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Ford Customer Service

Well I know I'm not the first, and definately not the last to complain about Ford Customer Service.... Here is a copy of the only correspondance I had sent to Ford, and their "dodge the bullet" response ( I have no clue how they feel that telling me about their server is relevant to the issue! lol)

-----Original Message----- From: Matt

Sent: 5/24/2005 08:42:09 PM

To: ;


Subject: 1997 Ford F-150 Cc: Ducharme Motors Bonnyville (COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74560#



Good evening, I own a 1997 Ford F-150 (VIN 2FTDF1721VCA71690), with low mileage and in excellent physical condition. I am currently experiencing issues with an antifreeze leak from the timing chain cover..... a leak which was covered by a Ford recall (99B29). However, after calling Ford, they have assumed the "to bad, so sad" demeanour that Ford is becoming well known by. Their excuse for not covering my truck is that it's manufacturing date misses the recall dates specified by a matter of weeks, and the vehicles made on the day mine was were not problematic. Well, here I am, frustrated really at this point. I am only 16 and this is my first vehicle (our family has owned generations of Ford vehicles), so it was natural that I bought a Ford. The repairs are going to be quite costly for me, and I feel that if Ford knows there is a problem with the covers, why aren't they adequately fixing them? I have done some research into the issue and have found site after site where lemon reports have been posted due to the issue in question. Everyone with the same problem seems to be getting shafted as well. And after my parents spoke to a rep. from Ford Canada today, who was extremely rude and refused to allow them to speak with a supervisor, I am questioning my decision to purchase a Ford vehicle. So here is my solution. In writing this email I hope to open Ford's eyes to the issue at hand. I am expecting a response from Ford within 48 hours where in they will appropriately deal with the issue, and offer some form of solution to the problem with my truck. I will not accept no for an answer in this issue. If they do not do so, however, I plan to tow my disabled truck into the town of Bonnyville, where I reside, and park it in a high traffic area near the local Ford dealership (Ducharme Motors), with large signs on it advising people to stay away from Ford vehicles. If the problem is not resolved, and I result to doing this, I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on the dealership itself, but on the products they are selling. I do so in hopes that any business loss incurred as a result of my advertising will push the dealership towards encouraging Ford to settle the problem. Along with this, I would also be willing to visit the numerous oil companies (with large fleets of vehicles) and discourage them from purchasing Ford vehicles. I can assure Ford that if I am forced to resort to putting my vehicle on "display", that it would be a definate attention grabber, and would not portray a positive image for

Ford vehicles.

So, I feel that it would be in the best interest of the Ford Motor Company to address the issue appropriately and fix my truck. Any correspondance on the matter will also be forwarded to Ducharme Motors in Bonnyville, so that they can recognize the problem that will arise if their supplier does not deal with the issue. I look forward to immediate response. Sincerely, MATT

----- FORD'S FIRST RESPONSE 26 May 2005 12:38:11 -0400


To: Matt

Subject: Ford of Canada - En

Dear Mr. Lapointe, Thank you for contacting the Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Centre. We received your message sent on 5/24/2005 regarding the length of your e-mail. As our internal server is not equipped to handle incoming messages of more than 2000 characters, and due to the prevalence of computer viruses, Ford of Canada has adopted a policy of not opening any e-mail attachments received from external sources, there are two other methods you may choose to contact Ford of Canada's Customer Relationship Centre. We invite you to send a hard copy of your letter to the following address: Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited

P.O. Box 2000

The Canadian Road

Oakville, Ontario

L6J 5E4 Should you prefer to provide this information over the phone, you may call us toll free at 1-800-565-3673 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Hearing impaired callers with access to TDD may reach us by calling 1-800-232- 5952. Mr. Lapointe, if you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them. Thank you for contacting Ford of Canada. Sincerely,


Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Centre




To: Matt

Subject: Ford of Canada - En Dear Mr. Lapointe, Thank you for contacting the Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Centre. We received your message sent on 5/24/2005 regarding the concern with your 1997 Ford F150. As previously communicated to you on 05/25/2005, we feel that every consideration has been given to this matter and was appropriately addressed in our prior response. Based on the information you have provided, our decision remains the same. If any new information regarding this matter should become

available in the future, please let us know. However, at this time, this will be our last written communication to you regarding this concern. Mr. Lapointe, we welcome you to contact us again should new information become available, or if you have a different issue or inquiry you would like to address. Thank you for contacting Ford of Canada. Sincerely,


Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Centre

Matt Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_43949# Consumer


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53e7569c, 2007-10-09, 05:53PM CDT

I know how you fell Matt. It is two years later and Ford customer service is blowing me off with just about the same line of crap. Like you I am part of a family that owns nothing but Fords. I am very disappointed on how they handle their upset customers. I have purchashed some "piss on Courtesy Ford" stickers for my vehicles. My family also have old John Deere tractors that we ride in local parades. I have made up some posters to put on my tractor to let people know how I was treated. I will not buy another Ford. I don't plan on getting rid of the one I have now. But I will not buy another part from a Ford Dearership. I have posted my reply from Ford Below. It is almost exactly like yours except the names and dates...

Dear Cristy,

As previously communicated to you on October 8, 2007, we feel that every

consideration has been given to this matter, and it was appropriately addressed

in our response. Based on the information you have provided, our decision

remains the same.



Customer Relationship Center

Ford Motor Company

NOTE: Matts complaint is in 2005, Mine is 2007. Also Matts is in Canada and mine is in the United States.

52629ccf, 2007-11-30, 09:14PM CST


Might I inquire what your complaint was about. I may be able to assist. That correspondence appears familiar, and I believe that part of Ford is located in Manilla, not in the US. I have a contact in Ford that may be able to help depending on the problem. If you want email me at [email protected]

5e097078, 2008-07-07, 03:42AM CDT

I feel your frustration guys.

I recently purchased a car from Jeff Wignall Ford in Frankston, Melbourne from a gentleman by the name of Christian Delange.

The level of customer service at Jeff Wignall Ford when purchasing the car was excellent but post purchase customer service at Jeff Wignall Ford was a nightmare.

After that cheque has cleared, they don't want to know you.

I'm still waiting for some final papers to be sent to me by Christain Delange, who promised to send them the very next day after purchase... yeah right... still waiting mate...

I've called in and emailed over 20 times and after ridiculous amounts of requests to have Christian Delange return my phone calls, and after ridiculous amounts of reassurances from both the receptionist and numerous managers that Christian Delange would return my phone calls, I'm still waiting to hear from Christian Delange.

Word of advice ladies and gentleman, steer clear of Jeff Wignall Ford and save yourself the headache!

P.S. I was once a Ford employee myself, and hold no animosity towards Ford in general, just Jeff Wignall Ford and its associates (specifically Christian Delange), which in my opinion is of no asset to the Ford Company brand name.

688acbeb, 2008-08-01, 03:06PM CDT

Fords Most Awesome Service - NOT!!!

I have an F250 that had a noise coming from the transmission which I wanted fixed, warranty. Their, Skaha Ford Penticton, BC, Transmission 'specialist' took my truck for a test drive and came back and said it was 'road noise'. I have mechanical background and said no its mechanical and I KNOW the difference between road noise and mechanical noises. Paid my service bill and 'road test' bill had to book another appt. Second Appt I took out a mechanic and showed him the 'road noise' which he said no thats mechanical, torque converter. When we got back to the shop the mechanic told them torque converter and afterwards the frontdesk guy and I got into a heated argument from them calling me stupid. Booked another apptment for which I thought was going to be a repair but it turned out to be ANOTHER roadtest with the transmission pro... This is now the 3rd visit and will require a fouthth(4th) visit to ACTUALLY have the repairs done.


