TV commercials complaint

Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

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TV commercials complaint

I am not sure whether my complaint is valid or not as per TV commercials laws and regulations. I want to know the follwing. 1) If we subscribe a premium or paid channel, is that channel allowed to show commercials. (HBO and Showtime does not have any commercials)

2) If so is there any limit on number of minutes it can show commercials per each half hour of programme. My compalint is: I subscribe an Indian channele Zee-TV. We pay anywhere between $10 to $20 per month depending on promotion. The channel show lot of commercials. Iam fed up with these commercials and also Iam frustrated that why should they show commercials when I pay money for that channel. Can I complain to anyone regarding this.




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56399c83, 2008-04-18, 02:50AM CDT

i agree with you. TV commercials are a nightmare every way you look at them. Ads in premium channels (why?,) ads longer than the program you are watching, one minute of news, 5 minutes of commercials. A constant drilling about things you will never buy or care about.

And what about those ads repeating the freaking phone number 4 or 5 times and then commanding you to "call now!" - whose idea was that? I just have to put the sound off because I can't stand it!! It's an insult and abusive.

What about drugs ads longer than a movie? What for? We have doctors for that. I don't want to see a man using Viagra when I'm having dinner!!!!

We are paying for cable TV and we get all this horror.

Also, this country has the worst publishing agencies in the world. Horrible commercials they create. I've been all over the world and guess what? most commercials are fun!!! Sometimes, they are little works of art. I envy those people.

I have sworn on my life never to buy anything advertised on TV. Never. Ever.

I am fed up!! I made it a mission to tell everybody I know about this, they all agree with me. So frustrating, so annoying. Please somebody do something, anything to change this nightmare.



853e4e8a, 2008-06-19, 11:54AM CDT

I am sick and tired of medical comercials!! If I need the meds, my doc will give them. I dont want to hear about some guy that cant get a hard on... a woman with weak bones..Or about people that pee their pants!! Keep these off the air for Gods sake!! Its disgusting and a private matter between people and their doctors. What do you tell a child that sees these and asks, "what is erictile disfunction?" GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

1bf1068c, 2008-08-21, 08:50AM CDT

How about the Viagra commercials that air during children's programs? My 7 year old wanted to know what it was for. What are these advertisers thinking?

0503a858, 2009-01-31, 12:52PM CST


b402a5b8, 2009-02-08, 11:33AM CST

And another thing....finally the idiot smiling like a pervert over his erection are gone, sued so many times they had to go away but I don't want to sound like a fool here but my husband is a doctor and he has commented that Viagra inparticular have commercials that don't mention the dangerous side effects primarily blindness! Doctors are prescribing this stuff to men who don't need it because they are probably getting a kick back from Pfizer. Not to mention Cialis with two people in separate bathtubs, what the heck is that. The commercials are vulgar and I agree I don't want to be sitting down to dinner and hear a Viagra, Cialis or Just For Men commercial, by the way my poor old Uncle used Just for Men and his hair turned pink. Of course the funny part was when he said he hadn't done anything to his hair.

Get rid of the disgusting commercials. If my father ever had sat down at the dinner table, let alone gone on TV, to discuss his "ED" I'd have been mortified yet some idiotic ad agency thinks that's just what men do. These commercials are aimed at insecure men that beleive this nonsense and from what I have read Pfizer can't sell the stuff, thank goodness.

529a2e48, 2009-06-29, 09:40PM CDT

I object also to the new K-Y Intense Arousal commercials. Ads that talk about intense female sexual arousal, a better 'big moment' have no place on TV in family TV time. Today I was watching Oxygen channel, America's Got Talent in particular. This show aired between 6 pm and 7 pm. This is not right.

This is not the first time I have seen commercials for this product before 9 pm. It just isn't right. One time I saw it on the channel that shows Wheel of Fortune at 7:30 pm, during that show. These examples I give are family shows. Viewers should feel 'safe' watching them with children and grandchildren. I don't need to hear questions from my 5 year old granddaughter about what the 'big moment' is. This is not right.

These commercials need to be moved to later time slots.

e08f3ccc, 2009-07-05, 08:11PM CDT

I totally agree. There are more commercials than shows nowadays. I have gotten to counting the commercials and the average is around 9 per break, which usually ends to about 5 minutes for each 2 minutes of show. Plus then you have the paid programming, which is 30 minutes of commercial. If I wanted to watch nothing but commercials, I'd mute the shows. The TV Honchos have to be making more money than the show takes to put on. What happened to the days when there were maybe 2-3 commercials at the break and we got to actually see what the show was about. I think the reason cable is so high is because they are need the money to make more commercials. I think if they want to have so many commercials, they need to just have a couple of channels for nothing but commercials and if people want to watch them, they can have it, but the TV shows should only have 3 max during their breaks or not have any breaks at all.

2b1cbeea, 2009-09-18, 03:27PM CDT

Am I the only person offended by all the "enlargement or extension" commercials being shown. If you watch TV during the day that seems to be the majority of the commercials being shown. I'm no prude, but enough of this is too much.

