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Sears Home Delivery


I have a little horror story to share with you guys. On April 23, 2005 from Sears store in Quakerbridge Mall, Lawrensville, NJ I purchased Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator and dishwasher - both stainless steel finish and both from same model line with matching handles.

Delivery was scheduled for May 1, Sunday. I received a phone call from Sears Delivery Department on Saturday that delivery will be made between 12PM and 3PM. Around 2:45PM they called as and told as that delivery crew running a "little behind" and they will be at our house before 5PM. We told them that it would be unacceptable because we had to leave at 4PM, but we told them that we will wait 'till 4:00-4:15PM.. Needles to say no one showed up and we left the house at 4:45PM. They called as and left a message that the crew was there at 5:15 and no one at the house to accept delivery.

Next day representative from Sears called me and re-scheduled delivery for May 5, Thursday (now I had to take time from work). Truck arrived to unload dishwasher and refrigerator and found refrigerator to be damaged. We refused to accept it even after "compensation" that was offered to us. But at least dishwasher had no damage.

Next day representative called me again to re-schedule delivery again, and next available date was May 15, Sunday. Needless to say a refrigerator arrived again wit dents and scuffs, and I had to send it back again.

Same day representative form Sears Delivery Department called and informed us that next time refrigerator will be PRE-INSPECTED at the warehouse prior being loaded on the truck for delivery to make sure that I will get undamaged merchandise and scheduled next delivery date for May 23, Sunday between 9:15AM and 12:15PM. We patiently waited 'till 6PM - NO ONE showed up OR called us..

We were frustrated.

On following Monday, representative from Sears called, apologized and informed us that refrigerator was damaged and next available delivery date now is June 19.. Which we didn't accepted and refused to wait another 3 weeks.

I called Sears National Customer Relation's Department and spoke to Joe, a representative. After listening to my story for 30 minutes all he could do is connect me to the store manager where I originally purchased appliances to work out "some kind of deal".. After a brief conversation with assistant store manager Bob Redwood I found out that this particular model is no longer available and was advised to start re-selecting the refrigerator. On my comment that if I will re-select refrigerator I will have to replace dishwasher too because they are matching each other all I heard back was same empty apologies. Even my call to Sears HeadQuarters and speaking to a Customer Relation's Executive by the name Fess (didn't provide his last name) did not changed anything and all they can do is give you tons of apologies and nothing else.


I got my money back, they think I am happy. They are happy for sure, because I will not call them again, and they really didn't care that they just lost another customer in me - there is still more people they didn't frustrate yet.

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8feda3d4, 2008-06-24, 04:47PM CDT

I have a delivery horror story as well...

On 5/28, I purchased 2 mattresses, 2 foundations and 2 bed frames from

In the delivery instructions, I said I live in the hills with narrow roads and asked that they use a small truck for delivery. Delivery was supposed to be made on 6/7.

The afternoon of 6/7, I received a call from the driver saying that he knew they were supposed to use a small truck to deliver; but, they put my order on a large truck; and therefore, could not deliver. I'd have to reschedule.

I called Sears and rescheduled for the following Saturday, 6/14.

On 6/14, I waited all day AGAIN. The same thing happened. The order was placed on a large truck and I received a call from the driver saying I'd have to reschedule. I called Sears again. Only, this time, whoever I spoke with at Sears called the warehouse and driver and convinced them to try and deliver. The driver drove the large delivery truck as far up the hill as he could and then walked the items to my house. Only, he only brought me 1 mattress, 1 foundation & 1 bed frame. He did not have the 2nd mattress, foundation & bed frame on his truck. The driver said he would deliver it the following day, Sunday, 6/15.

It was never delivered on 6/15. Another wasted day.

I called Sears again and was told that the driver never put in the proper paperwork for the bed to be delivered on 6/15. They told me I'd have to reschedule delivery again. But now, my mattress, foundation & bed frame were missing from the warehouse... And, they couldn't reschedule until they found/ordered another set. I was assured by a Sears Delivery Specialist & the warehouse (on a 3-way call) that my 2nd mattress, foundation & frame would be delivered today, 6/23, on a small truck.

