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Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by a7b138ce

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The Mobile Solution

November 21, 2005

This is a letter sent to The Mobile Solution which I have yet to receive a reply. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but really feel I have lost $250.00 through thier scam...

November 4, 2005

Mr. John McEvoy

Founder and Chief Executive

The Mobile Solution

P.O. Box 80517

San Diego, CA 92138-0458

Re: Client #126ssss

Dear Mr. McEvoy:

I am writing in reference to an erroneous charge to my credit card on behalf of your company and the poor customer service received. On May 18, 2005 around closing time for the mall, I visited your location at Landmark Mall, 5801 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA to replace a broken phone provided by my carrier T-Mobile. At the time the phone was totally inoperable and I was unable to use. I stated to your employee William Barksdale that I only wanted to purchase a new phone. Mr. Barksdale assured me that I would only be purchasing a new phone for my current number. Mr. Barksdale mentioned a free phone and I understood by renewing my current contract with the same number, I would be eligible for the free phone deal. I clearly stated to him once again I did not need new service, but just a replacement phone. He stated again I would be eligible for a free phone because I was renewing my current contract with my current phone number. At the time I was pretty distraught, because I had not only broken my phone, but loss all the data stored including contact numbers. When initialing the contract I asked Mr. Barksdale what the number 571-594-0502 meant and he said, “Don’t worry about that number, that is just a procedure, it will not show on your bill”. In my haste and anxiety to get a new phone I signed what I thought was renewal contract for his current number, because I trusted Mr. Barksdale understood what was needed and the number on this contract was nothing to be concerned about. It was only when I received my next bill from T-Mobile that I realized I had been given a new telephone number.

I called T-Mobile and explained to the representative that I had been given a new phone number when I replaced my phone, without my knowledge and without requesting a new number. The new number given was 571-594-0502. T-Mobile apologized to me, cancelled the new phone number for which I did not request and transferred the payment that was credited to this line, to my current number of . They also waived the early termination fee of $250.00, because it was clear to T-Mobile that a mistake was made and I should not have been given a new phone number. The new number showed

no usage for entire time it was in service clearly showing it was not needed nor requested as there is only one phone. I only have one telephone, so my first thought was why would I need two numbers for one phone and this clearly must be a mistake on Mr. Barksdale’s part.

In approximately mid October 2005, I received a letter from The Mobile Solution notifying me of a pending charge of $250.00 for an early termination fee. My wife and I immediately visited the Landmark store where the initial transaction took place and this is where our customer service nightmare begun. The person that helped us, unfortunately, I did not get a name, seemed very distracted and offered no solution. He continually turned his back on us and would never look us in the eye for one reason or another. In frustration we left. The following day I called T-Mobile and was told the early termination fee was waived and no one had authority to charge us an early termination fee but T-Mobile. This did not come to our attention again until my credit card statement arrived and a charge of $250.00 had occurred on behalf of The Mobile Solution.

This is where our customer service nightmare continued. My wife has called Tatiana at The Mobile Solution, the person she was told was in charge of chargeback for the Washington, D.C. area on three different occasions and left detailed messages. She called on the following dates:

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Thursday, November 3, 2005

On Wednesday, November 2, 2005 she inadvertently dialed the incorrect extension of 1211 and a person by the name of Dawn answered. She stated Tatiana had been busy and she was on the phone at the time, but to leave a message and she would return my wife’s call. On Thursday, November 3, 2005 after calling Tatiana again and not getting a response, my wife again called the extension she misdialed (1211) and the message stated that Dawn was the Chargeback Supervisor. She left Dawn a detailed message and have yet to hear from either as of Friday, November 04, 2005.

The letter that stated a $250.00 early termination fee was pending, clearly states if you have any disputes that you are to call extension 1215, which is Tatiana’s extension. My question is to what avail, when no one returns your calls? Calling the customer line is also to no avail, as she stayed on hold for over 20 minutes on the evening of Thursday, November 3, 2005 and finally hung up out of frustration.

We are requesting the charge of $250.00 be reversed immediately on my credit card as a new number was not requested and this is not what William Barksdale explained. I would hate to believe Mr. Barksdale took advantage of a stressful, time restraint (mall was closing) situation for promotional reasons to get a sale and purposely did not explain to me that I was getting a new phone number or perhaps just an honest mistake was made that needs to be corrected. As stated it was understood that the free phone came with the renewal of the contract agreement with T-Mobile with my current phone number. The question still remains, why two numbers and one phone?

I am hoping that this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of our best interest. Though this will be my last resort, as I certainly do not want to cause harm, but simply want a satisfactory resolution; but I will not hesitate to contact T-Mobile’s corporate office and inquire about the “authorized dealers” they have representing their organization, as well as the Better Business Bureau; if this matter is not resolved in a timely manner.

I am asking once again, that I get a return call from a representative of your organization who can correct this error. I can be reached at or my wife, Sylvia, can be reached at .