They will get you to keep coming back multiple times for simple fixes. Is this JUST ME??? NO. while I was there AT the dealership another gent was there who this was his SECOND visit. He was telling the front desk that he was there for them to fix the rattle from the exhaust or whatever was making the rattle, because the 'ROADTEST' mechanic couldn't find the problem and was 'roadnoise'!!!!! He took out the mechanic to show him the noise and when they got back, guess what!!! BOOKED ANOTHER APPT TO HAVE THE NOISE FIXED... THIRD VISIT. for what is likely a loose exhaust hanger or something. AND for which BTW they charge you a minimum shop fee and/or roat test fee when you have the touch your vehicle.

THIS IS HOW THE DEALERSHIPS ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE INTO ONGOING REPAIRS. I for one will never darken their doors again nor will I buy a Ford product.

SO beware


f9f1bacd, 2008-10-21, 12:16PM CDT

i also haave an issue with Ford! im a 21 year old female who went into a dealership and was played as a fool! i thought for my first car id spend the money to get something good and reliable.. boy was i wrong, i pruchased a 2007 ford focus... WELL talk about problems, im dealing with my 8TH!!! trunk leak right now and they keep saying they dont know why but there is nothing they can do but keep bringing it in and holding it for a week or so till its dry.. not impressed. i live in vancouver so everytime it rains first thing in the morning i have to go outside and TOWEL dry my car!! how pathetic is that! as well i have needed my entire car re-carpeted due to my shifter tunnel causing major ripping. i can promise that im taking this issue to the head office, becuase im just about ready to drive this car into the nearest lake and just walk away!!

89e32f77, 2008-11-15, 04:22AM CST

My first experience with ford India has been very bad. I am indeed regretting why I ever decided to go for Ford as all my communication to address to the issue has been falling on deaf ears without any response. There has been one response related to the least imp issue and no mention to the major issue

de345dee, 2008-12-02, 01:16PM CST

I have read several of these and even though they are old I want to share my issue. Some may say its petty but I feel cheated. I have had my car for just over 3 years and love it. I have the Freestyle. Yesterday it would not start. After a few attempts we got it going and drove it to the nearest Ford dealer. I have been told today that my software needed an update and it was not covered. Well not for nothing but when Microsoft requires an update to their software which you purchased they give it to you for free. But if you want the newest version you have to pay for it. Well I was not looking for a new version of the car just the Ford Required Update for the car to run!!! THEY DID NOT EVEN SEND ME A NOTICE THAT THE SOFTWARE NEEDED TO BE UPDATED! I called the CS and got nothing. All they could tell me is 'whatever the dealership say is all we can do" I asked if I could file a complaint with the Company and they no only to the dealer! The dealer is not my problem. so at Christmas time I have to put more money into the car above and beyond what I PAID for it just to get an update to the software!!!!

aa8a233b, 2009-06-30, 03:23PM CDT

I am the victim of fraud and FORD's legal firm doesn't even care to look at the evidence. I have sent them police reports, a criminal record of the person who used my information, investigations and more. FORD's legal team shows very little care for what's right and wrong but rather just collecting money regardless of the circumstances. I am very disappointed in their desire to punish me to this extent without at least a glance at my evidence. BE CAREFUL. FORD don't care.

3db567bc, 2009-10-08, 04:23PM CDT

Ford of Canada refuses to paint my rust bucket of a truck that is a 2007 ranger!! What a fucking joke this company is!! I will be buying a CHEVY the next time. Screw you ford and I hope you all become jobless!!!

afc43319, 2009-11-05, 04:56PM CST

Hi all my comment is that ford value drops so fast I bought a 2009 ford Taurus. I wanted to trade it I paid 25,000 Just in 7/20/09 on 10/27/09 I was told by same ford dealer that they will give me 16,000 at the time I had 3,000 miles I show them the blue book it said 19,400. The car was in Excellent shape, When I contacted Ford customer relations. I was told they had nothing to do with what the Dealers do. How could the value drop so fast.I kept getting the same person her name was lynn. There is no way to get Mr. Alan Mulally he better look out Ford will go the way of GM. Last ford for me.