I didn't go into the office today. I worked from home. I waited AGAIN all day (for the 4th time) for my bed to be delivered. I received a call at 4pm from the driver who said he could not deliver because my bed was on a large truck and I'd have to reschedule -FOR THE FIFTH TIME.

I called Sears again. I spoke with a "manager" who said that all she could do is reschedule the delivery unless I wanted to go pick up the bed myself.

I do not have the time nor a truck to pick up the bed myself which is why I paid for delivery! All I want is the items that I have paid for, DELIVERED. No one has been able to help me - I even called customer service who said that all she could do is document my experience and transfer my call to a delivery specialist.

Sears has apologized & offered me a $50 gift certificate - ALL OF WHICH MEAN NOTHING BECAUSE I STILL DON'T HAVE MY BED; 4 days of my time has been wasted; it's been stressful; and, my time is worth more than $50 and hour!

I have lost all patience.

I am supposed to receive a call by tomorrow morning letting me know IF they can reschedule and IF they will deliver.

I don't care if Sears has to RENT a small truck in order to deliver my items. The least they can do is make sure that my items are delivered NOW.

For as long as I can remember, my family has purchased large items from SEARS.

Sears customer service has been the worst I have ever experienced.

I would like SOMEONE AT SEARS to make sure that my items are delivered to me this coming weekend 6/28. After which, I will NEVER purchase anything from SEARS again.


I got a call from the manager who tells me that the next available day they have for delivery is Wednesday 6/25. I tell her that will not work as I cannot stay home from the office another day. I request that they deliver on Saturday. She then tells me that they only use a small truck on Mondays and Wednesdays. YESTERDAY WAS MONDAY and they still did not use a small truck! Anyway, she claims that they will DEFINITELY deliver this Saturday 6/28.

We will see.

b9b23e60, 2008-07-01, 05:10PM CDT

I have had nothing but trouble witha Sears Covertible Freezer/Refrigerator purchase made on 6/25 and the delivery on 6/26.

It is now 7/1 ansd I still have no refrigerator that works and quite irritatted by Sears and their lack of concern.

9013d527, 2009-01-30, 08:59AM CST

Sears home deliver sucks. They have this automated call that calls you BEFORE the automated deliver call to tell you the date of deliver and ask you all the same questions, then tells you they don't have a "delivery window" yet. Then they call you with a "delivery window" and go through all the same questions. Now mind you, these calls can occur during work hours, church hours, presidential inaugurations, and if you don't answer, they just keep calling. Worse, every call, automated or live requires you to give all the identical information, over and over and over and over again.

So what, you say? You get your stuff. Ah, if only that were so. Delivery was scheduled for the 15th of January, but the item was damaged and they had to return it. Then it was rescheduled for the 22nd...until they called me twice on the 22nd (before 8 am) to tell me it was rescheduled for the 29th. We waited all day on the 29th, and when I called, I was told the item was in the wrong warehouse. It was rescheduled for the 30th, and the girl in customer service promised me it would be at the right warehouse and absolutely delivered on Friday. We received no "window" call Thursday night. I called Friday morning, and was told by the automated service that the delivery was scheduled for (you'll love this) Superbowl Sunday. We were supposed to be out of town at a friend's house...I'm going to stay just to see if they deliver it. I kinda doubt it at this point, but we'll see.

Save elsewhere. Sears home deliver is the definitive example of how not to run a business.

a649593c, 2009-03-02, 08:00AM CST

My wife and i bought a washer,dryer, deep freezer, and a refrigerator from sears on 1/30/09 they delivered the refrigerator and the deep freezer fine no dents or anything. but forgot our washer and dryer so we went to sears and canceled our washer and dryer and got our money back. now its 3/02/09 and we got a call that there delivering our washer and dryer today we told the delevery company we canceled the order they said that it wasnt there problem that they had a job to do. so i guess we are getting a new washer and dryer today and we will use it till they find there mistake and come and get it. and we will never shop at another sears again. every person that works in sears is rude and very unhelpful.

b3882656, 2009-06-15, 09:53AM CDT

Well dear consumer; All i hear is bitch bitch bitch, This could all be settled very easy. U say they call at church hours & during inaguration lord forrbid. Well yhere is no love for the delivery man. All people care about is i want it and i want it now. U people dont care if we get no weeknds off or work horrible long hours or quality of life once more once a delivery person does get there, what happens? U have nothing ready for them and act as if they have all day just for u. that they dont have anything else on that big huge truck oh no its all about u. U should think a lil b4 u open ur mouth.

