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Posted on Saturday, November 19th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 70cc8ae2

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Sprint Rewards Program

November 18, 2005

Sprint discontinued the Sprint Rewards program WITHOUT any NOTICE and forfeited my 97,990 points accumulated over the last fifteen years! I have had Sprint Long Distance since 1990 and over the last fifteen years, I stayed loyal to Sprint simply because of the their rewards program. During the telecom price wars in the 90s when AT&T called and tried to woo, when MCI was willing to give me 5-cents a minute before anyone had heard of such a deal and more recently when Vonage and other internet phone companies offered a far better program, I never bent. And how did Sprint reward this loyal customer?? When I called to plan a trip using my 97,990 Sprint Rewards points, I found out this morning (11/18/05) that Sprint has discontinued the program as of November 3, 2005. I spoke with a Sprints Rewards supervisor, Donna Martin, in the St. Louis office this morning who tells me that a postcard was sent on 5/19/2005 and that my points are gone! No such postcard was ever received. Sprint has been emailing me every month confirming the automatic bill-payment but never in those email was the discontinuance of their rewards program ever mentioned. Would you not think that a company like Sprint call their loyal customers personally OR Sprint customers over a certain rewards point alerting them about the discontinuance of a major rewards program??! I am also looking for other Sprint customers who've also been similarly robbed by Sprint. Additionally, any media outlet, rival telecom PR or lawyer wishing to take this up, please get in touch!


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