Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte

Posted on Saturday, November 5th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by e6f40f20

Company: Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte

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Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte

November 4, 2005

My Father recently placed an order with Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte in Beverly Hills, Ca. for my Birthday but they were never delivered. He called two days later to complain and was told that an upgraded arrangement would be sent which was acceptable to all of us. However, the upgraded arrangement never arrived as well. When I called to complain myself I was spoken to like I was a lunatic. It was the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was eventually told that my complaint would be forwarded to the owner and he'd call me back. I did not receive that call back so I called again today and was told that I wasn't going to be called back because they had issued a refund and it was out of their hands.

They never once accepted any fault yet proceeded to slander the local florist who rejected both orders due to the fact that they didn't have the materials in stock. The local florist took the time out to verify that Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte had received the cancellation notices and gave me verification numbers as well as dates and times which is beyond any information that Gregory with Floral Originals was willing to do.

It is my hopes to save any and all consumers the same experience that I have had with this company.


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acd69af7, 2007-11-07, 04:35PM CST

I ordered flowers from these folks and like you they were never delivered. My credit card was charged twice for the same arrangement. I called the company (and I am not joking) ten times that day at three different numbers. I was able to reach just the answering service. Each time i was told they would send an urgent/emergency message and I would be contacted. I never was. I am disputing the charge and I will never do business with this company again. Please save yourself the aggravation and do not use their services.

71b3a8a0, 2008-02-07, 09:14AM CST

I too had a horrible experience with this company. Ordered an extra large (extra cost) Chrysanthemum & daisies for my friend after her husband passed. I ordered this so that she could plant this outside after the flowers faded. What did they deliver, a damn small peace lily. Called lodged complaint, was told they would call back, never did. Went to their web site and sent an e-mail via that site and, of course, no reply. Beware, beware beware of this company.

7e20a4bc, 2008-03-20, 12:38PM CDT

I also ordered from this company and they did not deliver the flowers at all, so I cancelled my order.

Here is their cancellation phone number. (310)289-6594.

I will NEVER order from this company again, what a rip off! No way to contact them, absolutely no fair.


905fd6ba, 2008-04-01, 12:00PM CDT

Sounds very familiar. Placed an order for my Mother's Birthday that was never delivered. I've placed 4 phone calls to them and left an inquiry on their website with no follow up and no flowers delivered.

In short, don't do business with them, they are deadbeats and there is no way to get in touch with them directly.

39a19947, 2008-06-04, 09:32AM CDT

june 1, 2008, this is a scam....they charged my card and my order was never placed or delivered.

03b459f2, 2008-09-17, 10:26AM CDT

I ordered some flowers from these folks as well, and I did receive the arangement but it was not as ordered, there were petals missing from the flowers, and many of the stems were broken. I called several times over the past 2 days and they said they would have someone come out and replace the arrangement with an upgraded one. I still have not received the arrangement as of yet. We will see what happens today. I will never do business with them ever again. I am also going to call FTD to let them know about the poor service I have received.

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