Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by de4dba62

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i won my auction and paid within 2 days the seller then told me (via email that i have) that as soon as it was in stock at his store he would ship it out he thought that would be after the weekend ( in the auction it did not state that the seller would be recieving it via a third party) so i called the seller he then said that i would be provided a tracking number as soon as he shipped it...

well no tracking number and no answering his phone anymore either.... i am aware that this has not been long (thats why i will not leave negitive feed back yet) but i want to suspend payment to the

seller until i have proof the item is in the mail...

i have heard too may horror stories about buyers not being protected from this sort of thing on

ebay...and when i use paypal i would expect my security to be heightened...well not if the maximum refund is $175 usd??? what is that??? are you guys encouraging small auctions??? why would you not protect the people that keep you in bussiness??

any ways if i dont recive any more info i will be persuing this matter in any and every way that i can...including reports to authoritys, bbb, complaint web sites and i will be a crusader in the fight against ebay update its been 4months and nothing

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