6f101a49, 2009-07-10, 04:47PM CDT



i have the same issue

just today i was told my Refrigerator will be coming in between 3:45- 5:45

its now 5:45 and still no answer fro the store as well as the people delivering

]SCREW YOU SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

99dc1d1e, 2009-07-14, 07:18PM CDT

I ordered a mattress from Sears for my daughter's bed and the first available delivery date was today. I was told the delivery was going to be between 8:30-4:30 (also got the automated call) and assumed like most businesses they'd call me with a window of delivery. By 12:30 I hadn't heard a thing so called Sears. She told me they'd be here by 4:30 and I would get a call an hour ahead of time from the drivers. I was told to have my driveway clear so I figured when they called I would move my vehicle then. I call..finally around 2:45 they just showed up. The drivers were quick and very nice but I will NEVER have Sears deliver anything to my home again as I do not have all day to sit around and wait for delivery. I missed a staff meeting at work that I should have been present for that I most certainly could have attended. Not impressed in the least. For the $60 I paid for delivery, I could have rented a pickup and drove it home the day I purchased it! AND not had to be home all day!

56bed53a, 2009-08-14, 12:36PM CDT

I hate Sears, and will never use them again. Every time I call they give me a new number to call. They have no idea what they are doing?

This phone number: 800-349-4358 told me to call:

800-732-7747 and they told me to call:

562-936-1800 and they told me to call:

866-277-1324 and they told me to call:

888-231-6951 and they tole me to call the online department. The online department told me to call the first number. Now they are saying that the delivery window has changed from today to tomorrow.

dabc8c29, 2009-09-29, 04:13PM CDT

I had a 2:30-4:30 delivery window. They called in the morning to move it up to 1:30. I stay home.

It's 5:30. No delivery. Why do I get suckered by these guys every time.

So I call the store and ask the salesman to call the distribution center. They call the driver. He'll be here by 6:00.

Don't bother with the online numbers. Call the store. Your salesman made the commission. Let him do some work.

25530f51, 2009-10-03, 10:07AM CDT

I used to deliver for Sears, let me tell you. My brother and I were the only delivery team that were not felons working for GTS(the delivery contractor). If these delivery guys saw stairs they had to take a large item up, they would go in the back of the truck and intentionally damage the item(frige, laundry center, etc.) ALL ITEMS ARE PREINSPECTED NO MATTER WHAT!! I had to inspect my load every morning, if something was damaged when I got to the house, it was on me! Also, running late is a common occurance. Sears would give us 9 minutes to deliver a refer, if we had to take the doors off the new, take out an old, unpackage the new, set up the shelves, take doors off the house, haul away garbage and even sometimes the old refer, we still had 9 minutes! I would profusely apologize to customers when I ran late and Sears would do nothing but blame us for it. I am sorry you had issues with Sears, but personally, I would never shop there either!!

1b51836b, 2009-10-19, 12:14PM CDT

Going through the Sear's delivery nightmare right now. I am on hold with Sears for the third day in a row since my new range was supposed to be delivered. Received the automated call that range would arrive between 2:45 & 4:45 on Saturday. Received call on Saturday from human that there was a delay but it would arrive within 24-48hours--I quote,"definitely no more than 48 hours" Received call on Sunday from human stating exact same thing...24-48hours. Called & called today (monday) but kept getting busy signal. Tried one of the other numbers on this complaint list & did get through. Transferred from one person to the next & then told "24-48hours" Finally put on hold (still holding)so that rep could "call warehouse & get a definite date." Lovely! She just came back to phone & informed that the warehouse closes at 1:00pm so I am too late to find out anything today as it is now 1:11. Of course it was 12:57 when I called & who closes at 1:00 in the afternoon anyway! Told they would call me tomorrow. Yeah, right. Wish I had read up on these complaints sooner!

