2000 Jeep Cherokee - Misfire problem solved

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 45b7021e

Company: 2000 Jeep Cherokee - Misfire problem solved

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2000 Jeep Cherokee - Misfire problem solved

Mine really isn't a complaint. I noticed on the website that one lady was complaining about her Jeep Cherokee misfiring and they did not know why. I had the same problem with my Jeep. Cylinder 4 was misfiring and then it went into limp mode and it was undrivable. Before we took it to the mechanic, we decided to try and figure out what was wrong. This is what we did: -cleaned the injectors

-cleaned the fuel rail

-checked the fuel filter pressure

-changed the coil pack Nothing seemed to work. Next we decided to do a cylinder compression check and then my boyfriend cleaned carbon build-up out of cylinder 4. Everything seemed to be working as it should be, however the jeep was still throwing a "cylinder 4 misfire" code. In the course of checking the cylinder compression, my boyfriend busted a spark plug and sent me out to get 2 new ones (he asked for 3 just in case). He then put a new plug in #4, and took the plug from #4 (the one that was misfiring) and put it in #3. Lo and behold, the Jeep threw a NEW code showing cylinder 3 was now misfiring. The plug from #4 was bad due to all the carbon that was in that cylinder. The jeep was still in limping mode so they disconnected the battery to reset the engine. Fingers crossed, I was able to drive my Jeep to work this

morning without incident and she drives better than she did before. I am hoping that this helps some people out there who may have the same problem with their cherokees. If we did not test every little thing that it could have been and just sent it to the mechanic, I would've sunk a few thousand dollars in parts that the truck didn't need, only to find out that it was a bum spark plug and a dirty cylinder (which I doubt they would've told us).

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f364018d, 2008-05-28, 09:33AM CDT

I have had the exact same problem with my 2001 Cherokee. 6 sets of plugs and a coil pack later I am having the same problem. I'm now having the head removed and remachined to create a better seal. I've been told by many that the head of the block does not create a good seal and burns a rich mixture which creates the carbon buildup. Judging by the frequency of this same problem on various Jeep products I would expect Jeep to have a formal recall. I've now spent over $5000

in repairs to address this recurring problem.... Anyone else???

4ec13244, 2009-10-17, 10:18PM CDT

I bought a 98 cherokee laredo in the end of june. Ran great til about august. It would mis fire and bog out driving it. I feel like we replaced everything...Then we just brought it in. After a week of testing codes, the mechanic replaced the o2 heater sensor. We moved to ohio 3 days later, made it down, then it was acting up again. After the 400.00 o2 sens, just found out its the computer. When it misfires they check the ignition, plugs and wires, then worse case senario...the computer. Mechanic says this is becoming more and more of an issue with jeeps....WATCH OUT

4458bc6f, 2011-04-06, 08:39PM CDT

I thankyou for putting this online. My beloved cherokee started with 5th cylinder misfire. It has not resolved and your idea's will save my dogs transportation to the woods. They are both older and shed like crazy and it is their only mode of transpotation, Thankyou again,Will try switching injectors and all of the above.Cynthia

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