Hampton Bay track lighting

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2005 at 12:00am CST by d6b569ef

Company: Hampton Bay track lighting

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Hampton Bay track lighting

November 20, 2005

I installed track lighting made by Hampton Bay and sold at Home Depot. The T-connectors (Home Depot code 293172) which I installed on the ends of the main track were improperly assembled at the factory. One side of the track has a ground conductor. The T-connectors have a swivel leg, by swiveling it you should be able to install the T-connector no matter which side of the track the ground is on. Due to improper assembly at the factory, the swivel feature didn't allow aligning with the ground conductor. By completely disassembling the T-connector and reassembling it, I was able to make it work. However, this involves rewiring, which if done incorrectly could cause overheating and fires. I complained to Home Depot, but don't have a response yet. I also learned that Hampton Bay will not deal directly with the customer, instead telling you to go to the store where you bought it. I went

to 2 separate Home Depot stores, all the T-connectors were improperly assembled, and none of the 5 clerks I talked to were aware of the problem or what to do about it.


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bdeebfce, 2010-06-23, 08:19PM CDT

You are absolutely right...I encountered the same problem setting up kitchen lighting last year. Re-wired the T-connector and it worked fine. Then I found your post (after the fact)! I wouldn't expect any store employees to know about or understand this issue in the slightest, but at least it is fixable if you are a technically inclined end-user.

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