085a9673, 2009-10-22, 09:55PM CDT

I placed an order for a refrigerator and tv set for the home I purchased that is a 2 hour drive from my current home (over 100 miles away).

Delivery was scheduled for October 15 between 10AM and Noon.

I drove down to my new home to receive the items.

By 3PM, the items had not been delivered, so I called to get a status and was informed that the items were not in stock.

While on hold to get a status, another person picked up the call, and I was disconnected.

I called again that evening, and was transferred to the store to get a status. The phone rang 10 times, then disconnected.

I set an email, then called a representative, who rescheduled delivery for the 23rd.

On the 20th and 21st I received automated calls reminding me that I had a delivery scheduled for the 23rd.

I called on the 22nd to get a delivery time, and the system showed no record of my order.

I finally was transferred to someone who found my order and the delivery manifest, and my order was NOT scheduled for delivery on the 23rd.

I have already missed one full day of work and driven 200 miles round trip to receive these items, and arranged to take off the 23rd as well to make the drive again, and my order was STILL not scheduled for delivery.

I must now arrange to take another day off of work, and make the 200 mile round trip, hoping that Sears finally has its act together.

Never again.

ea515871, 2009-12-06, 09:56AM CST

I just got screwed by Sears. They delivered my refrigerator badly damaged then lied to me on the phone when the delivery guys called them. They told me that they could have a new one delivered the next day. I was supposed to receive a call from sears delivery that evening with the delivery time for the next day. No one ever called. So I called this morning and was told they would not deliver for three days. Meanwhile my old refrigerator is gone it is frees outside and we are trying to keep all of our food from freezing by covering it with blankets but we are loosing the battle. I am afraid we will loos all of the food. I will never ever purchase from Sears again

b4c97b97, 2010-02-10, 01:59PM CST

Today Wednesday February 10, 2010.

This is the second time that Sears postpones the date of delivery of my Kentmore Elite Refrigerator (ordered on Jan 16)

Feb 8... now Feb 22 and without confirmation?! Plus customer service is useless and rude.

I WILL NEVER BUY ANY APPLIANCE FROM SEARS!!! -this is not the only issue with this purchase

509cdbe6, 2010-03-11, 01:00PM CST

I bought a washer dryer from sears and they delivered it the day they said no problem. Except when i started to use the dryer, it made a loud screeching noise that after some balancing techniques with some wood, it kind of stopped. Then a year later and of course two days after the wararanty ran out, my washer started making a metal on metal noise that made us not able to use it. The machine worked fine though, but I knew I had to have someone come look at it.

They sent the first guy - who ordered the certain parts for it and then left. The second guy came out, put the new parts in, worked on it for two hours and then left saying it was all fixed. I immediately went to start a load of laundry, and when it was done I realized the guy had broken it. Before he replaced the parts, the washer had worked, now it didn't - at all.

Third guy comes out to help figure out the problem, but ends up being sent to my old address?? and then marked on the appointment order that I was not answering my phone so he canceled the repair appointment. Which was not true at all. I spoke to him several times until he called and said he was waiting for me at my house, but it was an address I had not lived at for a year!!!

Finally they call me back saying we need to reschedule, I said I needed someone immediately since they screwed up the last appointment and I needed someone out asap. Their repair guy broke my machine. They sent someone out a WEEK later.

Fourth guy comes out (This is four weeks later)and says Oh well the first guy ordered the wrong parts and its your engine that is broken. He suggested we buy a new washer instead of repair this one . When I asked if they could pay for the new part to make this work since they are the ones that made the mistake he said no and gave me a coupon to shop at the Sears outlet store.

I will never for as long as I live buy again from Sears. WORD TO YOU DO NOT EVERY BUY FROM SEARS EVER!!! THEY ARE A SCAM and have lost all idea of customer service...

