Center Point Energy, Houston, Texas

Posted on Sunday, November 20th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by e5edb0c0

Company: Center Point Energy, Houston, Texas

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Center Point Energy, Houston, Texas

November 19, 2005

Just received billing from Center Point Energy, Houston, Texas for gas used in the previous billing cycle. We have a gas Kitchen stove, gas dryer and gas water heater. Our bills normally run during the hot months at about $29.00. Without anything extra, this months billing was for $58.00. Seems we are charged $28.00 for pass through gas prices. WHAT IS WINTER GOING TO BE LIKE????

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cb92c36a, 2008-09-19, 01:00PM CDT

Our power went out last Saturday morning when Ike hit; when I went out to inspect the damage on Sunday afternoon, there were downed, live power lines in my front yard. I had heard on the radio to report any downed power lines that seemed to be an emergency and I did, here it is a week later and no one from Centerpoint energy has even come out to take a look. I called them three times this week and explained to them that at one point the lines were sparking and that there were dried leaves and trees all around it and still nothing. I finally grabbed a rope, handsaw and a wooden pole and cleared the branches, leaves and parts of trees my self and removed the power lines my self. I got tired of calling Centerpoint so I called Reliant Energy directly and explained to them my situation and all they had to say was that I had a bill due on the 18th of this month, I told them that the weren??t getting one cent from me until my power was restored.

cb92c36a, 2008-09-26, 12:56PM CDT

It's me again; I finally had to clear debris my self and pay a certified electrician to come out and hook my power back up after like 2 freakin weeks. Now the telephone company refuses to reconnect my service until the dam power company (Centerpoint) comes out and removes the dam trees and branches off of the line. I contacted Centerpointless and explained to the my situation and like always the couldn't give me any straight forward answers; so when I asked to speak to a manager or someone who was actually going to do something about the matter, they hung up on me. There has got to be someone else available besides Centerpoint here in Houston. If someone knows a different energy provider besides Centerpoint, please let me know by emailing me at [email protected] .

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