Kentucky Fried Chicken

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2005 at 12:00am CST by d4a6e4fa

Company: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Location: FIFE, WA, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

First time we had gone into this KFC restaurant, also the last time. My wife had ordered the Chilli bowl. When it came, it was only about 1/2 full so I took it back and asked to have it filled. I was advised that they don't fill them as a precaution against spillage. I pointed out that it can't spill with a lid on it. Then I was told that that was as full as they are allowed to fill them. Went back to our table with what was purported to be chilli. It was more of a bean and hamburger soup (we only found one bean). The liquid content of the soup exceeded that of minestrone. Two spoonfuls of unidentified stuff and rest liquid. We will go back to Wendy's for chilli, and other "fast" food. KFC no.



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