ocean chevy toms river, nj

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by a1ad3641

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ocean chevy toms river, nj

November 28, 2005

I went to Ocean Chevy in Toms River,NJ to look for a newer vehicle.I spent over 6 hours there ,even bringing my husband in to fill out the paper work. I found a van that I loved but I was unsure if I could get the financing. We were assured by Rich the manager that we were approved by Household Bank.When we went to sign the paperwork the finance man Dave told us that we wouldnt get confirmation until Monday on which bank would finance us. I told them to keep the van,but Dave and Rich reassured us that we would get the financing.On Monday I called to find out what time we were to go there to sign the rest of the paperwork.I was then told that they were still working on financing for us.On Wednesday we were called to go to Ocean Chevy . We went and found out that they could not get us the financing but would try again on Thursday.During this time I already paid the new premiums for the car insurance and turned in the plates to my old vehicle.Ae 3:30 Thursday afternoon I was callled and told to bring the van in immediately because they could not get financing.According to the paperwork we signed we had 48 hours to return the vehicle. I then talked to Nick who said he was the owner. He called me a liar when I told him that we were told we had the financing from Household Bank.When I asked if I would be reimbursed for my car insurance and to get my old vehicle re registered he said very nastily"Listen lady are you gonna reimburese me for the miles you put on the van this week?"He also threatened me with calling the police and reporting the van stolen.I told him to go ahead. We had the paperwork stating that we had 48 hours to return the vehicle after oral or written notice.This place is the worst car dealerships in the area.I feel that they are a bunch of can artists.If anyone knows of any type of legal recourse I wuld love to hear about it.

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b9175fc8, 2008-08-05, 03:53PM CDT

Im from toms river,Ocean chevy did the same thing to me,but i had a trade-in involed.I thought i purchased a tahoe Dave told me to take it home because saturadays they couldnt do credit checks,i told them the same thing i dont want to drive this truck around if it isnt mine,same story I got I just have to figure out which bank wants you.4 days later i get the call to bring the truck back.They where trying like crazy to get me into a lesser truck a saturn no less,(no offense to saturn owners)I had to wait for my trade in it was on the truck on the way out,go through all the hasle of insurance changes again,then on top of that they did so many banks I couldnt the car i really wanted because of all the inquiries on my credit report.I ended up going to pine belt of toms river,and there no bit better,they wouldnt fix a truck under warrenty so i gave that truck back to them.they claimed they didnt make enough off of the sale to fix what was wrong with it,that was Moe in sales. russ [email protected]

982f81d8, 2008-08-29, 12:17PM CDT

they just did the same thing to me. the man name was carmine. very nasty,and very disappointed because i already owned a car igot from this place and they treated me like garbage.

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