5ddea38a, 2010-05-29, 12:29PM CDT

Sears just doesn't understand delivery commitment. I just purchased a Samsung side by side refrigerator, and was given a May 8th delivery date. An automated call confirmed on May 5th. On May 7th a human cancelled citing manufacturer delay. This happened again on May 16th and today May 29th. Sears home delivery promises each time will be the last, and yet they make inventory delivery commitments WITHOUT the merchandise! I don't care about the delay, but Sears just doesn't care about lost wages, lost weekend plans, and wasted time due to their promises and confirmations. Home delivery just apologizes and sets another date. Bottom line: dont' set delivery until the merchandise is in the warehouse, right?

656955cb, 2010-07-20, 01:40PM CDT

Sears delivery sucks! My Sear's purchased washing machine died after about 1 year. It was under warranty, so beginning on June 11th we had 5 repairmen come to the house to fix the washer. They neede to order parts, but they ordered the wrong parts, then the correct parts were never shipped. Bottom line - my washer was not fixed. Rec'd a phone call from Sears 7/15, saying they would give me a store credit to replace the washer. Went to Sears (Dover DE) and picked out a new machine and schedule delivery for 7/19. Sears called to confirm the appt on 7/18. The delivery people drove up my street, and called my husband's cell. He was in the shower, so he did not pick up. Instead of getting out of the truck and knocking on the door, they left. BTW - they did not leave a message on the phone and called from a private cell, so we did not recognize the number when we looked at the cell phone's call log. When we called back, the delivery man claimed he "unloaded the washer and came to the door and rang the doorbell and knocked on the door, but nobody answered". There were 5 adults in the house, all awake, 2 sitting in the front room by the door. My dogs, who bark at the wind, never stirred. The guy never came to the house. How do i know? My husband asked the guy what was on the big sign on our front door (a huge 'Caution - Oxygen in Use' sign), the guy suddenly got ignorant and wouldn't talk anymore. Went to Sears again last night, we told the store manager what happened. He made some phone calls, and told us the washer would be delivered today. My husband called at 2:00 pm to ask when the delivery would be, and was told by the delivery guy that he was in Ocean City, MD and did not have our washer on the delivery schedule. Right now, my husband is on his way to the warehouse in Bridgeville, DE to pick up the damn washer himself. Sears sucks!

740bb7bc, 2010-08-01, 01:36PM CDT

Just got off the phone and cancelled the order. I bought a washer on line and the delivery was scheduled for today. I received a call just today in the morning to tell me that they would not deliver because they had not received it from the manufacturer but that they would reschedule it for two weeks from now. I consider this a lack of respect to call the same day to cancel a delivery, they don't respect me, they do not deserve my money. Off to another store to get the washer.

6cc754e5, 2010-08-27, 11:17AM CDT

Purchased a mattress and box spring set on Aug 15 from Sears in Laguna Hills to be delivered in Irvine on Aug 20. Delivered mattress and frame saying that box spring would be delivered on Aug 25. Delivery called 7:45 am on Aug 25th saying that the box spring was still unavailable. I called delivery and asked when would the complete set be delivered as promised? After being hung up on twice and put on hold for over 20 minutes to speak to a supervisor (I had to hang up), we still don't have a date. Sears is no longer customer oriented. We are very unhappy with them and will spread the word whenever possible to not shop there.

40014a8b, 2010-10-14, 04:45PM CDT

I'm there with you. I just went round and round with a delivery scheduling person who all he could keep saying was "wow" because I kept asking to speak to a supervisor "someone who could actaully help me" and wanted to know why my delivery that couldn't be made today was being bumped all the way to Monday. Then after awhile of not helping me, he then proceeded to threaten me with either accept a Monday delivery or have it cancelled. GREAT! Just lovely customer servie, I couldn't be more happy to be dealing with these ying-yangs. I'm sure it will get screwed up again before it's all over and who knows if I will ever see my new bed.

