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November 19, 2005

Vonage charges $39.99 for Free Phone Adapter




I've had Vonage for 2.5 months and have hardly had a good signal since I started service with them. I'm sure the signal is actually the fault of my broadband provider which happens to be Comcast. After 2.5 months, dozens of bad connections where the other party couldn't hear me, multiple service calls from cable technicians I have given up. I called to inform Vonage of my intent to cancel service. The girl I spoke with was Regina and she was very helpful. She told me I was the sixth person she spoke with that night who was cancelling because of Comcast. I asked that the account remain on until the end of the month so I would have enough time to set up a new landline and inform everyone of my upcoming number change. She said this would not be a problem, she would have the service terminated on November 29th. Today (November 18th) when I tried to call my voicemail to change the outgoing message my phone was turned off. I immediately called Vonage and was reconnected with the same girl Regina. I was told that someone there had misinterpreted the cancellation order and terminated my service early. I was also told that once an account is terminated it could not be re-activated, I would have to set up a new account and move the old number to the new account. I would lose all me current voicemails and they would have to charge my credit card for new service and credit it back to me. At first she said it would take a week, then a day then ten minutes to make my number active again. All this took over an hour to complete. She also told me she would credit me for the month of November and not charge me a termination fee (termination fee? I'll discuss this later). About half an hour after I got off the phone with Regina I tried calling my number and received a disconnected recording. I tried again after an hour then an hour and a half. Finally I called Vonage back up to see what the hold up was. The next girl I spoke with was Sonya. Sonya kept telling me that Regina should have told me that they do not do advance cancellations, they are all immediate. I kept telling Sonya that I didn't care whose fault is was at Vonage I just needed someone to take ownership of the problem and have it fixed. Sonya told me it would take up to 24 hours to get my number back working again. I asked Sonya about what had been credited back to my account and she said nothing. She did say that I would be charged a termination fee but I would have a credit of $39.99 good towards future service with Vonage. This was the first I had heard of a Termination Fee. I was on the phone for over 40 minutes with Sonya, most of that was spent on hold. I asked to speak with a supervisor. It took another 15 minutes on hold before I could speak with a supervisor. I told him I wanted to be credited for the month of November because of the problems caused from the disconnection. He told me they couldn't do that but they were giving me free service on the new account until the end of the month. How can that be free, I paid them through the whole month? He told me that after charging me the termination fee of $39.99 I would have a $39.99 credit with Vonage for future service. Now I want to know about this "termination fee", he assured me it was in their Terms Of Service(TOS). So I go back to the Vonage website and look up their TOS. Vonage advertises a "Free Phone Adapter" for anyone that orders service directly through them. Their TOS does mention a termination fee but that the termination fee is waived if you cancel within 30 days and return the equipment with 14 days of the cancellation. If I'm not mistaken isn't that just another way of charging people $39.99 for the "Free Phone Adapter"? Isn't that false and deceptive advertising? After all it's not free if you have to pay for it.

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