6e0e537a, 2009-12-01, 10:21PM CST

Our complaint is with a dealership whom made a financing mistake and is unwilling to fix the problem.Coastal Ford (Burnaby.B.C.)sold us a 2009 Lincoln MKX with payments of $345.14 a MONTH . Now after 8 monthly payments they want $345.14 bi-weekly. The contract clearly states a monthly payment NOT biweekly. We,after buying Ford products for well over 15 years will NEVER purchase a Ford product again and we are going to the media to tell our story so others will not fall to the fraudulent acts of Ford Dealerships as this one did !

e1aee4d0, 2010-02-02, 02:05PM CST

I wa sat the Ford dealership just 5 days ago. after all the bailout, and trouble ford has had in the past nothing has changed. they still use cheap parts and scam people. while I was waiting for an estimate I got to talking with a woman who was on her 10th visit for the same thing you mentioned... they kept trying to fix it and kept giving her appointments she said... Ialso will no longer buy Ford Products.

09bd4d10, 2010-03-15, 10:59AM CDT

I too was foolish enough to buy a ford product. A ford focus from Santa fe Ford in Alachua Florida. Please do your self a favor and stay away from these liars and theives. I was double foolish and bought an extended warranty that turned out to be worthless and short of taking them to small claims court, we the american consumer has no recourse.NEVER BUY FORD PRODUCTS.

09aca7af, 2010-04-07, 09:36PM CDT

I own a 2005 Sable w/48,926 miles on it purchased new. On April 3, 2010 without any warning my car started to slow down & would not excelerate. I towed it in to the Mercury dealer I purchased it from, I was told it is the torque converter & I need a new transmission that would cost me $4000.00 or for $1500.00 I can have it pulled apart to to repair. I have always taken care of my vehicles & how does a barely driven car have such a major problem. This situation is just unbelievable to most people I tell about it. My husband says to just let it go...but I think that's the problem with these Auto Makers we just take what ever the decide they want to do or say to us as consumers. No one is willing to listen until it becomes a DEADLY SITUATION. Well I'm going to kick & scream until someone listens.

675672bb, 2010-04-09, 02:56PM CDT

had some lousy service today and tried to let ford canada know but was unable to contact a customer service rep because the whole process is difficult and complaint must not exceed 1000 characters. bull shit. will be getting rid of my 2010 fusion as soon as i can... >=(

dfd3239f, 2010-05-06, 12:52PM CDT

I have a fleet of fords and i have had nothing but problems with them, i even had the new ford mustang when problems arose on it they didn't want to stand behind warranty issues either i sold it and bought a dodge with no problems. Ford 6.0 diesel is the biggest consumer scam motor ever put into a truck and i know they don't stand behind that either the consumers are eating the repair bills payments,down time in the shop how does any business make money with these trucks would suprize me.My 04 diesel has been in the shop 29 times and alot of that i had to pay out of pocket because ford doesn't stand behind there product. You can bet that the CEO and the Big wigs are living the high life in there million dollar homes and letting these poor low paid customer service phone tech take all the heat spine less i say spine less!!!!

41c41952, 2010-07-12, 02:25PM CDT

dear sir thank u for letting my dau drive some of your new cars she purchased a honda accord she told me the fords where nothing but junk she is working and i had nothing to do with her decision she is 26

8e6928c0, 2010-08-22, 10:05AM CDT

Ford service is suck-ass.

ford has failed at every turn and I will never buy a car from them.

1. got my wife a new 2008 milan she loved it, car developed a leak inside the car when the A/C was running. ford fix for it after many trips and arguements was to reduce the refrigerant to cut down on the condensation. leak fixed, but now the A/C takes an hour to even start cooling. M-F-ers I sold the car GONE. 2006 fi50 they tried to sell me a set of 20 in tires that were 4 years old according to date stamp looked like they had about 15000 mile on them, took day to get new tires put on.

