Hobert Pools, Inc.

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Company: Hobert Pools, Inc.

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Hobert Pools, Inc.

November 30, 2005

Hobert Pools, Inc.

300 S. Central Expwy

Richardson, TX

TEL 972-690-8118

FAX 972-690-4621 BE CAUTIOUS WHEN DOING BUSINESS WITH HOBERT POOLS. YOU WON’T GET WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU PAID FOR. After I bought a car the other day I realized how little Hobert Pools values their customers. After they get your money there is no customer service. I never once received a phone call or a note thanking me for the business ($35,000 inground pool) or inquiring if there were any problems or issues with the pool. Hobert Pools have no quality assurance. If they did, I wouldn’t be wasting my valuable time writing this note. I’ve called them and emailed them twice in regards to problems I’ve have with the pool. There is no follow-up. All they’re concerned with is with is the $200 in misc charges that I owe them. The money is not an issue for me, but I feel that I should be satisfied with the (flaws) work before I pay in full. My neighbor purchased an inground pool from Pullian Pools and speaks very highly of their service and quality. I wish it I could say the same. More to follow……….. Chris


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