Mcdonalds - tucson az silverbell / grant

Posted on Saturday, May 28th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 4a58826a

Company: Mcdonalds - tucson az silverbell / grant

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not only do they charge you a $0.75 fee to use your debit card, the food is disgusting- I ordered a 10 pack of nuggets and fries - the fries were old , crunchy and gross and the nuggets were hard, dried out and had crunchy edges !!!!

I have not eaten at a McDonald in a long time and now i remember why- for a multi billion dollar business - you would think they would care about taste a little .



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3a218f31, 2008-05-22, 03:59PM CDT

I happen to work at this McDonald's and I happen to think the conditions there have improved quite a bit. I find your complaint offensive and even insulting as far as my work ability goes.

b2fb2ae7, 2009-12-10, 04:07PM CST

The only reason you are complaining is

because they charged you a $0.75 fee to

use yoru ATM card. And because the

amount upset you is when you decided to

retaliate and fabricate a story about

the beverages being distastful

Jim B., 2013-06-06, 10:07AM CDT

Stop eating at Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is for children so if you're 20 something or older... go to an adult restaurant. Have a problem with .75 fee, use cash.

steve e., 2014-01-14, 08:18PM CST

N0o big deal, I find the food just like any other MacDonald. But, I went in tonight and ordered 5 double burgers off of the 1.00 menu and figured it woud be 5 bucks plus tax. About 1.08 each. Well the girl charged me 6.43 and when I brought it to her attention she got real nervous. I could tell she was new the way the others were giving her instructions. Well, if she would have just told me she was new and couldn't afford a screw up because the manager was there, I would have just told herr to either keep it or throw something else in to make it right. But she ignored mr ands I got the impression she was an burrying her head in the sand. Well that anoyed me so I brought it back up and she then told me they were a 1.19 each plus tax. Is that a dollar item?

steve e., 2014-01-14, 09:49PM CST

I guess I owe the new girl at the Ironwood hill M cdonalds(Silverbell and Grant)an appology. SHE WAS CORRECT. i GUESS MY JUDGEMENT WAS LOsT because I was trying to not get her checked by he boss. Anyway, It's all good, she was correct and I apologize, SHE WAS CORRECT AND i WAS INCORRECT. i SUPPOSE THERE HAS RECENTLY BEEN CHANGES TO THE DOLLAR MENUE AT ALL FRACHISES. i FELT SORRY FOR HER BUT MY JUDGMENT WAS MISPLACED,sorry!!!!!!!

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