3. 2006 f150 developes a promblem with the radio blows a fuse. took it in to ozark ford and the guy says the computer had been accessed causing a corruption and said who ever put the 20 in tires must have done it calibrating the speedo. ford was the only one to touch it at 14000 mile

3. Now the f150 at 40000 mile has a trouble code of p0605 which is a memory read error dealer says it needs programed again, said computer had been accessed causing a corruption and thier record show that when I bought the truck in at 14000 mile the code was present then p0605 and they cleared code all checks were good. the lyin M_F_ers nothin about the radio fuse blowin ford u suck especialiy OZARK FORD

ford backwards stands for

Dead Return On Foot

30b0c879, 2010-09-03, 04:30PM CDT

i have a 2005 ford ranger truck in excelent condition i mean i baby this truck ,it now has an issue with braking in the rain ,my neighbor has the same truck and got a recall letter on this matter her truck is a few years older ford fixed for nothing ,my truck is doing exactly what they siad in her letter but they never sent me a letter come people at ford get your act together ,iam now thinking about going public about this matter.

78b3073d, 2010-11-04, 11:45AM CDT

I have a 2000 Ford Contour SVT with very low miles on it and the dash is peeling back from the windshield because of inferior glue. There was a recall on it however, it expired. Ford said go to the local dealership and Mock Ford says they can't afford to fix it it is Fords responsibility. So, I am on the Ford-merry-go-round. Now Ford makes 4 BILLION dollars and Alan Mulally makes $1,400,003 a year. And they can't afford to fix it. I will keep bugging them until something happens. I received the same canned letter you received. I got them from Julie,Barns,Christie,Marigold, Kevin Vee, Suzanne, Peggy and Shiela and I welcome each of them to MY Ford family. Oh, let me mention, I got disconnected from Vee, maybe somebody at Ford already broke Fords bank on a recall!

Keep the fight up!!!!

26474ced, 2011-04-02, 04:34PM CDT

Dear officer,

This letter is to complain East-Court Ford Lincoln Sales Limited, because the dealer sold us a new car with fault. We asked to return the car, and get our money back.. We paid the full amount.

My name is Hua Zan. I am a Canadian citizen, living in Toronto. My husband, Gongwei Zhang, and me went to EAST-COURT Ford Lincoln Sales Limited to buy a Ford Escape 2011 (4DR XLT 4WD), brand new, on March 28, 2011. The address of the dealer: 4700 Sheppard Ave East, Scarborough, ON, M1S3V6. Our dealer is Margaret Lo. Price of the car is $25300.67. We also added rust, paint, fabric and underguard protection for $700. We paid the deposit of $2000, and asked to inspect the car on March 28, 2011. However, Margaret told us that inspection could not be done on that day because the cars were in another warehouse which was far from their office. We made the agreement to pick up the car and pay the rest of $24091.67 on April 1, 2011. Her manager is Vineet Midha.

On April 1, 2011, my husband arrived at the East-Court at around 3:30pm to pick up the car by himself. I was at work. Margaret asked my husband to sign my name on the Vehicle Purchase Agreement without my authorization. Then, my husband asked Margaret if he could sign on behalf of me, and she said it was fine. My husband is new to Canada (30 days), knowing little English and no knowledge of Canadian law. Hearing what Margaret told him, my husband signed my name on the contract. Margaret knows my husband??s situation, because she asked my husband how long he had been in Canada when she met us on March 28.

And then, Margaret handed 2 keys of the vehicle and the maintenance handbook to my husband. At the same time, she asked my husband to pay the $81.65 for the car plate and $24091.67 for the car. My husband requested to check the car first, but paid the $81.65. When my husband and Margaret looked around the car, they found that there was scratch on both the left and right front bumper. The paint of the right front bumper was chipped off. The right rear bumper was not completely cleaned. My husband complained about the above problems, and Margaret and the service staff promised that they would fix the vehicle for free on April 4, 2011. My husband requested them to write the promise on the Vehicle Purchase Agreement, and Margaret did so. After seeing the interior of the vehicle, my husband and Margaret went back to her office. My husband gave her a bank draft of $24091.67. They set up the date to get the vehicle fixed at 9am on April 4, 2011.

