New Credit Financial Alternative

Posted on Friday, November 4th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 07298e82

Company: New Credit Financial Alternative

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New Credit Financial Alternative

November 3, 2005

Liberty Group Services/New Credit Financial Alternatives

Misleading advertising. I asked many times if this was a regular credit card and I was told by a man named Rico that I could use this card anywhere. I then proceeded and got disconnected before he gave me a confirmation number, Two days later I got a verification letter in the mail to sign and the fine print for the card. Upon reading that it states that it is not a credit card and that I would have to Put a down payment on all purchases made through a catalog and the remaining balance would be on the card they offer. So I decided to check further into this and found other complaints on the Better Business Bureau site I called the company back and told them I was not signing that paper and I didn't want them taking the $300 out of my account. They told me that they already had permission to do so without that verification being signed and if I wanted to cancel it I would have to pay them $35 to do so.


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