18c7139c, 2009-11-23, 03:22PM CST

I for one am completely fed up with the time consumed on commercials of any kind. Even CNN news - you can't even watch any of the Rick Sanchez program due to the constant interruptions, commercials, crap, etc. Most of us are intelligent enough to know that the commercials are so fabricated and exaggerated who'd buy the damn product anyway? All other countries, and I believe Australia was the latest, have banned commericals on pharmaceutical drugs - why doesn't the USA? Then they could spend the money on research rather than advertising. This country is in the toilet period. SIGNED: Sam I Am

b0db58ce, 2010-09-09, 06:12PM CDT

I HAVE HEARD many complain about the disgusting erectyle tv commercials,what ever happened to family tv vewing,these are absoutly inapproiate and make people sick,stop airing them!!!!!

49b0532e, 2010-11-01, 09:01AM CDT

I agree whole hardly. How can we stop these discusting commercials

ebc7a838, 2011-01-26, 01:53PM CST

My complaint is this 1-800Okcable, commercial every 5 to 10 minutes this commercial comes on about buying cable, it is a pain in the behind, give me a break, if an consumer is going to purchase cable, this commercial will turn them off.

253430ae, 2011-02-13, 02:17PM CST

I totally agree with your idea on one channel for all tv commericals that must come with your cable or satellite package. however, I would say 90% of the consumers wouldn't watch it. SO we need to have commericals toned down, as in volume, now toned down as in airing, I watched SNL last night with Russel Brand, I was horrified to find, the skits lasted no more than 5-10 minutes and most of the inturuptions were 10 - 12 mins. of commericals I will never watch it again no matter who is hosting, I also have noticed within the last month, how many tv commericals are invading us, they give me a headache and I am only 53. How to stop this, when we pay high prices for the programming and are really paying for the commericals? Because the program is now only lasting 30 minutes of edited script.

1635648d, 2011-05-31, 06:14PM CDT

You are right. A lot of these commercials may and will cause more problems than solve. I know of a couple of my friends whose wives left them because they refused to get Cialis. I am in my 40's and they were in their (believe it or not) 70's. I believe those channels should be on adult cable channels but not where children question you what is that. They, in my opinion, are vulgar.

a78117d6, 2011-08-14, 03:45AM CDT

I'm seriously thinking of pulling the plug on my TV. Every time its turned on or a channel is switched you have a 90% chance there will be a commercial on. I make it a point never to buy anything I see on TV ads. Who ever writes some of these adds needs to get a life.

81c80de1, 2012-02-11, 07:01PM CST

I am disgusted by KY's poor judgement to air two lesbians "experiencing their big moment"! This is totally too suggestive for public television. As a mother of young daughters, please take it off the air, and find a more subtle way to promote your product. Have some morals and class!!

Kevin M., 2012-09-18, 10:34AM CDT

In today's world where I now Pay for my TV service I should have the right to say if I want to see commercials or not, I choose to pay to control what shows my family is able to watch, but I can't control a six year old child watching a commercial about a personal vibrator, or KY sex lube sales ad?

Just a word to the companies that are paying millions to place these ads on TV,,, I always turn the channel! So your money is being WASTED!

Everyone should voice their anger to the cable companies and flood the in box of all the advertisers

Jim J., 2013-02-10, 08:24PM CST

As with everyone I have spoken to about this- I too am sick of TV commercials. It's bad enough that we are paying to watch this mindless advertising garbage; I didn't intentionally sign up to pay for watching commercials with a small sprinkling of programming thrown in! What is it... like 4 minutes of commercials for each minute of programming?

The majority of commercials are of such poor taste they insult the intelligence of all but 3 year olds! I am sick of being bombarded with those "Adult" ads like booty call, lonely farmers, find Gods match for you... didn't you know "God is saying"... as if they actually would know God... Little hint here, God does not exist in the almighty $$$!

No hard on, we have a pill for you; Unsatisfactory sex- use this vibrator or buy his and her "personal" lube; adult "potty" problems and catheters; nasty skin tags; 18 year olds with supposed weight problems or look younger commercials that show 20 year olds on some gimmick workout machine, where does it end?

Buy this medication and that medication, Corporate Pharmaceuticals may be able to help you pay- (why don't they just lower the cost to everyone)? Just "ask your doctor" - oh yes, hypochondriacs unite- we have all sorts of commercials featuring a cure for every imaginable affliction; CALL NOW- operators are waiting!!!

Ambulance and Casket chasers? If you or a loved one got hurt - or died from taking XYZ; call now, you may be entitled to a substantial settlement (but snake-in-the-grass law firm will get much more of it than you). Yes, little Janie, it is a veritable Snake Oil world out there. It is truly disgusting what the "not-so-public" corporate airwaves are full of.

Graphic heart breaking pictures of abused animals flashing on the screen with dreary music... yes absolutely something does need to be done about this horrific problem; I love pets as much as anyone but these graphic pictures and pitiful music are going way too far.

