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75f431ce, 2007-12-14, 09:32AM CST

I know I've gone to this place like in 3 ocassions and unproffesional skills are seen. But they are lacking also of the basic education, that every human has. This is tremendously a shame not only for the place but for the person who contract this king of persons.. HONESTY IS KEY< AND HERE IS TOLD.

a2d01d84, 2008-01-08, 12:21PM CST

This company has great pricing, but absolutely the worst customer service that I've ever experienced. If you want to get anything done, like reactivate a dormant phone, you can expect to wait hours - literally hours on the phone with a person who barely has a grasp on english.

c6490ffd, 2008-01-20, 11:08PM CST

The customer service with this company is pretty nonexistent. The only really good thing about Metro PCS is not having to deal with their employees. I, however, wouldn't claim someone to be uneducated and sound uneducated myself. Learn how to write in english before you criticize others so terribly.

2c66a59c, 2008-02-13, 09:46AM CST

They are the worst. I went to return a defective cell phone. They were very rude and unprofession. The minute another cellular company has unlimited minutes I am gone. Metro Pcs is the worst.

2ace6530, 2008-02-16, 09:33AM CST

i think whats being said about metro is so rude i actually love metro pcs when i went in to buy a phone they helped me and answered all my questions without attitude so for all the people thats talking bad about metro need to stop if you were treated wrong you should say the persons name and where you were at and not try to blame the whole metro pcs organization

just because one service rep was bad that doesn't mean all of them were and theirs always two sides to a story maybe all of you are just trying to cover yourselves so STOP and be an adult about it and didn't nobody say you had to stay with metro you just decided to

756a7404, 2008-06-12, 02:27PM CDT

My recent experience with MetroPCS really sucks. They told me that I was entitled to a refund after just paying my bill and I had to cut the service off in the next few days. I had to relocate and they don't have service where I moved to. Today they told me it was denied. They just took my 46.00 They aren't going to hear the end of this. I have to get satisfaction somewhere. Who can I call. I keep getting the runaround.

38f2e7e3, 2008-07-16, 01:07PM CDT

Alright now try this, go to and look up all the metro pcs stores in the fort myers area. Guaranteed not one will pick up. So then, does anyone know, with the new thing where you can use any CDMA phone from any cell phone provider, can you use a unlocked CDMA phone NOT owned by a provider but by the company itself? i.e.- HTC Touch Diamond

6e29b214, 2008-07-22, 12:54PM CDT

The customer service sucks. I was going to get metro for my son but after all the disconnections and then not being able to get through to the stores, I decided against it. Oh, and as far as the comment about "not all the reps are bad," you only get one chance to make a first impression. That "one" rep makes the whole company look bad.

cba0ff8e, 2008-10-15, 06:20AM CDT

In my home town we didn't have a METROPCS Store but we did have good signal, so I drove 80 miles to buy a phone. The first thing I noticed was that their customer service was almost non existent. Most of the employees could not speak English. I had one 611 call answered in Spanish. I happen to speak Spanish so I asked her why she was answering the phone in Spanish, she told me it was a Mexican company?! I told her that as long as she was doing business in the US she should attempt to answer in English, she promptly hung up on me.

I helped a friend open a Pak and Mail store in a local shopping center and we had ample room to have a METROPCS storefront. We called the Corporate number in San Francisco a total number of 28 times with absolutely no response over a period of 30 days. Now 9 months later a new METROPCS Store opened in my town. I went in to see who was running it, guess what, all Hispanic. I have dropped my METROPCS in favor of ATT, at least they have customer service, and don't discriminate against gringos.

de26e973, 2008-10-18, 10:49AM CDT

yes, these 'customer service' reps are the most idiotic people on the planet. none can speak clear english, they are rude and make u feel that u are disturbing them. it doesn't do any good to report them, coz, corporate doesn't care. and what i hate the MOST is when u call and one of the first things you hear is the amount of your bill and when it's due (just as a reminder). dammit, i know when my bill is due and how much!! Metro PCS does have it's benefits to the consumers, but, their help department is truly, truly lacking in basic human skills.

a385bc09, 2009-02-02, 02:56AM CST

In So Cal, the service is spotty, calls are dropped and customer service is nonexistent. You have to go through a phone tree to get to a customer service rep, and by the time you get one on the phone they hang up on you 4 out of 5 times. Stay away- not worth it. Metro PCS- Limit yourself to 50 minutes of usage because all other calls a dropped or outside the coverage area.

99cab71d, 2011-08-31, 05:26PM CDT

On Monday August 22, 2011, I paid my phone bill via my bank's online bill payment option, my phone bill was due on august 27th. On the due date i got a text message that my phone was going to be disconnected if i did not pay my bill, I immediately called the 1800 number, which by the way, is a foreign country i explaining to them that i paid my bill days in advance and i was notified that my services was to be disconnected, he told me to get to the nearest Metro Store, i said we are having a storm and all businesses are closed, he said sorry maam there is nothing we can do. I called back frantically several times, spoke to several persons, all of them asking me the same stupid questions like, when last was your phone cut off, when was the last time you pay your bill, and telling me you have to go back to the nearest Store.

Today is August 31, 2011, 7:04 pm and i still dont have my phone back on, my bank said they mailed the check 8/23/2011, the next day after i posted the transaction in my account.

I went to the Trenton NJ branch located at 1024 south Broad Street, this morning and Monday from 9am trying to get help and the so-call supervisor did everything possible not to deal with my situation, i spent an hour exactly to no redress, while her co-worker stood they laughing because he sees that she was avioding me.

What kind of a company is this, i have other services in the past and never had this kind of a service, NEVER. There is no immediate person to talk to you just have to take whatever service they give you.

d715d55d, 2012-02-11, 11:12AM CST

I had to exchange a phone, which was insured, because it would not boot up. That was an 8-day nightmare in itself. The girl was talking on the phone to her boyfriend, and not very discretely, laughing, etc., completey inoring me and the fact that there were about 10 people in line behind me. I finally got her attention and asked for her manager. This guy was probably just out of high school and had no idea how to exchange my phone. He had to call the home office for instructions. When I brought up the grl's lack of customer service, all he said was, "You know you're not supposed to be rud." Then he laughed. Outrageous!

John B., 2012-04-29, 07:54AM CDT

For over a week I argued, begged & pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored.

Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in hours.You do the math. Corporate email, fax number, phone number and my complaint letter is at

Pass the link along

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