Cc: Dawn (Chargeback Supervisor)

Tatiana (Washington, D.C. Area Chargeback)

Customer Service Supervisor

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b36d6ff1, 2008-02-07, 09:31PM CST

Call T-Mobile and request a supervisor, only for the fact that you do not want to run up the representatives call times as you know this may take a while; if the representative offers to assist and states it won't be a problem, allow them to. Request they call The Mobile Solution customer service line (the # is (888) 988-8882) they have actually been extremely helpful in cases where I've assisted customers with issues such as this. That would be my best advice for a speedy resolution. You may also call yourself, however I can only attest to their helpfulness when a T-Mobile employee is calling.

b36d6ff1, 2008-02-07, 09:37PM CST

Call T-Mobile and request a supervisor, only for the fact that you do not want to run up the representatives call times as you know this may take a while; if the representative offers to assist and states it won't be a problem, allow them to. Request they call The Mobile Solution customer service line (the # is (888) 988-8882) they have actually been extremely helpful in cases where I've assisted customers with issues such as this. That would be my best advice for a speedy resolution. You may also call yourself, however I can only attest to their helpfulness when a T-Mobile employee is calling.

60924eb0, 2008-03-26, 01:34AM CDT

I am having a similar problem. How has this been resolved?

51e973de, 2008-12-16, 12:35PM CST

I realize you wrote this in 2005, but hopefully someone who currently has this problem will see this: I know this information because my husband and I were both in management positions at this horribly dishonorable company.

There are two types of commission:

1) new activation - commission is 55$, it requires a brand new line on an account or the first number on an account, usually recieves a free phone or an expensive phone for a low cost

2) Upgrade - This is a renewal of a contract, you recieve a small discount on a new phone. The rep only gets paid 10-15 dollars

He could have charged you about 50$ for the free phone your recieved and not opened another line, but then he would have lost around 40$.

You did not get charged back a termination fee. Only T-mobile can do that. When you were signing the t-mobile contract he took an imprint of your credit card and you signed underneath it, it's called the secondary contract. This is stating that if you do cancel the line you will be responsible for returning the phone in the original condition or the card imprinted will be charged $250.00. This is necessary to them because if you cancel the line, T-mobile charged the $250 and The Mobile Solution is out the cost of the phone because they do not get paid by T-mobile

Regardless, The rep was supposed to explain this to you in detail. It is either the rep's fault or his manager who incorrectly trained him so his paycheck would be larger, and I gurantee you he does not work there anymore because employees typically last about 6 months before they get tired of empty promises.

TMS puts ridiculous pressure on these reps to make sales that they are forced to commit fraud to make any sort of paycheck. They pray on young individuals that are too nieve to see through the lies.

I hope this helps Anyone

2d7b4a2b, 2009-01-25, 11:10AM CST

I went through something similar and unfortunately, a charge was placed on my credit report without my knowing.

I opened a line through what I thought was T-mobile at a mall kiosk. After a month of not liking the service, I cancelled the line. After T-mobile told me that I would be charged a $200 cancellation fee, I asked the sales person what I could do in order to avoid this charge. I was told that I would have to finish out the contract and they would reverse the fee. Therefore I served out my two-year contract with T-mobile. After two years, I chose not to remain with T-mobile and switched carriers. A few months later, I was trying to purchase a home and was told that I had a $200 charge from a company called the mobile solution. I had no idea what this was and called the number provided on the credit report. I was told that when I signed up for my t-mobile phone, that I signed two contracts, one for t-mobile and one for them. They stated that although I served out my time with t-mobile, that I still owed them the $200 early termination fee. I asked the guy that if for 2 years I owed them money, why is it that I am just now hearing about it after finishing my contract with T-mobile. I also told him that before anything is put on a person's credit report, that a warning of the action is usually given in the form of a bill. The guy was very rude and I asked if there was someone else I could speak with about this. He said that the only person to talk to was Dawn and that she wouldn't return my phone call. After calling many times and leaving many messages, this Dawn person still has not returned any of my phone calls.

At this point, I feel like they purposely waited for me to finish my term with T-mobile in order to charge me. Had I known that I would have been charged, I would have just paid the early termination fee in the beginning instead of finishing two years with t-mobile. Everything about them is very misleading and I am still in the same position, trying to buy a home and not able to because of a false charge on my credit report. A part of me is saying go ahead and pay it so that I can purchase a home. But another part of me is saing that if I pay it, they will only get away with this with more and more other innocent customers. I just don't have $200 to throw away because a major company feels they have the right to take advantage of others.

be16e9e4, 2009-07-26, 11:40AM CDT

Gosh tho 4 years later going through slighty similar situation. I brought a balckeberry returned it within 14 days and since paid by check never received to return oney. It has been almost 2 years. They say check in mail, the person who sold it to me scamed and was stealing money etc.

Well im going to keep attempting..

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