468e644f, 2010-12-06, 05:45PM CST

I am too angry to tell my story. Actually I have wasted enough of my time dealing with sears. 5 hrs on the phone to be exact. Still no resolution to my problem. I have purchased every appliance that I have ever owned at Sears. I will never be back. The customer service reps are ignorant and do not care at all. I take that back. One person I spoke to genuinely cared about my situation and was very helpful. He was probably the 15th person I had to speak to about my problem

0dde672b, 2010-12-30, 06:23PM CST

I wish I had found this site before I purchased my washer from Sears. They've promised delivery and subsequently canceled on three separate occasions. I was finally able to speak with a manager in their delivery department who called the warehouse and discovered the model I had purchased wouldn't even be available until 2 weeks from now! I guess they would have continued to schedule deliveries and canceled at the last minute if I hadn't taken the initiative and spoken to someone in charge. Needless to say I will no longer be a Sears customer.

eb8794d4, 2011-02-22, 09:40PM CST

wish i found this site as well before purchasing a matress at the sears in the milford westfield mall that after a month paid has still not been recieved. i should've got my money back when they failed to explain their layaway policy and spent 2 hrs in the department canceling and reordering the same type of matress bc they had explained the layaway to me as if it was a financing agreement. at the end the young girl couldnt even tell me what my weekly payments were she said and i quote her, " um i dont know but i do know in 11 weeks youll have to pay that much that i do know." then i call back a few days later and they tell me that they are very strict about the payments being made weekly....rediculous. So i return again and set up the order a second time after paying in full, i order a bed frame i am told that the matress and the frame will come in a week as they advertise " a week after the final layaway payment" on the same day.

a week later the frame comes without the matress. i am late for work because the only time they can deliver my matress is right before i go to work and the delivery didnt contain the matress i had purchased.

I go to the store again and complain the next day im given a 100 dolars back because an agreement to take the delivery fee off.A new date for my delivery is made. they give me the many calls b4 letting me know the window time of the delivery. the day of i get a call saying that the merchandise that arrived at the warehouse was damaged and they dont deliver damaged merchandise. by this point i had already had my old matress hauled out and i am sleeping on the ground very uncomfortably for a week already infuriated i get nothing but a 50 dollar gift certificat to sears. and i am given another date wich is a week away. so I wait.... my friends are coming in from north carolina and the morning they arrive is when i am supposed to recieve my matress but the window in which the tell me it will arrive comes and goes once matress, infuriated once again i go to the store and speak to a manager he tels me he will get in touch with corperate and they will take the bull by the horns and they should call me back that day. 5 hrs later i get a call from sears home delivery telling me that they cannot give me any more money back bc they had already given me 100 in cash and 100 in gift certificates my new delivery day is for the feb 23rd instead of the 26th,which i agree to. keep in mind this is going to be the third week i am sleeping on the ground waiting for my matress. after arguing w them they set up this date for delivery. on the 22nd i decide to call just to make sur they say that the delivery date is still for the 26th i then call corperate and they apologize and say theyll get back to me which they do while im at work. unfortunately this is a manufacturing problem and they cant get the bed to me earlier then the 26th...NEVER AGAIN...i do not know how they keep customers or have fooled consumers into trusting their household brand. with the service i have recieved this will be the last thing i ever puchase from sears and i advise anyone else pondering the idea to take my advise and do the same.

f3b8531e, 2011-03-31, 10:21PM CDT

We purchased a mattress and boxspring set at Sears in Palmdale, CA. The store itself was alright, but the delivery and customer "after care" was horrific.

The guys they sent to my home to deliver the products did not speak any english and showed up with hands covered in some sort of black substance. I asked then to wash their hands and even went so far as to provide them a sink, soap and a fresh towel (which had to be trashed after). They put in the box springs and as they were lowering the matterss I saw greasy hand prints all over the botton and sides of my new $3K bed. I said "stop...look at that grease and dirt on my purchase, that is disgusting and will invalidate my warrenty". The guys, who did not 'speak english' said "oh no, only piss or blood on the top will invalidate warrenty, its no problem". I said it was a problem and I'd like to see the delivery manifest. I asked them to step outside my home, wrote comments on the manifest and took a photocopy, refused to sigh for the delivery and called Sears.

