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Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 7a5ebad9

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Hi, Following is the complaint mail (IN RED) that I have been sending to Delta Airlines for ages now, but they have not bothered to respond... This is requesting your help in publishing this on your site. Kindly feel free to correct the content if required. Thanks,


Issues have been numbered as (1),(2),(3). Issue 1: The Flight that I was supposed to take from CINCINNATTI- MADRAS on 15th Oct, was cancelled due to Aircraft Breakdown, and was rescheduled to 16th Oct. As a result of which, I had to loose an entire business day at India, and postpone some vital client meetings. Apart from this Delta had put me through a whole range of harassment both at the Airport (for accommodation) and on board the flight Issue 2: The accommodation given to me had a check-out time of 12 noon, when my flight was scheduled to leave only at 7:20 pm. As a result, I have to leave the hotel early, and had to do around 7 hours of "sitting" at the Airport. Dinner was not provided both at the Hotel & the Airport. I had however waited, as I was going to have Dinner on-board the flight… Issue 3: I boarded the flight after the prolonged wait. Half-way thro the flight at Dinner time, I hear from the hostess that "THEY WILL NOT GIVE ME ANY DINNER", as they ran out of Vegetarian Food!!!! HOW ABSURD CAN THIS GET??? Affected with the health issue of "ULCERS", I have been medically advised to NOT skip any meals! AND NOW I HAD TO STAY HUNGRY ON A 8 HOUR FLIGHT + DELAY OF 2 HOURS, till I reached Paris. This above the fact, that I had not had any food during the 7 hour wait at the airport. The hostess, in fact had the cheek, to tell me to eat meat, when I have been a vegetarian for all my life!!! My Itinerary booking clearly said "ASIAN VEGETARIAN MEAL". The least Delta could have done, was to inform me about this non-availability of food at the airport, I would have at least grabbed some food before boarding!!! The Delta staff were certainly aware that the vegetarian food supplies were low, long before the flight took off… IS THIS HOW DELTA TREATS A CORPORATE TRAVELLER??? I WAS TRAVELLING FOR MY COMPANY,"WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES" ON A BUSINESS TRIP. A few colleagues, who were traveling with me on the same flight, had to go thro the same harassment! It's a shame that despite Wipro flying most of its employees on Delta as a preferred airline, this kind of treatment is being meted out to us!!! This goes as a STRONG FEEDBACK to my Organisation, and ensure that Delta is wiped out of the preferred airlines list!!! Before getting off the flight at Paris, I had also given a written compliant about this (on Delta Feedback form) to 'Tammy', chief of the on-board crew, clearly specifying that I required a response from Delta regarding this harassment. It's a shame that such Customer feedback, has generated no importance from Delta, that I have till today, not received "NO RESPONSE" from Delta. Is this the idea of leaving the feedback forms at all the Delta Agent Desks?? IS THIS THE PSEUDO-CARE THAT DELTA PORTRAYS WHEN IT DOES NOT BOTHER TO EVEN RESPOND???????? Flight details Date: 16th Oct

Flight : DL44

Origin : Cincinnati

Destination : Paris-Degaulle

Seat : 49 J IS DELTA GOING TO BE ANSWERABLE FOR MY HEALTH ISSUES CAUSED BY THE ULCER??? I await a response to the above, and Delta's compensation to me for all the harassment caused!!! I also require the contact details (email, Phone, Mailing Address) of the chief of Customer Service at Delta Corporate! With Utter Disgust!!! Carthik


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