JC Penny Stores Furniture division and Customer Service

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Company: JC Penny Stores Furniture division and Customer Service

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JC Penny Stores Furniture division and Customer Service

November 3, 2005

In March of 2005 my wife and I purchased a Embarkation Dining group from the JC Penny store in El Cajon, CA. We were treated well, and after a years search, found the dining set we had been looking for. We were told that delivery would be in early June, which we found acceptable, opened a JC Penny account and placed the remaining balance on a credit card. That was the end of anything resembling good....Mid-June we had the glass portion top to our china cabinet, but the lower hutch was missing, and on back order, the chairs were fine, and the tabletop had a large smashed edge and buckled top. We told them to order a new top, and were told that the hutch and top would be delivered mid July. Mid July the hutch arrived, and the new top delivered......with a scratch through the leaf, which is a matched piece to the rest of the table. So they take it back, and said that they should have never delivered it because they are supposed to inspect those pieces on exchanges and were not informed as such. Now, to get to this point, we called both the store and customer service and probably spoke to every person under the sun there trying to get an answer and were handed off here, left a message there, told to call back etc. When I finally spoke to a supervisor, I was told they would credit 20% off the hutch and table upon delivery. Plus on our JC Penny credit, not begin the no payment, no interest for 1 year until recipt of the last piece. We were then informed that the table was on back order, and wouldn't be here till late October. That arrived.....damaged as well,(Cracked Leaf) then they brought another down a week later, (Chipped top) so we told them to take it back. They said that some of what we saw on the edge of the table was a "distressed" look, some had more, some less, some none, which NONE was what I saw and ordered. I am now calling their "Customer Service" and was told that that was the last available table, there are no more, so considering that it was the best of the damaged tables, told them to hold it at the distribution center. Well, they said they would, and now it's wherabouts are unknown, because they didn't follow through, they put it on one of their trucks to go to the outlet, and I guess they have no way to contact or track these things....very nice. Now the outlet is on the lookout, but, get this....WE HAVE TO BUY THE TABLE IF IT'S TO OUR SATISFACTION AND THEN HAVE THEM REIMBURSE US LATER?????? So now the kicker is they only offered 30% off the table, no more......well the set (Remember it's now unavailable) is on sale at the stores and online for 30% off. I said you have to be kidding, so they offered to send a service tech to see if the table is repairable, if not they can take it and shove it. By the way, they still need to service the hutch as the latches don't line up, and they failed to set a new appointment after their truck broke down. After all this, they said they would discount everything 30%????? That's the in-store price for the advertised, unavailable furniture sets. What a joke. This is the first and last time I deal with this abomination of a company.

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