Lizard with bad accent insurance commercials- I?ve begun to cringe whenever I hear that fake foreign accent. How many 3 year olds buy insurance... oh yeah, it?s that "big picture" child mind manipulating thing again- loose the stupid lizard already.

And then we have the intelligence insulting Dish and Direct TV commercials... and the latest- that bimbo Direct TV "Genie" and a bird of prey snatching up some poor small dog on a leash while the owner looks on... REALLY???

We can?t turn our backs on those poor sickly 3-world kids eating garbage and drinking nasty water out of the open sewer, can we? Yes it is tragic- but if we can't even take care of- or show compassion for our own Veterans? and the homeless in our own country- what makes these idiots think we can- or should assume financial responsibility for other countries problems???

And let?s not forget to mention those really annoying "channel ID's" and other rude advertising "overlays" that take up an entire corner of the screen during the program we?re trying to watch after having just endured 10 minutes of paid advertising!

What happened, didn?t the advertisers already get enough of our time with all their stupid commercials- and we were suckered into paying for this too??? REALLY!!!

Oh yes, CRANKING UP THE VOLUME on us during commercials... and showing the same stupid commercial twice in a row? GRRRRRR!

What the Eff are these corporate scumbags thinking- Have you had enough of ?Corporate Greed????

When TV was free to watch (over the air) commercials were expected, but then the media corporations got their filthy fingers into the politics. Nothing is free- especially not TV, besides the advertisers- now everyone must pay... If paying meant no commercials- Great- but TV commercials have become a nightmare that we pay to watch... I am ready to dump cable and just go with Netflix; no commercials, no irritating overlays during the program you are watching... for now.

Jim J., 2013-02-10, 11:05PM CST

Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods needs to go away- permanently? Who the Eff ever allowed this crap on the air needs to be dispensed with- immediately! Disgusting graphic rap lyrics going on about such garbage as great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat--- REALLY!!! I am Effing sick of this garbage TV programming!!! This is totally disgusting- and I wasn't even watching the travel channel when this came on...

Duane H., 2013-02-21, 10:13AM CST

I'am complaining about all commercials in general! Why have more commercials than program,commercials twenty minutes,program ten minutes,on any one show. I know we have to have commercials, but they don't need to take up three fourths of the time! It doesn't take five to eight differen,t commercials to pay for programming! If it does ,than programming is way too expensive! The Western Channel is the only way Too go!

me b., 2013-08-16, 04:18PM CDT

I want to complain about a lawyer group who claims to care but they do NOT say we have to have FULL car coverage before they will help you. Thanks alot for nothing M & M.

sara b., 2013-09-25, 01:15PM CDT

My complaint is why are hispanics rarely used in comrecial ads. The hispanics spend billions of dollars on products of all kinds that are addvertised. I see whites asians and a lot of blacks.What would happen if hispanics were to boycot and not buy any of the products for a month.I feel like we are a dicriminated race.

linda, 2014-04-16, 07:39AM CDT

I to am tired of all the commercials, I put it on mute when the commercials come on, plus the noise in the background is just noise. Please if any of you CEO care fix this

65245148, 2014-04-28, 10:51AM CDT

I think the pig on the commercials, I can't even think of the advertiser, because I do not like the pig.

1ea86506, 2014-06-07, 08:53PM CDT

I agree about the number and length of tv commercials, some repeated in the same commercial break. Are tv stations so desperate for revenue that they cannot self limit the commercials to a reasonable about of time? It is all stations, all cable networks. It seems there needs to be some enforcement of limitations on how much time can be use for commercial announcements. Even educational tv network stations have announcements showing who supports their broadcast. What fun is it to have a program interrupted to advertise medications of all kinds and then warn that if you use the product you possibly will suffer sever complications (including death). Do we have no say in what is broadcast? I know, I don't have to watch. It just seems to me that greed has taken over a service that is supposed to be informative and entertaining.

ed46a94c, 2014-07-23, 05:57AM CDT


Is a sickening advert

its filthy

Erika W., 2014-08-09, 12:33PM CDT

I thought I was the only one sick and tired of those particular commercials and don't forget about the ones about the transvaginal mesh and diarhea which is disgusting, inappropriate and too personal to air on TV. I'm also tired of St. Judes even though I do feel sorry for those poor innocent cancer stricken children and would make a donation whenever I can but the commercial is too sad and depressing and I feel even more sorry for these kids for how they want to put them on TV looking really sickly even though they are sick but why torture them like that? I also hate the commercials about abused animals and starving children because they are sad and I hate all of the weight loss commercials, the silly No No commercial and the Yes one which are both about hair removal and Lifestyle Lift. Why are today's commercials about negativity and plain stupid? I miss the old commercials when they advertised healthy children having a good time and not looking like they are about to die, toy commercials, cofee commercials, soap commercials, deodorant commercials, perfume commercials and fun cereal commercials instead of this healthy junk they show now and speaking of hair removal, Nair even though it stinks but the commercials were fun to watch.

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