My husband left Margaret??s office, and went to the vehicle. When he tried to start the vehicle, it failed. He tried the second time, it took longer than usual to start the vehicle; at the same time, the engine was shaking. My husband went to Margaret, telling her what had happened to the car, and asking for the trade-in document of this car. Margaret told my husband that she did not have such document, and declined my husband??s request. She took the key, and went back to the car with my husband together. She told my husband to turn and hold the key for a while when starting the car. Then she went back to her office. My husband decided to check the car before leaving. He started the car, and checked the lights. When he checked the lights, he smelled the burning of rubber and saw the smoke come out from the engine cover. My husband saw a staff checking other cars. He asked the person to check the car. This staff took a look at the smoke, told my husband not to worry about it, and left. My husband decided to continue observe. Three minutes later, thick smoke came out from the engine level with the sound of squeak. My husband stopped the car right away, and informed Margaret. Margaret and her co-worker, a man, came to the parking lot. Her co-worker told her to start the car, and then, he opened the engine cover, and found the smoke was from the engine. In addition, there was liquid dropping from a pipe. He told Margaret to get off the car, took the key from my husband, and went to check the car.

Under such situation, my husband requested to return the car, and get our bank draft back. He phoned me to go to the dealer ASAP. Margaret talked to her manager, Vineet Midha, but Vineet did not take any action until the gentleman who checked the car came back. That gentleman reported the situation to the manager, and he let Margaret tell my husband that they would change a car for him, but they did not tell my husband what caused the problem. My husband insisted to return the car, but Margaret declined my husband??s request. She gave my husband two options: one was to change a car, and the other one was to get this car fixed, and deliver to us. When I arrived at the East-Court, my husband told me to talk to the manager, Vineet Midha.

We went to Vineet??s office, and told him the situation. He did not make apology to us. He told us that it was Ford??s problem, not the dealer??s problem. They could only change a car for us, or get the car fixed and delivered to us. We asked why we could not return the car, and he said that because we signed the contract which says all sales final. As a matter of fact, East-Court let my husband sign the contract first, and then, gave him a car with the engine smoking. It is a brand new car. If the car was checked, but the engine still smoked, there was an issue. And East-Court still sold it to my husband without letting them know. We told Vineet that we signed the contract based on the situation that the car is in good condition, not signed the contract for a car whose engine smoked.

We insisted to return the car. Vineet told us to give us 10 minutes to make a choice from the two options that he offered. He said no return. He said if we could not make the decision within 10 minutes, he would get the car fixed, and delivered to our house, and we had to accept this car. Again, he said that it was Ford??s problem. They were just dealer to sell the car. My husband told him that our things got delayed due to this situation, and East-court was responsible for our lost. The smoke from engine threatened the safety of our life. It is dealer??s responsibility to inspect the car before selling it to customers. After hearing what my husband said, Vineet told us that he decided not to change a car to us. He would get this car fixed, and delivered to us. And then, he left his office, leaving my husband and me there alone.

We went to Margaret, and told her to return the car. She said no, and she could only do what the manager said. She told us to get the car changed, but we declined. We asked Margaret to write the engine smoked on the contract, and she did. She apologized to us.

In summary, the contract is invalid that East-Court asked my husband to sign an English contract on behalf of me, which is illegal. East-Court asked my husband signed the contract and paid first, then, gave him a car with fault. The manager did not make any apology to us.

Therefore, we asked to return the car, and get the full refund. Also, we request East-Court to compensate the fees on transportation during these days. We do not want to deal with East-Court Ford Lincoln Sales Limited anymore. We ask you to help us to protect our rights. Thank you.

Please contact me at 416-906-4987.


Hua (Angie) Zan

bae5d63e, 2011-04-07, 01:44AM CDT


bae5d63e, 2011-04-07, 01:45AM CDT


e7684c9b, 2012-03-23, 12:23PM CDT

Your first mistake was buying a Ford.

