Installation of Shaw Carpet !!!!!!!!

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Company: Installation of Shaw Carpet !!!!!!!!

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Installation of Shaw Carpet !!!!!!!!

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing you in regards to a problem we have been having now for a few months. We purchased carpet from you for our living room, dining room, hall and kitchen back in September. We had some problems at the time with the installers, but you were very good and helped make things right. We were over all very satisfied and decided to carpet our family room a few months later. One of the big selling points your salesman sold us on was if there was a problem at all we would deal directly with Empire and would not get a run around.

Well, that was far from the truth as we did experience a problem in the living room carpet and we were bounced from person to person and finally we were told we had to deal directly with the manufacturer, Shaw, as the carpet we purchased was a guaranteed item and we developed spots mostly from the front door to the kitchen but they were very discolored and almost a brown color and being our carpet is a shade of blue it is very, very obvious. Shaw then informed us that we were not to deal with them but had to deal with you and so my husband made another detailed phone call and this time they gave us to another gentleman to handle it, and we have not heard anything back in at least a couple months.

They sent a gentleman out to check the carpet and they then claimed it was from fertilizer being carried in on shoes but no one could give us a solution and we find it hard to believe as there are several other areas now that are showing discoloration. We had our previous carpet for almost 17 years and never a problem like this, and we have done nothing different. This carpet is just not living up to the salemans commitment. It has lost its vibrant color and has seemed to mat down especially in traffic areas and we are noticing more and more spots of discoloration all the time. It is very discouraging as we spent good money for this carpet and waited a long time to get it, and it looks terrible for being so new. We are very happy with our family room carpet and our kitchen carpet and have recommended you to several of our friends.

I really am disappointed in your lack of communication. When we had the second salesman out for our purchase of family room carpet he told us the carpet we had in our living room, dining room and hall was not Empire carpet. That sure made us feel good, as we told him, we had just a short time before, had it installed and he said it had already been discontinued. We are having a very hard time understanding what it going on and would greatly appreciate a prompt response back from someone. If you check your records you will see the run around we have been given and the phone calls we have made with no satifaction. I do plan to contact the Better Business Bureau if this matter is not promptly resolved. You do an awful lot of advertising not to stand behind your company. Thank you for your time and I truly hope to hear from you very soon. Enclosed is some information I hope you will find helpful.

The original order # D128527. We talked to Jeff Dunn first and he told us we had to call Shaw, which we did and talked to Alisha Web 3/1/05. She sent an e-mail saying we were pointed in the wrong direction that Empire must file a claim with Shaw. I have a copy of that e-mail I would be happy to send you a copy of. Then when calling back they told us we needed to talk to Tyrone Beayty, National Claims Supervisor whom we left messages with and never recieved a follow up call. This has gone on much to long and we would appreciate your immediate attention and a respond back. We paid our bill on that carpet installation promptly when due and are planning on sending our payment for the installation of family room carpet this week.

I feel we have fulfilled our comittment completely and are owed an explanation and follow up. I contacted our lawn service, explained what was said about it being fertilizer tracked on the carpet and they have never had this complaint nor heard of such a problem. As I told you earlier we have had this same company for several years now and never, ever had a problem in the past. Please follow up on this as soon as possible. If there is any further information you need, feel free to contact us.



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a9e59feb, 2008-11-10, 09:30PM CST

I am also having problems with Shaw carpets. Three different vacuums have left burn marks on my brand new carpet. Shaw says that the vacuum is being left on the carpet for too long or that there are problems with the vacuum. I have carpet in 4 other rooms in my home and there has never been a problem with my vacuuming technique or any of my vacuums.

P.S. When the carpet was installed, the installer burned the rug with their vacuum as well.

791803ec, 2009-06-28, 12:15PM CDT

This is good to know as I was about to purchase carpet from a Shaw dealer. I guess I need to do more homework.

