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Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 9239a71e

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Canon Copier

November 7, 2005

I was working for a consulting company and signed the lease for two Canon copiers. I was led to believe I was simply signing the leases as an officer of the company. Canon did not emphasize the fact that it was in fact a personal guarantee, and my boss did not either. It later turned out my boss was a wanted felon who has a history of opening companies only to use them as front to steal loans and client's fees. I was the person who turned him into the FBI, but before I was able to get the copiers back to Canon I was fired and locked out of the offices. I couldn't tell my boss I informed the FBI or else he would flee. He was eventually caughtr and awaiting charges.

Unfortunately, Canon doesn't care I helped cath a criminal and is holding me to the leases I signed on behalf of this felon. I thought I was signing as an officer of the company. Canon knows this felon is responsible for the whole mess, but they don't care, they are suing me for $44,000.

To make matters worse, they are suing me in New Jersey even though this happened in Illinois, because they wrote a jurisdiction clause into the contract.

I would highly recommend you never purchase a Canon product, and especially never sign a contract of any kind with them. They should be ashamed of themselves taking advantage of average people like myself who was only doing what my boss told me to do, before I caught him committinga crime. I guess Canon would rather citizens don't turn in criminals, they would rather they get paid!

Canon has no sympathy, even when you help catch a criminal! They are evil and unethical and, at this point, worse than the con artist who I helped catch.


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916a2dbb, 2010-05-13, 03:42PM CDT

wow I am so sorry, I work for Xerox, and that is by far the craziest copier swindler story yet.

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