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November 10, 2005

Realtor: Burton Associates Real Estate 683 Washington st Dorchester, Mass 02124

Agent: Mac Browdy

Myself and my agent (Melonie Griffth of Champane Associates) in the process of looking for real estate had came upon a property located at 154-157 Howard avenue. I was very impressed with the property and made a formal written offer of $540,000 dollars with $10,000 back for closing cost. The asking price for the house was $559,000. We were told by the agent at that time that they were going to except the next best offer, which was fine with me at the time even though they did not allow me to counter offer. Then after a week or two had went the listing agent Mr. Mac Browdy contacted my agent saying that the other interested party could not get the funding and asked if we were still interested in the property, although I was in the process of trying to purchase another property , I told my agent to let him know I was still interested. The other property was owned by a long time friend and was a little more than I wanted to send, so she allowed me to get out of the deal so that I could focus on the other property. We made the same offer that we had made previously with no change because we figured that since they already knew our offer that this was going to be accepted.The only stipulation being that we were able to close on the 15th of November. He said that this was acceptable to his client, but then that when things started to get shaky. He first asked that need to increase our offer to $560,000 with the same amount going toward closing ,after we agreed to this he then said we had to give him more Ernest money then we had offered ,which was $500 with the offer and $500 when the offer was accepted. He wanted to me to give him a total of $2500 of Ernest money , when my agent questioned him on this he told her the deal was off and he was going with the another offer although he didn't allow my Agent to get a response from me. In conclusion I feel like the agent wasn't dealing with his clients interest at heart and also that he was trying to make another deal while he was suppose to be dealing in good faith with me. In my response to him asking for more Ernest money I don't see how that should have affected our deal because that money can not be touched any way until the deal is completed or I some how back out of the deal without proper reason and he had no cause to believe that because he called me into the deal the second time. I feel like Mr. Browdy was very unprofessional a ethically questionable in his dealings with me and my agent. In an effort to get some clarification. I went to the owner of the reality company and asked and was told by him that because I had not responded fast enough to the question of the Ernest, which was in less than 24 hours time that may have been the reason for calling off the deal, but he did say he would look into the matter and get back to me . He took my information , but I never heard from him about the matter.The owner introduced himself as Mr. Greg Burton along with his wife as a witness to what I had to say. I still would like some clarification on this matter. Professionally Yours.


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