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Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by dc52646c

Company: Steve Dutton and Silver Screen Talent Group Inc.

Location: TORONTO, ON, CA

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Steve Dutton and Silver Screen Talent Group Inc. Toronto

November 29, 2005

April 12, 2006


In response to this letter, the only reason Mr.Dutton would have taken cash or wad as christina put it, out of his pocket would be to pay for lunch which he often buys his staff lunch. further more if she had any problems in regards to her file she should have contacted Mr.Dutton, he speaks with every client and or anyone else who wants to speak with him..So I do not beleive she made any calls to us regarding her file..All talent knows it could be a few weeks or a few months before getting called for auditions. Every talent gets there headshot mailed out to them whether they are new clients or old...In response to we should be shut down..We have ongoing disney contracts, we have worked with mgm studios, corus ent., buchanan group, just to name a few.. OUr highest # of talent audtions in a month was 97. We are a principal role agency we do not do extra work for film all our talent is suggested and then they have to audition for the role and then they may get booked.


silver screen tg

November 29, 2005 - Consumer Message:

Hi. I just wanted to say that I signed up with Silver Screen Inc. about 6 months ago - I never called them until last month. I paid about $550.00 They never sent me ONE photo, they never called me, they never returned my calls, they acted like telemarketers on the phone just trying to get more money for seminars etc etc.

STEVE DUTTON was very pompous and even went out of his way to show the wad of cash in his pocket during the interview. I think he is the owner, but he had some blonde talking on the company's behalf during the interview. Why haven't they been shut down yet??? - I now see complaints at the

WWW.BBB.COM too!!! Beware of this company all - they only want one thing, and it isn't to help us get into the "industry". They get rich from taking money from most of their hopeful clients. OUCH Yours Truly,

Christina, Toronto, Ontario.


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Anonymous, 2007-10-08, 08:06PM CDT

I was represented by Silver Screen before.

First of all this agency is not listed under Actra; therefore they are not legit. Secondly, a talent agent is not to charge up front fees to new talent. They are truly crazy for charging 100s of dollars just to join an agency that does not guarntee work.


By the way, they do not have an 'ON GOING' contract with Disney! Nikki who is featured as a 'star of the moment' on their website does not even know of the agency. Horace V. Rogers who picture is on the website is not represented by them. The lies, the lies!

54002089, 2007-11-24, 01:26AM CST

My Child as well was as I have register him with them,

but Monday a have got a call from then teling me my child contrac has expaire wich I ahve pay for two years, now they wnat more monet he has no being up for audition for over a year, I have star getting a funny feeling about them now. thank you for the info in this site.

Up sad Family

a38c0952, 2010-01-06, 06:11PM CST

Received a rather disturbing call today from a friend telling me that Silver Screen Inc, went bankrupt.....My daughter was just recently enrolled with Mr. Steve Dutton and has a profile on his website, cost was $300.00 her profile was posted two weeks ago.....WTF I wanna know how I can get my money back, any suggestions? please help

bdd3d34c, 2010-01-13, 05:55PM CST

so my kid signed up in december and we were just contacted by another company saying that silver screen is no longer in business, and if we want to continue we have to pay even MORE to work with a new company.

WTF? so he signed my kid knowing he was closing the business 2 weeks later??

THEN, my friend who lives in another town tells me that she found an ad in the paper that is exactly the same as the one we called for screen testing, only the price and number are different.


His number (in the ad and will get you in contact with Steve Dutton directly, apparently) is 519-940-8815.

For everyone who was robbed by this man, let's ban together and get our money back or sue the hell out of him for screwing us all.

af691c24, 2010-02-26, 07:16PM CST

I signed my child up June 2009, have never received a phone call for any auditions. I decided to go on their website and it is gone, I called their number and it is no longer in service. Where is my $$$$$$$$$$? What a scam. He also showed me is money in his pocket (all 100 dollor bills). Where is my $$$$$$

336a78c2, 2010-06-16, 11:35PM CDT

lol he screwed me my cuzin and more..there nothing but a the end i ended up paying for everything..i could of been my own agent..and probly would of did a better job on my first try..

b27911ca, 2011-07-22, 01:07PM CDT


He is in Ottawa "recruiting" his new agency is called Karisma Talent Group. He is pulling the same stuff holding auditions where you pay 20$ and if you don't get picked then you get your money back.... however everyone gets picked...

this guy is a scammer.

d8318a01, 2011-08-19, 02:49PM CDT

If anyone signed a contract with Silver Creen and Steve Dutton you cal all get a fefund as his contract was null and void as he had nothing in his contract regarding the Consumer Protection Act.All you have to do is contact the Government Branch of the Cosumer Protection Branch and file a complaint based on his contract and you all will get a full refund.

1e3d9d8b, 2012-10-12, 02:32PM CDT

Steve is now running an agency called Casting Connections under #519-940-8815. Has anyone heard of an agency called Mom & Me, Commercial Look, or Just kids? Are any of these places legit? I don't see anything online about them.

d12446de, 2012-11-07, 10:38AM CST

Mom & Me, Commercial Look, or Just kids are any of these legit?

If he is scamming why has there been nothing recent? You would think more people would be posting? Just wondering if this is legit or not.

Bart C., 2013-02-02, 03:13PM CST

I have also been scammed by this company and owner. I say we get together and do a class action lawsuit against this, or find him, and give him an ass kicking of a lifetime.

300e64e2, 2013-04-19, 08:08PM CDT

My son just saw him last week and was asked to see him again on Sunday. Has anyone ever had actual work with him?