Sears said "yes that does invalidate your warrenty, we will replace both box springs and the mattress". A week later another truck shows up, with one box spring.

We are waiting on two new box springs and a new mattress tomorrow, God help us!

This is the very last time I spend my heard earned money at this establishment.

Note: Sears will not provide the name of the delivery company. Sears will not provide the name or ID of the delivery people. How safe do you really feel shopping with a store and having your wife alone at home accepting products in your home from strangers, a group of unidintified men in this day and age?

Sears does not care about its customers. Sears does not care about the safety of its female customers in their homes, and they will never receive our business again.

Note 2: The (800) Sears service call center provide incorrect phonenumbers when asked for a complaints department. They claim to be running some sort of contest on thier sales receipts and they provide you with a web site to give feedback. The only way to actually get the right number is to put "Extreamly Dissatisfied" as your surveyr responses. The number listed is the the "Sears National Customer Relations Center", but the guy I talked to tonight (Soloman) Unit #49028 said that this department name has not been used for over three (3) years. really do suck!

Philip T., 2011-05-23, 10:04PM CDT

What You Get From Sears Is Apologies and That is All!

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 I ordered an LG Washer and Dryer. I also needed a 10' Drain Hose which was not in stock and ordered separately by my salesman as was a 10' Water hose ordered online by him for me. Delivery and Installation (included) was promised for the following Sunday, May 22nd. Later in the week, Sears left a message confirming the purchase and delivery/installation for Sunday. On Thursday, my Father-in-Law passed away and Visitation was scheduled for Sunday and Monday with the Funeral Services scheduled Tuesday. My wife and I discussed this matter and it was decided that I would stay home (my Father-in-Law's family lives in Sturgis, MI) and prepare for, wait for and assist with the delivery and installation (the following week would be the services and family to deal with as well as work and it would be inconvenient to wait as well). On Saturday, a confirmation call from Sears came confirming Delivery and Installation with a 2 hour window between 4:45pm and 6:45pm. I had also placed an ad on Craig???s List and a couple interested in my older Maytag Neptune Washer and Dryer (purchased from Sears a decade ago) agreed to purchase it for $300 and pick it up after Sears installation of my new Washer/Dryer as they were moving and needed it right away.

The day of delivery, I prepared the area and moved all obstacles for a swift installation and piled things in the nearby kitchen to get it out of the way of the installers (my hope was to make it easier and swift for the installers and to be able to clean it before my wife's return). By 7pm no one arrived or called. The store was closed at 6pm so I called the same number that confirmed the Delivery and Installation (the number also left with the confirmation call). A lady (obviously outsourced) was polite and automatic but indicated there was no record of a Washer/Dryer purchase or scheduled Delivery/Installation despite my giving her my SALESCHECK number which she reported as "invalid." She was very apologetic but insisted on connecting me to the store which I told her was closed. However, after 45 minutes, she connected me to another woman (again, obviously outsourced) who I repeated my tale. She insisted I had the wrong department, was very apologetic and gave me the original number I called to call back. When I explained that it was that number I had called, we got disconnected.

I then called the number again and repeated my story a third time. We went through an identical process with identical results with the included obligatory apologies. After an hour and a half of wasted time on the phone and a day of preparing (and not being with my mourning family), I gave up and decided I had it! I had passed frustration and my blood pressure was immeasurable. The couple who had come for the old Washer and Dryer could not wait and my $300 sale of the older Washer/Dryer went dry (they did not want to disconnect the Gas Dryer or Washing machine themselves and my wife would not let me disconnect the gas).

On Monday morning, my wife and I decided it was not worth it and we would no longer do business with Sears (I had spent well over $10,000 at Sears the past 5 years and had plans for remodeling which would have meant much more). I again tried calling Home Delivery (the store would not open until 10am and I had to go the Monday's Visitation for my Father-in-Law). I got the identical run around as again as they could not find the purchase (they did find the order for the Drain Hose).