4a89084b, 2010-10-18, 10:52AM CDT

Had trouble with lines in the first carpet we had layed in three rooms. Finally got it replaced but my main concern is the following: shortly after this carpet was layed our two dogs started developing severe skin allergies. At first we were suspicious of the carpet since it was the only thing that was changed in their routine. Took them to the vet and have tried everything including putting them on gluten free diets. One dog is a chihuahua and the other is a german shepherd. Needless to say at $50 a bag it was getting quite expensive, especially when adding medications to this. Then my son went on vacation and we "babysat" his two dogs which have never had allergies and quess what, they developed the same symptoms while here: hair loss, scratching, biting, etc. We have watched these dogs before and never had any trouble and the only thing new since last time is the carpet. If anyone else has had this trouble please reply on here. I'm sure I won't be able to prove anything but I can say that it will be a whole lot less expensive to replace my carpet with another brand than to treat this allergy in my dogs, not to mention the discomfort and suffering they are going through. So pet owners beware! ! !

5e006d8e, 2011-08-29, 11:44AM CDT

shaw said we should use suction only vacuum. can't find. at carpet rug institute.

our carpet cose us$4000.00 and never did stand up they said that was because it was in a big roll so long and was ok. it is still crushedd and has rows in it. after 9months.they said that tihis normaland they are not resposible.

our old carpet was 25yrs. old wish we had it back. we were told that this was the best carpet . another dealer looked at it and said don't buy from shaw anymore . warranty is worthless.

mrbro[email protected] 8-2011

Roger f., 2013-03-01, 12:00PM CST

we had a home built and we moved in just a little over 5 months ago the builder installed Shaw carpet which we thought was good it has the scotch guard on it already and we also put down a 6# pad I have vacumed the traffic areas daily as recommended and all the home at least weekly,it has some lines showing up on it now and is starting to mat down and look old where we walk to the bedroom and all the traffic areas, even being well maintained so after a short time I find this unacceptable and a waste of money buying shaw carpet,I would recommend to anyone looking to buy carpet look at other brands

M F., 2014-01-14, 09:47AM CST

So, since the first complaint above, in 2005, until the present time there has been no improvement in the quality of carpet or the attention to the complaints of the consumers who made the grave mistake of buying Shaw carpet. Apparently Shaw has carpet inspectors on retainer as they have to send them everywhere to prove that the consumer is at fault when trying to enforce their warranty. I recently had a similar experience. I got three bedrooms and living room/dining room of Shaw carpet, with that famous (infamous?) ten year wear warranty. I vacuumed several times a week and have had it professionally steam cleaned twice in less than two years. I see the matting, flattening, dirty appearance everywhere where anyone has set foot. I also think I have been vacuuming up more than dirt: it looks like carpet fibers are coming up as well. I have to say it looks just fabulous under the coffee table and near the baseboards. When my second carpet cleaner thought the carpet was six or seven years old, I thought he was joking. He wasn't. He asked me how long the warranty was supposed to be. He suggested that I might get the carpet replaced, and that's when I began this sham of warranty claims with Shaw. They sent a "floor detective" out who said the carpet had been improperly cleaned and that the dirt in the traffic areas was due to soil transfer and soap residue, etc. Also suggested was "aggressive grooming with a carpet groomer" to "temporarily restore carpet height." He would like me to rake my carpet as well as vacuum it. I haven't seen a carpet rake since I had shag carpeting in 1970.

I have made a complaint to the flooring company where I bought it, to the company itself in Georgia, to the Better Business Bureau in the area where they are situated, and on several websites. I have given a very negative review on, where I found over 75 other complaints very similar in nature to these and mine. Shaw blames the customer in every case and they have an army of inspectors on payroll to back them up.

I think the only thing that will make them change their behavior is if all the people who have been harmed by their shoddy product speak out. I wish there were a class action lawsuit to join, but since there isn't, spreading the word is one way to keep other people from making the same mistake in the future. I wish I'd read the complaints before buying Shaw carpet.

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