45PM CDT

We recently purchased a 2013 Heartland Landmark Key Largo 5th wheel. It was furnished with two recliners manufactured by Flair. The term "recliner" is an obvious misnomer when it comes to these chairs. They do recline, but will not stay reclined (the chairs basically start creeping back up as soon as one reclines in them). As a furniture salesman explained to us, the "recliners" have no stay points.

We tried to work with Flair, but were told there was nothing wrong with the chairs. The RV salesman we had worked with when purchasing the 5th wheel also went to bat for us, contacting Flair several times about the issue, but he got the same response.

It's been our experience that Flair manufactures inferior products and makes no effort to stand behind what they make.

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