Ken B., 2013-05-23, 05:32PM CDT

I just did a "screen test" with Steve Dutton in Alliston on Wed 22 May 13 in Alliston at the Public Library. Paid $20. Today he phoned to say that an aganet was interested in me and wanted to do a photo shoot at the public library at 7PM Friday 24 May. It would cost me $106.00. This smells bad to me. I suspect I will never hear anything from the so called agent or Steve after that. Am I correct or is this guy for real?

Steve Dutton, 2013-11-14, 12:37PM CST

RESPONDING TO Anonymous, 2007-10-08, 08:06PM CDT

In this industry, it is illegal to guarantee work. It is against the law.

We do not have to be listed under ACTRA to be legitimate.

ACTRA used to recommend half a dozen photographers. Those photographers were the ones we used back then. A photo shoot with any of those were $150.00+. That was back in 2007, things are much different now.

Also in those days we had an ongoing contract in London, England with Nikki, for The Lion King, where she was making $1934.00/ week. We have the contract. If you would be interested in seeing this, post your email and we can send it to you.

Also, for Horace, we can send you a copy of his photo with his agency information on it. As well as any cheque stubs and contracts detailing all of the work he did with his agency.

How the lies, have turned to the truth. If anyone is reading this and would like to see copies of these contracts/photos, I encourage you to send us an email @ [email protected]

Steve Dutton, 2013-11-14, 01:09PM CST

RESPONDING TO a38c0952, 2010-01-06, 06:11PM CST & bdd3d34c, 2010-01-13, 05:55PM CST &

bdd3d34c, 2010-01-13, 05:55PM CST

First of all, I very much doubt you paid $300.00, If you did, it was probably to go onto the casting workbook. Which is $99 a year and still is. If you would have contacted them, you would have found out you could move it over and you would not have lost your money. The other website would have been the breakdown express. Like I said, I doubt you have paid $300.00, but if you would like to contact me, here is my email and we can discuss this. [email protected]

To clear up the mess regarding Silver Screen Talent Group. I walked into my office on December 1st 2010. I was then told by both of my staff that Kriti was going back to school. Kriti had worked for me for the past 5 years. The other young lady was moving back to Brockville. I apologize, I forget her name, she was only with us for 6 months. A few weeks before this happened, I had Christen from Christen and Associates and Celebrity Talent approach me and asked if I would do screen testing for them. I told them I would think about this, but I didn't see this was a possibility. This deal they approached me with, consisted of $50.00 a person, as well as an additional $2000 bonus for over 200 people a month supplied to them. This still at that time did not interest me. Moving forward, when the girls both told me they were leaving, I looked at this opportunity to sell my agency to both companies. This deal went through on the idea that the people with me would not have to pay more then $50.00 to renew their contracts with either one of those agencies. Each person renewing a contract with the actual company would have the remainder of their contract honored plus an additional year with the agency that they were sold to.

Like any company, once its sold, in this case after 25 years, there will be people who are not happen with the situation. This deal was solidified on the 16th of December 2010. With the understanding that these agencies would contact these people directly, and inform them of what has happened. They were also told, that if they would like to speak to me directly, they were given my home telephone number at that point.

This was the worst decision I have ever made in my life, selling Silver Screen. After many years of developing personal friendships and relationships, I hope people now will look me up and see if I can help them get back into this industry again with no future administration or photographic charges. PS. Silver Screen is not bankrupt, nor was it ever bankrupt. Silver Screen is still licensed and able to continue business if I ever decide to operate under that name again.

I am working under Casting Connections, supplying different agencies. You can reach me at 519-940-8815

Steve Dutton, 2013-11-14, 01:14PM CST

RESPONDING TO b27911ca, 2011-07-22, 01:07PM CDT

Obviously you were misinformed, not everyone gets chosen from the screentests.

The company Karisma, is in the collections agency as they owe me $1650.00. Now why would I place myself in a collection agency if I actually owned Karisma?

Steve Dutton, 2013-11-14, 01:17PM CST

RESPONDING TO d8318a01, 2011-08-19, 02:49PM CDT

I don't know about that Dave, I never had a problem with the consumer protection act, but I know you did, Dave, from Celebrity Talent. They were all over you like a dirty shirt.

Steve Dutton, 2013-11-14, 01:23PM CST

RESPONDING TO 1e3d9d8b, 2012-10-12, 02:32PM CDT

Steve is now running an agency called Casting Connections under #519-940-8815. Has anyone heard of an agency called Mom & Me, Commercial Look, or Just kids? Are any of these places legit? I don't see anything online about them.

First of all, Casting Connections is ran under a screen testing firm, not an agency. I've been screen testing for companies since 2011, like Christen and Associates..big mistake. Celebrity Talent...Big Mistake. Also Profile Modeling agency, Karisma, Kontact, M&M Agency, Carolyn's Model and Talent agency..just to name a few.

The other agencies that you've mentioned are registered as agencies, NOT owned by myself, Steve Dutton. Please check with the ministry and they help you out with this matter.

Steve Dutton, 2013-11-14, 01:25PM CST

RESPONDING TO Bart C., 2013-02-02, 03:13PM CST

Before you say you want to give someone an ass kicking, maybe you should give me a call first to discuss your questions or concerns. 519-940-8815

Steve Dutton, 2013-11-14, 01:38PM CST

RESPONDING 300e64e2, 2013-04-19, 08:08PM CDT & Ken B., 2013-05-23, 05:32PM CDT

Just to clear things up. I do not get you or your children work. I simply show your screen test tape to potential agents that listen to your tapes and decide if they want to work with you. Once you are with an agent, it is their job to send out your photos to jobs in the city. After that point, it is SOLELY up to the casting director of that specific job to select who he or she wants.

I only supply people to:

The Commercial Look, which is people who are 12 years and older

Just Kids - 11 years old and under

Mum and Me - this agency is for mom's with their own children who want to get into the industry

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