Philips FW548C Mini HiFi System, India

Posted on Saturday, November 12th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 19c59e61

Company: Philips FW548C Mini HiFi System, India

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Philips FW548C Mini HiFi System, India

November 11, 2005

This system has a congenital problem: the CD player skips every few minutes. There is a click, the music stops, and then resumes, nothing can be more annoying than music stopping at crucial bits.

One thought Philips makes quality stuff...the reality is different.



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5220765d, 2009-02-04, 01:02PM CST

This system is really hi-fi system . I am totally satisfied with my music system.Its

sound quality is awesome and the bass is really powerful .The person who is careless they don't handle their music system properly.According to me Philips music system is durable and have a long life.The lense of the Philips music sytem is much better than the Sony.

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