Kenstar Tumble top washing machine model LF 2008 E by Videocon, India

Posted on Sunday, November 6th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 46919c9b

Company: Kenstar Tumble top washing machine model LF 2008 E by Videocon, India

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Kenstar Tumble top washing machine model LF 2008 E by Videocon, India

November 5, 2005

Dear friends/ Consumers, The Company is advertising this Kenstar washing machines heavily. Considering the convenience of

tumble wash from top and Videocon backing was enough for me to buy this product. We are only two adults and two kids in the family. The machine broke down 45 days after purchase (9.7.2004) and the service engineer changed the timer

card. At the time he told us that breakdown might have happened because of overloading (we were not agreeable to his view- as we never overload this 5 Kg machine). Now, on 5th November 2005, again this machine has stopped rotating and it seems it is the same problem. This time we are sure there was no overloading. It seems there is some in built problem in the machine which starts giving trouble. (I have yet to report the problem to service station- being Sunday they are not picking phone today- 6th Nov. 05) Today the machine is covered under warranty, however if the machine continues to behave this way- what will happen when the two years warranty period expires in coming May 06? I may have to discard the machine itself. The company should modify this machine/ or improve upon the problematic part and recall the entire

earlier sold machines for rectification to build and reinforce confidence in Videocon products. I am myself planning to buy three split AC unit and my vendor is proposing Videocon split AC, and in case I am not satisfied with what the service engineer has to say, I am certainly going to evaluate Videocon split A.C. more critically. Brajesh Tiwari, Mumbai, India

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8719e752, 2007-11-03, 08:11AM CDT

I purchased L> F> 2008E on 18th June 2004, There was one drve belt failure on 27 08 2005. The drive belt replaced free as per the warrenty. Now the machine failed to start at all from 24th October 2007. You authorised service centre in Kochi, Kerala namely, NEW STAR SERVICES attended and the PCB repaired and replaced today 1st November '07. The machine is now working. But water is spilling over during washing. I like to know whether there is any company authorised service centre, or some other dependable service centre other than New STAR. Expeting reply from company personal.


043eb88d, 2008-11-05, 12:03AM CST

I am using Kenstar Tumble top washing machine for the past 4 years. In between i had the same issue specified by Mr. Unni (water spilling out during washing).

Called a service person at Bangalore. They identified the problem as damage of the ball bearing. Bearing was replaced at a cost of ~ Rs 3,500. Now the washing machine is working properly without much any problem.

2986aa93, 2011-07-02, 12:13PM CDT

Kenstar is one brand I won't prefer touching with a 10km pole. I had purchased a Kenstar LF 2008 way back in 2001. I have already spent an amount equal to the purchase value on repairs. For the past two years the machine is lying idle for want of a replacement for the drive belt. The Kenstar Customer care is disowning this baby. I am unable to locate the belt anywhere in India. It seems Kenstar wants the customer to buy a washing machine every year.

If you need peace of mind, just Keep Off this Company

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