Bassett Furniture Direct / Furniture problems

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Company: Bassett Furniture Direct / Furniture problems

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Bassett Furniture Direct / Furniture problems

In January 2005, I ordered and paid for 2 red leather chairs, 1 moss green sofa, and 3 occasional tables, from Bassett Furniture Direct on Shelbyville Road in Louisville, KY. I paid $6203 up front. Nine weeks later (was supposed to be six weeks) the chairs came with leather that is completely mismatched and applied in a patchwork pattern of red and dark pink. They also had numerous quality issues, staples falling out and showing, lining showing, crooked seams. The sofa was covered in tan fabric, not the green that I chose.

They took the chairs back to fix them and made a new sofa with the correct fabric. When they delivered the chairs again (6 weeks later), the staples had been fixed but the leather was still mismatched. The new sofa has the right fabric now but it is put on wrong. The nap runs from one end to the other rather than from the top down. It is the opposite direction on the back. The couch appears to be two different colors depending on where you stand.

They have the chairs in their possession but I still have the sofa and the tables. I want them to take everything back and refund all my money. Its now been 18 weeks and I still don't have furniture I can use. I've made numerous phone calls, sent e-mails and letters, both to them and to the corporate headquarters in Virginia, with no response.

The customer "service" person, Cheryl Daniels, has been very unhelpful and led me to believe I had to handle this with Bassett corporate but won't give me any information on who to contact. They also won't tell me who the owner of the store is (though I've now found his name on the Internet, it is Dan Dougherty). I've filed a complaint with the State's Attorney General's office. They have been contacted but still will not refund my money. I've now filed complaints with the FTC and the Better Business Bureau also.

I have photographs to show the problems. I also have photos showing the furniture in the showroom that my furniture is supposed to look like, but does not.

Trust me, you don't want to shop at Bassett or Thomasville (the same organization). They are a rip off of the worst kind. They lie and misdirect. The store manager (Paula Spencer) claims she doesn't have the authority to refund my money. Funny, she had the authority to take it and promise me quality furniture!

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7a7b6fd6, 2009-06-12, 09:02AM CDT

Here is an update to my original posting:

I tried to get the store to send someone to my home to look at the bad furniture, but they repeatedly scheduled then didn't show up, then insisted there was nothing wrong with my furniture even though they had not seen it.

I took lots of photos and sent them to the store manager, the store customer service rep, the factory, the corporate officers, and anyone else I could think of. Absolutely everyone tried to ignore me and passed the buck. The store said I had to deal with corporate. Corporate said I had to deal with the store. Then the store said I had to deal with the owner, but wouldn't tell me who that was or how to contact him.

I did eventually get a refund of all my money, it only took 8 months and a credit from American Express.

Here is what I did and all the contact information I have:

I pursued many avenues to try to get a refund. I filed a complaint with; the Better Business Bureau (printed out the form from online and mailed it in), the State's Attorney General's office of consumer affairs (again I found the form online and I think I filed it online too), and the Federal Trade Commission www.FTC.GOV (though they will not act unless there is clear evidence of widespread fraud). I know that Bassett heard from the BBB and the State's Attorney General's office.

I wrote letters to every person at the corporate headquarters I could think of and then I asked American Express (which I had used to pay for my furniture) to refund my money and investigate the issue. American Express did refund my money and that's when Bassett relented and issued me a refund check for the full amount. Of course, I lost 6 months in the process and still had to go buy furniture somewhere else, but at least they came and got the junky stuff out of my house and I got my money back.

My best advice is to document every conversation, take detailed photos showing the problems, and send e-mails or call someone every single day. I wrote an e-mail to the store customer service person everyday with things like: "Did you lose my phone number? Here it is.", "Do you know when my refund check will be mailed? I need a date." :I'm still waiting to hear from you." "Should I come to the store to meet with you so we can discuss this?" "Do you need more photos of the junky stuff the factory sent?". I dropped by the store about once a week to photograph items on display to show the difference between what they show you and what you actually get. If someone asked me what I was doing, I'd tell them, not loudly, but in a regular voice that could be heard by any other customers nearby. By going to the store, it made it more personal, reminded them that I'm a real person and that they were stealing from me. I always asked to see the customer service person regarding my refund (again so customers could hear me). She usually refused to see me, but she knew I was there and the sales people knew who I was and why I was there. Periodically, I'd hand deliver copies of e-mails and photos and make someone sign for them.

Eventually the customer service rep. got so tired of me that she gave me the e-mail address of someone at corporate. After I wrote to that person I got my refund but that was also the same time American Express issued a refund. So she may, or may not, have had something to do with my getting a refund. I think it more likely that they knew American Express was charging it back, so they tried to avoid an investigation.

You should write a "letter of demand" insisting on a refund and stating why you are entitled to a refund. It should include a specific deadline and consequences for non-compliance (I actually began invoicing them for storage fees though of course they never paid them). Send it via certified mail to the store manager and the president of the corporation (keep copies of everything you send).

Be forewarned, their position is always that you suffer from "buyer's remorse" about spending too much money or that you made a mistake and don't like what you chose. That's why photographs of the flaws or damages are so important. I actually got a copy of the letter they wrote to the BBB to try and get my complaint dismissed. They absolutely lied about everything saying I suffered from Buyer's Remorse and that they had issued a refund in the interest of "customer goodwill". Since I purchased replacement pieces elsewhere that are nearly identical (without the flaws) at about the same price, I think that pretty well negates their claim.

And, don't shop at Thomasville either. Thomasville and Bassett are actually one and the same.

here's a website started by someone else who had issues with Bassett. You might want to add your complaint to her list.

Here's all the contact info I gathered:

Louise Collie

Director of Customer Service

Ph: 276-629-6455

Fax: 276-627-8840

[email protected]

This is now a year old, you might want to check and see if its still accurate.

Here's the contact information I have for officers of the corporation and some other information from their website:

Mr. Robert H. Spilman, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Keith R. Sanders

Executive Vice President, Operations

Mr. Mark S. Jordan

Vice President, Upholstery

Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc.

3525 Fairystone Park Highway

Bassett, VA 24055

(276) 629-6000

Barry Safrit

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

P.O. Box 626

Bassett, VA 24055

(276) 629-6757 phone

(276) 629-6332 fax

Jason Camp

Senior Vice President of Retail

You may contact your Consumer Affairs Representative at the following:

Please email all upholstery questions to [email protected]

Please email all juvenile furniture questions to [email protected]

Good Luck! and don't stop until you are satisfied with the outcome. Don't let these crooks keep getting away with ripping people off.

9115c70d, 2009-12-17, 01:05PM CST

I too have been fighting getting something that I ordered in August and still do not have. I also am dealing with paula Spencer and their customer service really sucks and I will tell everyone that I know to not shop there.

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