Pep Boys Store #0375 3415 Grape Road Mishawaka, Indiana 46545 - attempted fraud

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 843518fc

Company: Pep Boys Store #0375 3415 Grape Road Mishawaka, Indiana 46545 - attempted fraud

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Pep Boys Store #0375 3415 Grape Road Mishawaka, Indiana 46545 - attempted fraud

November 28, 2005

Pep Boys Store #0375 3415 Grape Road Mishawaka, Indiana 46545 This past Wednesday, My car, a 2003 Dodge Stratus, slid into a curb while pulling out of my apartment complex. Afterwards, I noticed the front end had a shimmy, so I made an appointment to take the car to Pep Boys #0375 on Grape Road in Mishawaka, Indiana on Saturday the 26th. Within 30 minutes, they determined that my car had a bent lower control arm on the front passenger side, which they could not price for me at that time because the part needed to be ordered from a Dodge dealer. This morning, I called the local Dodge dealer to get a price on the part, which was around $250. With labor, Pep Boys intended to charge me about $425 for this repair. I described to the service advisor at the dealer what had happened to my car and the symptoms, and he responded that there was no way that the control arm could be damaged and could I bring the car in for them to look at it. The Dodge technicians inspected my car and told me that there was NO damage to the control arm (or the front end in general) and that all I needed was a new wheel because it was bent from the collision; total cost of $182. They went on to say that the design of that part is to break, not bend; and that if it was damaged the car would be undrivable. I returned to Pep Boys and confronted them with what the Dodge dealer had reported and what they thought they were doing recommending a totally unneeded repair to me. The Service Manager, Bob, insisted that the dealer was incorrect in their analysis, my car was still damaged and that I "would come back and apologize" to him when I found out that "the dealer was wrong". The Assistant Manager, Brian, basically said that since they didnt actually do any work on my car that they hadnt done anything wrong. When I asked for a name and number for someone above store level to speak with, he refused and told me to go to and fill out a complaint form

there. I called Pep Boys corporate office and spoke to a Customer Relations representative who declared this a non-issue because they didnt do any actual work, and would have someone call me if I wanted. Now, in my eyes, telling a customer they need a totally unneeded $425 repair IS an issue since apparently either Pep Boys is running a repair scam or they have a technician who has no business working there. My belief is the former, rather than the latter; and Pep Boys seems to not care one bit that there was an attempted fraud on this. I have copies of the invoices both both Pep Boys and the dealer if you desire to see them. My car drives just fine now, and Pep Boys has lost a long-time customer. I have also filed complaints with the Indiana Attorney General's office and the local media. My desired response would include an admission of fraud and a written apology from Pep Boys, employment termination of the Service Manager and the technician who inspected my car, and financial punishment/reimbursement for my time and trouble. has my permission to forward a copy of this message to COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74907# Ron

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46a30b7b, 2007-09-21, 09:10AM CDT

I have just recently visted the Pep Boys in question and also had a horrible experience. My car broke down on Sunday Sept. 17, and it is now Friday Sept. 22. I live in Indianapolis, came up for a visit and have missed being home for almost 5 days. Pep Boys could not correctly repair my car, it is now at the dealership having the engine pulled apart. The ineptitude of thier mechanics and technicians is apalling. Not only did they replace parts that did not need repair, they have completely mis-diagnosed my car and gave some B.S. story about how they spoke to the dealership and told me there was a problem with the Immobilizer Security System, which was completely falsified. The Immobilizer won't let the car start at all, P.B. could get it to start but not keep it running. The dealer calls me this morning, and informs me that P.B. has replaced my cam position sensor without any need for that part ot be replaced! Pep Boys will NOT be paid for their services, the dealership is going to put the shoddy work into writing, and all payment on the credit card will be stopped! If you are a Pep Boys employee and you are reading this, you can GO TO HELL!

46a30b7b, 2007-09-21, 09:23AM CDT

I too have had a horrendous experience with the Grape road Pep Boy's. I live in Indianapolis, I came to South Bend to see my family, and my vehicle broke down on Sunday September 17. It is now Friday September 22, and my car is being correctly repaired by Basney Honda. Pep Boy's(from here on they will be PB)could not give me a straight answer on what was going on with my car, they told me it was my V-Tech Solenoid. The yreplace the wrong friggin' part, did extraneous repairs, such as the cam position sensor, and still could not get my vehicle running. They told me it was because of my security system, which was competely false, if that were the case, the car would not start at all! They lied to me about talking to someone at the dealership, they lied about ym car having a bulletin or recall posted on it, they originally had ordered the wrong part, which took 3 days to get in, ordered the "right" part, and it is still not working. Now, the dealership has to pull my engine apart because the part not working is exteremely messed up. I am royally pissed, I have not been home in almost 5 days, I have missed work, and spent $600 that I can't afford to lose. If you work for the Grape road PB, and you are one of the service guys that I had to deal with, you can go to hell! PB will not be paid for their service, I am stopping payment on the credit card as we speak. DO NOT GO TO PEP BOYS!!!!! THIS IS THE SECOND BAD EXPERIENCE THAT I HAVE HAD!!!! These guys are liars, completely without a shred of decency, honesty or integrity. I have complained to the corporate level, and I doubt that I will de dignified with a response. Screw Pep Boys!!!!

3af3a88e, 2007-12-06, 01:23AM CST

Sounds about right for them. I used to work there, and I quit because they had a district manager who was pushing the sale of unneeded parts on people. he asked me to sell an older woman a 30 dollar air filter for her car, and the air filter appeared to be no more than 3 months old. That was my last day working there - I have a little bit more personal integrity than that.

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