Life Wise Air Cleaner (KAZ Corp.) PISSSED OFF!!!!

Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by ab06f543

Company: Life Wise Air Cleaner (KAZ Corp.) PISSSED OFF!!!!

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Life Wise Air Cleaner (KAZ Corp.) PISSSED OFF!!!!

November 6, 2005

VERY ANGRY!!!! KAZ Corp!!!!!!! 11/05/2005

My response is in reference to this posted complaint , Lifewise Air cleaner. They are going to pay for my home to be painted and new carpet still cant get the

black dust out!!! Letter to upset life wise air cleaner customer!!!!!

I swear same thing and i just installed a fireplace insert so im thinking there is some major problem and we were assumingly breathing some carbon monoxide Even had PG&E come to my home to test for CO2 to no avail. I must ad that i have a 17 mos old daughter, at the time she was omly 10 mos. So im real pissed that me putting this in her room was to keep her area extra clean. So now, you have said the key to a major problem of this black soot type material that has been floating around to this day as i still use this thing. Dear God! I am now within an instant of going to seek testing of this fire place fecad Black Pwder. Not only have i now solved this horrendous black dust Problem, that does not come out of the carpet even when we shampood it is still there and we know dam well that black crap wasn't there when we purchased the home just 10 mos ago Novenber 2005. The Paint and small cobwebs was the other major sign that made me call PGE.Who would have thought!!! This is seriouos!!!!! Will you please write back or even calll me 510-393-ssss Regards, Sean Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_50952#


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