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Air conditioning repair

Armex Air Conditioning Refrigeration Appliance, Belle Meade Avenue, Odessa, Florida We moved into a rental home in Florida. We were at the rental house an hour before the movers showed up and discovered that the thermostat was not working - it was completely blank, as if it was not receiving any power. I called the real estate agency that was handling our rental home and they told us that they would call the company that handles the warranty of the air conditioning, as the owner of the home (who lives in California) had purchased a service contract. The real estate agent had to pull teeth to get someone to come out that day. They showed up at 4:00 PM and looked at our air conditioning unit and thermostat. Then they said that "someone had played with the thermostat" and that was the reason it had not been working. There was a pin that was bent and looked like it had been bent by someone removing and replacing the thermostat incorrectly. He straightened out the pin and the thermostat was still not working. He later found the fuse had burned out. During this entire time of me explaining that our house was not owned by us and that it was a rental home that we had moved into an hour before, he was telling me that it was not covered by the warranty

because it had been tampered with and he would have to charge us. He kept saying that maybe someone had bumped it while sweeping (on a carpet?). I told him that this was not the case because it hadn't worked before anything was ever moved into the house. So he tried to charge me $45 as a "service fee" while asking me about my ethnicity and going all throughout my house and "helping" me close windows, which I was very uncomfortable with. He said that other companies would have charged me $300 and kept going on and on about how he was doing me a favor. I finally had the rental company talk to him directly about how replacing a fuse is covered by the warranty and said that I could not sign over that the owner of the house was responsible

for the payment, because I have nothing to do with the owner of the house and was a renter. So, at the end of all of this, which took an hour of talking and 10 minutes of actual work, he said that he regretted fixing the thermostat for me. I do not recommend that anyone buy an extended contract or

warranty with a company that deals with this contractor, nor do I recommend that anyone directly work with Armax.


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