CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES ..Walgreens uses them.

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by d4f038b8

Company: CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES ..Walgreens uses them.

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CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES ..Walgreens uses them.

November 21, 2005

I was at Walgreens at 2:30 this MORNING. (Des Moines, Iowa - Beaver & Douglas location) I needed cough drops/sore throat lozenges as child with bronchitis and needed middle of nite relief and thank god Walgreens open 24 hours :)

I was half asleep of course and grabbed the few items I needed, order total $30.25. Now I am almost 46 yrs old and have written checks since I was 16 yrs old. I have written checks at Walgreens for 30 years now and am in their prescription system since I was a child also and still only deal with them for prescriptions. Of course the clerks on duty knew me as I might come late at nite frequently for things after my children in bed andf hubby home with them at nite. I had my checkbook with me as always which I use for 99.9% of my Walgreens purchases (which is probably at least 5-10 visits per month for 30 years now). Once in a great while, one purchase out of 1000 maybe I use my debit card (money comes from same checking either way). The clerk was stunned and I was VERY UPSET when this CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES SYSTEM (after they ran my check thru) came back at them and said.....They need to ask me for other form of payment. HUH? I said? I said Do you mean they DECLINED for some reason and do they give a reason code or something? Clerk said no...they are not declining or giving any reason for what is happening, they are just saying ASK FOR OTHER FORM PAYMENT. Now....my checking account had an approx. balance at that very moment of over $600.00. I had also just been in 11/17 and wrote 2 checks from same account at this same Walgreens that totalled together approx $150.00 (prescrips/groceries/etc.). I had no problem whatsoever writing those checks...nothing was declined...same checking account etc etc as one they WOULD NOT TAKE this am (11/21). I HAD TO LEAVE MY PURCHASES I NEEDED, DRIVE BACK HOME (ITS 3AM IN MORNING) AND GET MY DEBIT CARD (WHICH UTILIZES SAME CHECKING ACCOUNT) AND DRIVE BACK TO MAKE MY PURCHASE AND TAKE MY PURCHASES HOME. My debit card went through for the purchase fine. They gave me the info at Walgreens that was stated to them by CERTEGY. It states, "The agency listed did not make the decision to decline your check and is unable to provide you with the specific reasons for our decision. then blah blah about my rights and where to call to contact this CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES COMPANY. I just tried 3 times calling them and get placed on a hold and left for noone to help me 15 minutes and more before I give up and hang up never reaching a human at this CERTEGY COMPANY. I will be contacting WALGREENS about what happened to me and their apparent need to find a different check service company to deal with. In town here most places use, EXACT and i think TELECHECK for those service needs and never do I have a problem at those establishments. I do not know how long Walgreens has used CERTEGY but I am sure they did 4 days ago when I wrote 2 checks totalling approx $150 that CERTEGY allowed Walgreens to accept fine. To spend half the nite up dealing with this when I needed to be with a sick child at home enrages me and thats not to mention the costs associated with driving back and forth and utilizing twice the gas in my van to make this Walgreens trip. I am still trying to contact this CERTEGY but will be filing complaints everywhere I can and to whomever I can as they are no company that any good company such as Walgreens should ever utilize. They will chase your customers away as I will be looking into changing all my prescription/shopping needs I fulfilled at Walgreens for 30 years ELSEWHERE now.

Betty in Des Moines, Iowa


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d9319220, 2008-04-15, 11:07PM CDT

I agree with you 100% I think certegy is a big lie and they are only there to steal peoples information. I have tried a couple different places that use certegy to write a check. Once at target and it was denied so I used the debit card out of the same account with no problem. Then at best buy didnt accept the check there either. The only places that accept my checks are places that use telecheck or equifax. It doesnt matter how much money I have in my account Certegy will deny me every time. I also have a friend who owns a multi million dollar company and they denied him too. What a system.

c2d1e73d, 2010-02-17, 10:47AM CST

Not sure if this applies, but these check services monitor activity. If you write an abnormal amount of checks or spend an abnormal amount in a certain time period, they flag the account for possible fraudulent activity. I realize you all are frustrated, but the retailers that use these services are bombarded with fake and stolen checks and cards. In the long run, these services also help victims of ID theft discover that their info is being used. Just something to think about when you are getting mad at your retailer for something that is out of their control.

bfe912db, 2011-02-09, 10:46PM CST

You know thats really cool that walgreens is there. I remember back when I lived there in the 1980's the location for that site was a Hinky Dinky Grocery store.

5bb311a1, 2011-09-14, 02:44AM CDT

Also, some banks like the old National City that use a 9 number account number and of course 9 number routing number can confuse systems. It doesn't help that they reverse the location of each on the check.

63b72ab5, 2012-03-02, 04:02PM CST

I find it funny that certegy claims they dont make a decision to deny your check, but the cashier and even the store manager can not override a certegy decision to deny your check. Also, if you want to write larger checks, there is an "application" for that asks for your address, employer, every phone number you've ever had... It makes no sense and someone needs to get rid of them, NOW!

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