KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator

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KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator

November 7, 2005

December 6, 2005 - Consumer Follow-up Message - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_58988#

Dear Complaints We initially wrote 10/19/2005 and today is 12/6/2005 and we still do not have a refrigerator that works. Since my last e-mail to you, I ended up working via the KitchenAid executive offices to get things done. They have sent out two other technicians and sent several parts through express mail. It turns out that many of the parts that came out were the wrong parts (they were either labeled wrong or placed in the wrong bins). We never got a good response from the people at Apple Appliances and the people at DirectBuy have completely ignored us. KitchenAid has however worked with us, although inefficiently, but they have kept the lines of communication open. During the latest chapter in this saga, during the week of Thanksgiving a technician came out (the third) and spent over two hours. They replaced anything that was replaceable having to do with the computer or motor, etc. but it turned out that circuitry had nothing to do with the problem. (This is the diagnosis which came through Whirlpool.) My husband was present and listened and watched as the technician tried every conceivable trick in the book while the person on the phone attempted to give him tasks that he was not able to do or not qualified to do. In the end, the refrigerator turned out to be irreparable. KitchenAid told us we would hear from someone for a replacement in 72 hours which would have been Thanksgiving Day but I ended up calling the executive offices again and saying this was unacceptable. Of course that meant nothing to them. We finally heard from them last week to say we will be receiving a new refrigerator 12/6 or 12/7. We’ll see. I really just wanted my money back after this tiring ordeal. As for Thanksgiving, we had dinner at a friend’s home and limited the amount and types of leftovers we could take home with us (KitchenAid did offer to give us $100.00 towards the rental or purchase of another refrigerator). Christmas is on the fast approach and more family members are beginning to arrive to hear the saga of this refrigerator. We have been over a barrel with frustration after frustration. I say stay away from the product or make sure you purchase from someone who will support you if anything breaks or something goes wrong. We messed up big time and it has cost thousands in money and time. Now we know we should have purchased from a regular appliance store or someone who has a supply of the item and are willing to replace it within 30 days of purchase. Possibly worse than our dilemma is some poor unsuspecting and uninformed soul will purchase this lemon and end up doing the same crazy dance. Thank you for your posting. Gail Still frustrated in Northern Va

November 7, 2005 - Consumer Message:

Large appliance industry This is a copy of the response to a ‘blow off’ letter from KitchenAid concerning a French Door Refrigerator we purchased. We received it at the end of September and still have not had this matter resolved. I sent this letter to their chat room and they refused to post it and gave me the run around numbers for KitchenAid Customer Support. I purchased five major appliances from Kitchen via Direct Buy of Chantilly,VA. Bad move. Although everything arrived in good physical condition on the outside, the refrigerator computer blew once plugged in. It worked for a few minutes (approx 30) and cut off. However, the lights remained on so we did not know the thing was not working until hours laters after things had melted and were ruined. We called the people at Kitchen customer support and they told us to unplug and replug, flip the circuit, etc., we did it all with no response except for the lights remained on. Seeing as we spent so much money for the thing, we requested assistance right away or return our moneys to let us purchase something that worked right away. At this point, all the new groceries were going bad at an alarming rate. The clerk explained to us that we had to give them 30 days from the point of arrival in order to get a new refrigerator so we relunctantly agreed to have someone come over to fix it. The guy who came to fix it had not anticipated that it could be the computer so we missed six hours from work for nothing. As a matter of fact he did not know how to open the control panel (or where it was located), so he called the Whirlpool people to get the needed information. During that conversation the Whirlpool (parent company to Kitchenaid) clerk told the repair man that the computer was blown and any 'idiot knows that the refrigerator needs to be on a separate circuit from the other appliances'. Guess what, it is. As a matter of fact each KitchenAid appliance had separate circuit breakers (because the electrical contractor knew they needed them and charged us $3000.00 to make it happen). The refrigerator however was on a circuit with a plug on the counter next to the refrigerator because not even the electrical contractor was aware of this The repairman said he had never heard of this, so while he was talking I took out the manual that came with the refrigerator. On page five (5) in the middle of the page it is written, "it is suggested that this refrigerator be placed on a separate circuit," or words to that effect. We both noted the language they chose to use did not cause anyone to do anything other than read it later. It was plain wording (not bold or large print; nothing stands out). You would think something this important would be on the Front Cover or the 1st page with warnings, a stop sign, a bolt of lightning. Anything. It is also noteworthy that the was mandatory, necessary, required, etc., were not printed any where on the pamphlet. The repairman told us it would take 10 days to get a new computer in but the Kitchen Aid people could make it happen sooner by expressing one to us or to their shop. Kitchen Aid denied that ability and reminded us that they have 30 days. They have given my family the run around since then. I can't get anything out of Kitchen Aid except to defer the responsibility back to the repair company. As of this afternoon the computer is not in. It is over 10 days and 30 days will have passed. Can anyone give us some encouragement that we will not have to take these people to court for their defective product. Actually if their customer service wasn't so piss poor, I wouldn't be thinking along this line. We are still eating out, and losing money every day that refrigerator is out. Our kitchen is beautiful but we can't use it until the refrigerator is operable. Anyone gone through with something like this have any suggestions. Their response was to finally expedite the part to us (something they swore they could not do) on Thurday 11/3/2005. It turned out to be the wrong part. Hoping against hope, we called Apple Appliances, praying that maybe the part they had ordered earlier would arrive. As of this morning, 11/7/2005, it has arrived and it is the wrong part. As noted, I don’t think they know what the correct part is. However, they are relying on information given them by Whirlpool and KitchenAid for instructions. The part is due in tomorrow and we will then have to call the repairman and schedule another attempt to repair. I have asked for a refund or another refrigerator so that we will not miss Thanksgiving. In my opinion they have exceeded the 30 days allowed for them to attempt to repair this item. All we want is a repaired refrigerator or a refund or replacement. We are desperate and if feels like everyone is giving us the run around. We are constantly in contact with someone who has no idea what we are talking about. It is very frustrating. Please assist us. Dealing with these people has been a never ending nightmare. I may be reached at 703-624-0sss cell, 703-660-6sss home. Gail Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_58988#


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