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Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 79f5e6d4

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rpm auto in flint

rpm auto sales i purchased a car from rpm auto sales ,flint on 2/13/04. i was told after i signed for my 99 mercury cougar that i couldn't pick it up for what turned out to be almost 2 weeks. they said they put ball joints, control arms,and other under the tire things.well one week later {payment is due by the way}no start. towed in and was kept for three weeks.

get the car back and exact same thing happens. rpm refused to pay for it and said this time it was my starter.

replaced the starter,refinanced the car because it costed so much $ to fix.{about $900}

one hour after driving off the lot,the car is a no start,leaving me and my kids miles from home .

rpm picks car up and charges me another boatload of money saying it was the flywheel;nothing to do with the starter

well to make a long story short,car has not ran for me way more than it has ran. i pay $230 bi-weekly to walk

on top of all of that i recently begged my employer to postdate a check for me in order to get rpm off my back on paying for this broke car! my employer agreed and wrote on the front of the check "NOT FOR DEPOSIT"and the date was posted for 5-5-05. they drained his account on 4-30-05. and was still calling harrassing me for payment.

i WAS FIRED AND THEY REPO'D THE CAR!this is not fair. the worst part of it all is that my employer of 7yrs doesn't trust me anymore and that hurts.

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John M., 2012-11-19, 12:34PM CST

The last vehicle I purchased from RPM Auto Sales was in 2003. This was a used 1996 Deville. I paid a total of including(down payment)of $12,360.00. I had the vehicle for a total pf 8 years. I spent a total of $10,000.00 to keep the vehicle running. Despite that, I was ready to purchase another vehicle from RPM in March, l2012. I went to the lot to look at some vehicle's and then went to the office to talk to a sales person. I wasimmediately greeted by a hostile sales person that indicated I had a negative paymenty history with RPM. I countered that he was mistaken. He then insisted that I had a negative payment. Finally I indicated that because of the hoodie I was wearing and because of my ethnicity he obviously had me mixed up with someone else. He then jumped up and verbally cursed at me and told me to "GET THE HELL OUT OF RPM. This would have been the third vehicle I WOULD have purchased from RPM. You have lost a loyal customer for life.

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