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Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by f10e37c1

Product: Alarm Monitoring Service

Company: Protect America, Inc.

Location: 5100 N IH 35 STE B
ROUND ROCK, TX, 78681-2407, US

Category: Unauthorized Charges

November 14, 2005

My letter of complaint and call to action sent to Protect America, Inc. on November 14, 2005: November 14, 2005 CERTIFIED MAIL

Protect America, Inc.

5100 N IH 35 STE B

Round Rock, TX 78681-2407

Attention: K. Lassiter Dear K. Lassiter, Subject: Alarm device return, no installed Service, unauthorized billing on my account, and expectation for immediate action Some time in early July of 2005, I received a call from a representative of your company asking me to try your alarm system: no catch no kidding just try it if you don't like it, send it back. Reluctantly, I agreed to take a look at it, under certain conditions (as described below). If you feel that this is inaccurate, then I suggest you review the recording of the conversation for quality assurance purposes & I am not sure of the exact date, but surely you would, assuming that you exercise good record keeping; if you don't have the date or the recording, no matter – it is a moot issue anyway at this point – the expectation doesn't change either way. The conditions that I accepted a look at this alarm system were: 1) Your company would not send the alarm system before August 2005 2) Under no circumstances would any billing commence until the alarm was received, tested, installed and accepted, confirming that I was satisfied with the device's technical capabilities and compatibility with my wireless router network / intranet & internet. 3) The alarm device MUST be compatible/able to communicate with an [802.11 g] Cisco Systems LINKSYS Wireless-G 2.4 GHz Network Router, and be accessible remotely via the internet and my Wireless LAN for testing & configuring the alarm, otherwise I was not interested. I was then transferred to and spoke with a rather dull tech in order to review the finer technical points (at least I was told he was a technician if he was not, your bad). At any rate, no problem for The Peacekeeper Wireless Alarm. He was wrong. This alarm is dumb as a doornail when it comes to wireless networks too bad & it would have been great if it did what I was told it would do: imagine remotely monitoring your own home along with your alarm company! Bottom line: the alarm system arrived only 3 days after my phone conversation way ahead of my schedule. Then the incessant phone calls to test my alarm [code: we want to bill you, but we really can't do that if your alarm is not even tested and we have nothing to monitor]. These calls came literally daily at all hours from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM I'm not sure how you people get any sleep (not to mention the modeling of the textbook definition of insanity). I initially (and very courteously informed them that the system came way too early, and that I was not ready to test or install it until at least mid-August, and, in fact, if it did not pass MY test, I would not install it at all, I would send it back. Well, I finally checked out this alarm system in my own good time (after all: I didn't ask for this alarm in the first place it was shoved in my mailbox). This is when I discovered that The Peacekeeper(which has given me anything but peace), did not speak to anything but the peripherals included: no ability to talk with an intelligent network no remote monitoring no fun at all.

Now here's where this saga turns really sour: today my wife was the recipient of a very unwelcome, unfriendly and disturbing phone call from one of your representatives . . . apparently, whomever it was that sold me this alarm system. Again, I was never sold on this system. It was shoved in my mailbox”. To continue, she [sales rep] insisted that we were already, and would continue to be billed for a full two years. This is a surprise to me: I was in the process of killing the account that was being drafted – if I were not, and your insanely incessant call squad didn't inform me, you might have actually gotten away with this little underhanded, shall we say, trick it's much nicer than the other words that could be placed there. And for WHAT was I my bank account being debited for over the last 3 months, may I ask? No one authorized any billing to commence for any service received: this system has never been tested, installed or monitored, and you know that this is why your call squad is so busy you and I both know that taking money without asking is not a good thing, and until the alarm is tested, and you know it actually works, that I have verified that it works, accepted the alarm system and the service, you do not have an installed agreement to bill. Not happening people you will stop drafting my account immediately you are put on written notice to do so, the bank will be informed before you get this letter, and will have copy in hand. So, here's the deal: I'm sending your alarm system back in the little white box it came in with all the parts it came with you keep it it was yours when you sent, and yours it remains. What I want is a return of all the money that your company drafted out of my bank account without my permission, knowledge / authorization you get the idea & put the money back from where you found it. Assuming you can do this for me, and silence the call squad, I'll stop it here no major harm done your dime for all the phone calls & your choice. Either way, I expect your response post haste. This letter should reach you by Thursday, November 16, 2005 at the latest. I expect a response by Monday, November 17, 2005 from someone. Depending on that response, I will posture any further action necessary to correct this issue. NOTE: if you are even slightly entertaining the thought that I might be bluffing, know that this is the most serious part of my message. On the pages that follow, I have included some information gathered from others who have had similar experiences for your review & you guys really need to rethink your marketing strategies there. You may reach me by cell phone at (NPA)NXX-DDDD, but only once. Almost Cordially, Yet Quite Seriously Yours, Mark Enclosure (1)



1730 Rhode Island NW, Ste 710

Washington, DC 20036


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