2000 VW Passat

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2000 VW Passat

November 11, 2005

Hi all, "I will not ever buy any Volkswagen, especially from Sunnyvale Volkswagen." I bought a 2000 Passat as a new car and I have oil change every 5000 miles as the handbook said. And here are my problems. 1) Shortly after that the handle of the the driver's door broke. Luckily it is still within 1 year bumper

to bumper warranty. 2) I noticed every 10,000+ miles, some of the malfunction indicators will come up. Although I have

extended warranty, but still cost me $100 every time. 3) last month, when the service advisor look at my car, he said the coolant tank is "contaminated" and

need replaced. They charged me $400 with another sensor replaced. Some of these are not even covered by the extended warranty. 4) Within 2 weeks of last service, I noticed there is no heat. It takes 2 FULL day ($250) for this

professional dealer service to find out it is a thermostat problem. But luckily it is within warranty

this time, but still charge $150 for replacing coolant and deductible. 5) When I am about to get back the car in the 3rd day, they said they found there are dirt which blocks the radiator and claimed they need to replace the radiator and probably not covered by extended warranty. I am just a normal sedan driver, why is there so many problems for a 5-year old $25K when it is new. Either the "Germany design" car has major reliability issue or I was so unlucky to buy a lemon.

My last car is a Honda Civic and the experience with it is MUCH MUCH nicer. Charles Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_50754#

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27329c8b, 2008-07-17, 08:21PM CDT

2004 VW Passat

You are not the only one. I have similar experience with Sunnyvale Volkwagen. At my 50K oil change and maintenance service (car mileage is 48K), the advisor told me the coolant is contaminated and the whole coolant tank and tube needs to be replaced. (I wonder they all used the same scripts) And that cost me several hundreds. Then my engine oil pressure light went off during 56K miles. I found out that the engine oil threshold was empty. How could it be? I doubted they ever filled in the engine oil during oil change service at 50K maintenance. The car is not that old that it started to burn engine oil like crazy yet.

Now for my 60K oil change and maintenance service (actual mileage is 56K, the advisor told me the left front control arm was broken, very serious, need to replace. However it will be covered by extended warranty. On top of that, the serpentine belt started with cracks and that cost $189.95. Brake Pad and Rotor of my rear wheel are worn. The rotor only have 1 mm left and will cost $530.00 to replace. The serpentine belt and brake pad and rotor are not covered by extended warranty. I googled on "serpentine" belt and learned that if there is hairline cracks on the serpentine belt is fine. Then I called back to the advisor to inquire more details of the situation of the serpentine belt for my Passat, first he said there's just cracks. When I said that I learned some cracks is fine and I don't want to replace it, he changed his lines and said there're big cracks. About the brake pad and rotor, I questioned him on why I wasn't inform about the the rear wheel brake pad situation when I was there for 50K maintenance, the rotor would not worn out to only 1 mm. The advisor replied the brake pad and rotor for Passat works differently. everytime the brake pad worn, it also wear out the rotor at the same time. This is the firt time I heard about strange things like this. I find it hard not convincing.

The Advisor also told me that if I do the Brake Pad & rotor changes in my 60K maintenance, the extended warranty will cover a day of rental car for me. I think about it and then told the advisor that I don't want to do the brake pad & rotor change nor the serpentine belt change. I need second opinion. but keep the job for left front control arm. He told me that then they won't be covering the one day rental car while my car is in the garage. Reason being the extended warranty will not cover that because there ain't enough labor hours to justify for one day car rental for customer, plus my Passat is totally drive-able. No risk. So I questioned him if the left front control arm need to be replaced. His answer is yes. I find that he just presented contradicting information. I questioned the honesty of Sunnyvale VW and the worthiness of their extended warranty.

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