2002 Ford Taurus Front Coil Spring

Posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by cadfd51f

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2002 Ford Taurus Front Coil Spring

November 23, 2005

Similar to Malcom K, my 2002 Ford Taurus experienced the exact same issue with the front coil spring fracturing and embedding itself into my front drivers side tire. This is word for word the exact reason there was a recall on the1999 to 2001 Tauruses (Transport Canada Recall Number:2004252).

So far the dealership has done nothing for me as they say there is not a recall on this model year.

Obvioulsy Ford did not fix the issue on the newer models, as this recall came out in 2004.

I now have to go to Ford of Canada and plead my case, even though my life was put in danger and my vehicle and tire was damaged, and Ford was aware of the issue all along...

I guess I am suppossed to believe that this is just a coincidence?

Wonder why Ford is losing it market share to superior Japanese and Korean designed vehicles?


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46816a66, 2008-01-08, 10:22PM CST

Transport Canada investigates such safety complaints: see the following URL for details


I just had the same issue with my 2002 Taurus. I at first believed I had a puncture on a front tire ; however, on removing the tire, I found it sliced all the way around by the broken coil spring.The tire was literally cut in

two separate slices ! Replacement of the $200 winter tire ... along with replacement of the broken coil spring ... was apparently just my bad luck !! At highway speeds the incident could easily lead to loss of steering control. Ford's complaints department gave a bureacratic response that 'no complaint had been received, and hence they could do nothing ... even though, as we see they had already been forced into a recall on the same issue for the '99 - '01 models.

P.S. The sharp end of the broken spring is fixed to the car body. That's why it doesn't just 'puncture' the tire, it slashes it free of the wheel. Hopefully the lawyers and police investigators are looking for this at the next crash scene !

fd0aff0e, 2008-04-25, 03:22PM CDT

My daughter has a 2002 Ford Taurus and just had the exact same thing happen. Thank God she was in her parking lot and not on a highway somewhere. I called the dealer and believe it or not the sales guy said they just had the exact same thing happen to a 2002 Taurus they had on their lot. I emailed Ford and am waiting for a reply.

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