I feel for you brother, I made the same mistake in buying a Ford Cougar years ago. They sold me a lemon along with everyone else who bought that model. They actually stopped making that model after my year as they could not fix the ongoing issues with all the vehicles of that model. The mechanics at the dealership were ind and honest as they told me Ford Canada was well aware of the issues and that they were using there customers as guinea pigs to try an fix the problem. As far as I am concerned, they owe me a car, which I will obviously never see. The best you can do is spread the word. The only way to beat these rich scam artists is to encourage everyone you know not to buy Eventually it will catch on. They use their corporate power to take from the little guy on a daily basis. Post in every forum you can and talk to people. I have literally stopped about 6-8 people from buying a Ford by clearly explaining what happened to me. Most recently my boss bought a 50 000 dollar truck that was not Ford. I actually took him to lunch and made him promise not to buy a Ford. They 20000 grand and headaches they stole from me will never equal what I can take from them. But at least I feel a little better knowing I have literally stopped them from selling about half a dozen vehicles. I hear they actually make good trucks but if you have problems with it, you are SOL.

Post anything you want, so long as you are honest, you cant go wrong.


jerry r., 2012-10-04, 09:11AM CDT

I have received the same email back from ford with my compliant, with Keystone ford in Winnipeg Canada , after i first got an 09 Ranger, this truck didnt last 20,000 km's ,in the first week i got the truck the driver seat collapsed , the wiring in the column got tangled up locking the wheel as i was driving through the city,the dash caught fire behing the radio, when i took it in they just taped up the wiring saying they couldnt find anything wrong with the electrical system,than i was stranded cause the main fuse kept blowing , so i stuck a wire in place of the fuse to get to the dealer ,they than had the truck for 2 weeks and said they couldnt find anything wrong, i go and pick it up and the wire i stuck in there is still there so abviously they didnt even look, so i tld them im not taking the truck till its fixed so one of the guys drove it to the front to hand it over and the driver side fender was smashed upward,when they lifted the truck the mounted the lift on the bottom of the fender, so i was upset considering i had to leave the next day to work 3000 km's away , i ended up trading it in on a 2010 f150, so now i've givin for approx 70,000$ and having transmission problems with the f150 , mean while the ranger burnt to the ground at the dealer 1 week after the trade in

i've been bringing the f150 into the dealer since 20,000 kms for the load clunking noice ,sounds like the drive shaft is gonna fall out but all U joints are fine, now its at 80,000 kms and its getting worse and dont even want to use it , so i bring it back to now birchwood ford formerly keystone ford and they try and tell me thats normal , and even replies "yeah when your driving and you go to pass someone and you think somebody rear ended you or that your tranny fell out ... oh yeah thats normal '' ,,,i think this is total B.S , and get the same bulls**t letter from ford of canada as Mr. Lapointe

this most defenatly is the last Ford i or any of my friends or family will ever purchase, when you have to buy a second vehicle cause you dont think your new vehicle is reliable enough for trips something is wrong

c1c2deb4, 2013-05-03, 09:21AM CDT


I have a ford that has been recalled for the transmission. The problem is a week ago Ford said it can not be scheduled for 4 weeks. I scheduled it and last night it broke down. Ford says they are busy and it can not be fixed for 5 days. And they will not supply a courtesy car. I will NEVER buy another Ford

Rachel P., 2013-06-04, 05:31PM CDT

I bought a 500$ replacement rim for my 08 ford escape. The dealership got the box and put it on the counter. It was in stock. He then charged me 70$ to bring in the old rim. I was appalled and upset. I then went to get a tire and they said i have to replace all four due ti them being different thread wears. I called fird to tell them i wad returning the rim for my deposit return amd that i nO lOnger needed the rim. He told me without the box hebwouldnt take the old rim!!!wtf?? I said it was on the vehicle when i bought it not in a box! He said it needs to go in the new rim box. They didnt tell me that. Now i have 2 rims and im out money. I asked ford what i could do and he said try to sell them privately. I called the complaint lIne and 4 minutes of listening and still no rep on the phone what a joke!! Good thing the escape is discontinued because i will NEVER support Ford again!!! I still am going to try to talk to the complaint line from what i read above looks like i may have to get a lawyer.....if i dont get results that are satisfactory i will just to prove a point!! Good grief!

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