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November 10, 2005

I came to the Bohemia restaurant because it is located close to the airport. I use to love Applebee's but after tonight I will never go there again. I came and asked the greeter was there a long wait. Because my son had a plane to caught. She said no but to check with the person who was seating people. There were two families in front of me and they were seated. OK I'm next and I told him I was a party of five. Because I was in a hurry and needed to get in an out I got out of my car. My husband parked the car and got the kids out. But because my family was not in the building that very minute the young man sat the family behind me not even telling me their so called policy. He sat that family of four and then started to sit the next family after me of four. I could not believe it. He called the manager and the manager Tony was no help. He acted like I was at fault for even stating that I had a flight to catch. The last time I was at this Applebee's the fire alarm kept going off, our order got lost not only once but twice. But because I was there for my son who wanted to spend his birthday there I tried not to mined the wait. Once our meal finally came one of the meals still had not been made. The meal happened to be for my son’s friend so how could I not let his friend eat and still go home. The female manager at the time was very nice and gave us what she said was three free entrees and was only appetizers I should have learned my lesson then. But I learned it tonight and I will never go back again. That happened at the Applebee’s 3870 Veterans Memorial Highway, Bohemia NY 11716

Lisa & Karl

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