At 10pm I called the store and discussed the events with my salesperson. He was appalled and offered many apologies. Afterwards many calls back and forth, he stated the Manager was also angry but to save the sale would pay for the Washer???s 3 year extended Warranty ($199). As this would not even cover the cost of the lost $300 sale on my older Washer/Dryer, much less the lost time, aggravation and stress, I told him that this was not satisfactory (it was like being offered free dessert from a restaurant that just served an awful meal with terrible service). I have lost my trust in Sears.

In summary, I had gotten two confirmation calls for an item Sears could not find a record of purchase or scheduled delivery and did not deliver as promised or notify me of their inability to deliver. I have been more then inconvenienced and angered. I cannot purchase the items elsewhere as my credit card is maxed out on this Sears purchase. I lost the sale of my older Washer and Dryer ($300). I do not have time or patience for this and I have lost my confidence and trust in Sears Holdings.

UPDATE: I had talked to the Home Appliance Manager (he had called me first) and he said that the "Link" in the ordering system from the store did not occur but couldn't explain the confirmation call. In any case, he stood firm at the offer to allow me $199 toward the 3 year extended warranty and he would not budge. I cancelled the order.

I checked with Best Buy and they not only beat Sears price by $400, they added a year on the extended Warranty so that instead of paying $2600 to Sears, I'm paying Best Buy $2200 with an extra year on the Extended Warranties!


Philip T., 2011-12-27, 03:53PM CST

After saving $700 by getting it at Best Buy, the Washer and Dryer have been outstanding. I have just read that Sears is closing 120 stores and blaming the Economy and the fierce competition. Sorry folks, but it is total lack of service and respect fot the customer that is bringing you down. I warned you then and you can see it now!

a0bd302a, 2012-02-28, 06:54PM CST

I'll see how it goes with my delivery. I find it odd that my local Military Exchange uses sears as a delivery agent. The first thing that set me off was having to listen to their delivery reminder in spanish with no opt out. Sears will never get my business in the future and I will let my local Exchange know about it as well.

c097decb, 2013-10-27, 06:51PM CDT

we thought we were the only ones having problems with Sears delivery.we bought a gas stove last month. the delivery was scheduled for the day beforethe long weekend in august. we receved a recorded message that stove will arrive in half hour so my husband was disconnecting the old stove but delivery was already at the door.two burly guys came in,didnot take their boots off and dumped the stove in the middle of the kitchen and procede to leave.they were supposed to move the old stove down stairs but stated we had held them up so gave mea number to call so someone else will come and do that. I told them they were not even 5 mim in our house they became very other issue the delivery truck did not have a ramp so tha appliance was just dropped on the wonder e have problems with sears appliances.

Sherdean E., 2014-06-01, 07:29PM CDT

Wow i wish i had read this section prior to purchasing my appliances from Sears. No need in going through the long process and everyone appears to experience the same thing. We were told the delivery would be 8am - Noon, the night prior we were told 4:30-6:30 pm. We were headed home when we got a call at 3:08 saying they are at the house. We told them we would be right there and they stated ok, although they were well over an hour early. We rushed home with our kids and guess what, you got it THEY WERE GONE. We called Sears customer service they claimed they repeatedly called the dispatch and could not get in touch with them. We were on hold a total of 3 hours and 45 minute between 5 calls trying to see when they would return. The customer service manager guaranteed us they would be right back. We sat there over an hour and finally the dispatch called and said they are finish for the day and would not be returning and we need to reschedule. Unfreaking believable. For Sears to be such a large company i can totally see why people opt for Lowes and Home Depot. Needless to say we are eagerly shopping around now for the appliances so we can cancel our Sears order and we will NEVER enter another Sears nor recommend them. I can totally see why their sales are diminishing and their stores are always empty. The store is awful and their customer service is the ground, its dirt.

40bf2a54, 2014-06-11, 04:29PM CDT

My father-in-law purchased an LG washer and dryer last Thursday and was told it would be here today or tomorrow. Now it won't be here until Monday..After reading all of the awful complaints I am not so sure. Also my SO will have to miss work because I am not going to be home alone waiting for strangers. I have read other reviews that say that they usually don't install even if you paid extra for it. I so annoyed and just want to be able to do laundry.

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